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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour Facts.


If you want to support the Earth Hour campaign tonight, you should switch off the unnecessary power source. We've heard about this thing since we were in NZ in 2007 when we celebrated Earth Hour during the last night of Waikato Balloon Festival. We were at Waikato University's field to watch the fireworks and also the Night Glow from the orchestrated music with the synchronization of the fire from the hot air balloons.

Here are some facts about Earth Hour:

The following are some facts on Earth Hour that would be interesting for everyone to know about.
  • Earth Hour is celebrated on last Saturday of March every year for one hour in the evening starting from 8:30pm to 9:30 pm as per the local time zone
  • The event is organized by World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It is also renowned as World Wildlife Fund
  • Participants are asked to turn off their unessential lights during the event
  • In 2007, WWF and The Sydney Morning Herald first conceptualized the Earth Hour. About 2.2 million people took part in the event
  • Earth Hour 2011 will be held on 26 March 2011
  • Earth Hour 2010 has been the biggest Earth Hour till date
  • Total 128 countries took part in the event in 2010
  • The energy demand minimized to 500,000 kilowatt per hour in Vietnam while the country took part in Earth Hour Event in 2010. The amount was three times more than the demand in 2009 when it joined the event for first time
  • Around 4000 cities took part in the event.
Earth Hour 2012 dates is 31st March

Earth hour is a very important global event which is conducted by World Wildlife Fund. The organization World Wildlife fund is also called as World Wide Fund for Nature which is abbreviated as WWF. Earth hour is celebrated on the last Saturday of March every year.
The main concern of earth hour is to take larger level of awareness for the change of climate. In earth hour, the foremost action is taken as to turn off non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour in all households and businesses. This is like offering an hour for further protection of the earth to reduce energy consumption as a whole. It is a unity towards the earth for less consumption of energy level.


 Let's do our part in reducing the energy consumption for the sake of our future and also the next generations' future.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Charlie Horse" is painful.


What kind of horse was I referring to when I mentioned "Charlie Horse"? Is it really a horse? Why did I say it's painful?

Haha. It's not really a horse but it refers to leg cramping during pregnancy. We normally get it mostly at night. When it happens, we'll experience spasm especially on our calf.

Last night, I couldn't sleep well because of "Charlie Horse". Luckily my hubby helped me by massaging my calf to ease the pain. Then, he asked me to drink more water and also take a magnesium/calcium tablet. Yup...sometimes I forget to take the tablet as I reckon drinking 2 glasses of milk is already enough. Apparently, I also have to take the supplement as the baby is growing in my tummy.

Here are some tips from a website on how to ease "Charlie Horse":
  • Avoid standing or sitting with your legs crossed for long periods of time.
  • Stretch your calf muscles regularly during the day and several times before you go to bed.
  • Rotate your ankles and wiggle your toes when you sit, eat dinner, or watch TV.
  • Take a walk every day, unless your midwife or doctor has advised you not to exercise.
  • Avoid getting too tired. Lie down on your left side to improve circulation to and from your legs.
  • Stay hydrated during the day by drinking water regularly.
  • Try a warm bath before bed to relax your muscles.
source: HERE

Does anybody else have any other tips for this?

Monday, March 26, 2012

The wrong concept of relying to Allah.


This morning, I gave my students a grammar test. Some of them couldn't really answer some questions because they were absent for few days last week. I told and reminded them many times about the test. So, when I gave the test, I said that they had to try to choose the answers on their own.

One of them kept complaining about the questions. He was absent on last Friday and missed one of the important structure part that I taught the whole class. When he handed in his paper, he said "Tawakalla tu ala allah". It means "he surrenders the result to Allah and put the trust in HIM". I couldn't help myself at that thereime. So, I told him, "We should only put the trust in Allah's hand only after we've done everything we could". "If you missed classes and didn't study last night, there's no use".  Then, he smiled weakly and left the class. Other students were also smiling as they understood about my comment.

I guess most of us always misuse the concept of "tawakkal" (relying/ put the trust in Allah). We forget that we should put so much effort first before we pray and hope that Allah will help us. As  "The definition of trusts in accordance with the eyes of world-renowned scholar, Prof Dr Yusuf Al-Qardawi is is, when a human sort and organize the preparation, preparation, strategy and initiatives. Then he handed the results to God.

Have you ever come across some people who misuse this concept of "tawakkal"?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Menonton filem Hindi atau drama bersiri itu cara untuk lari dari kenyataan? (BM entry)


Ramai tak yang suka tengok filem-filem Hindi? Drama bersiri? Telenovela? Kenapa agaknya kita suka sangat tengok cerita-cerita tu? Ada yang boleh bagi lebih dari sepuluh sebab?

Ni kenapa banyak sangat soalan ni? hehe. Takde la. Ini adalah andaian yang boleh saya buat kerana saya pun pernah terjebak dengan gejala menonton filem2 Hindi, drama bersiri dan telenovela. Bukan nak mengata kat orang-orang lain pun.

Sebenarnya bila kita suka menonton cerita-cerita tu semua, kita sebenrnya tanpa sedar cuba menggunakan cerita2 itu sebagai "escapism" atau kalau nak diterjemahkan ialah pelarian dari kenyataan. Tak faham? Nak faham rasa lagi elok baca dlm BI ni: Escapism is mental diversion by means of entertainment or recreation, as an "escape" from the perceived unpleasant or banal aspects of daily life.

Jangan melenting pulak bila baca kenyataan tu. Ini memang apa yang telah dikaji oleh ahli-ahli yang pakar dalam sosiologi dan psikologi. Ini semua berkaitan dengan kesihatan mental kita. Kebanyakan "escapism" tu tak memudaratkan pun. Kita perlukan saluran untuk kita berehat seketika dan menghiburkan diri. Tak salah nak berangan-angan macam "Kalaulah aku dapat suami macam Aaron Aziz dalam cerita ni, mesti seronok", atau "Kalaulah suami aku pun romantik macam Shah Rukh Khan". 

Yang bahayanya kalau "escapism" tu sampai membuatkan kita tak boleh membezakan yang mana realiti dan fantasi. Kalau di India, mereka begitu taksub dengan filem2 yang mereka tonton. Pernah satu ketika, panggung dibakar sebab penonton tak berpuas hati dengan penyudahan filem yang mereka tengok. HA.....itu dah bahaya tu. 

Saya sekarang dah kurang sikit nak tengok filem2 Hindi atau drama bersiri sebab:

1) suami bising2 kalau asyik dok layan cerita.
2) malas nak ikut dah dari episod pertama sampailah episod terakhir. (kes kurang sabar)
3) masa drama bersiri ada yang tak sesuai. (masa maghrib terutamanya sbb dah biasa kena tutup tv masa tu)
4) skrg masa banyak habis depan laptop. (yelah dok menulis kat blog ni. :P )
5) dah ada "escapism" yang lain iaitu "blogging". hehehehehe

Ada sesiapa yang ada "escapism" yang sama?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

HIjabi Muslimah VS The Queen.


Let's read about this and tell me what do you reckon.

Here Are Some Common Points Between A Hijabi Muslimah And A Queen :-

Both Are Dressed Modestly:-

A Queen Dresses Modestly Because It’s Obligation For Her To Do So.
A Hijabi Muslimah Dresses Modestly Because She Is Obeying Her Lord.

Both Have High Status :-

A Queen’s Status Is Raised The Moment She Inherits Her Title And Crown.
A Hijabi Muslimah’s Status Is Raised The Moment She Puts Her True Crown (Hijab) To Please Her Lord.

Both Should Not Shake Hands With Everyone :-

There Are Only Certain People Who Can Shake Hands With Queen.
A Hijabi Muslimah Don’t Shake Hands With Strange Men (Non Mahram).

Both Are Respected :-

They Bow Down In The Presence Of A Queen.
True Muslim Men Lower Their Gaze On The Presence Of Muslimah.

Both Are Proud :-

A Queen Is Proud With Her Bloodline.
A Hijabi Is Proud To Be A Muslimah.

Both Are Important :-

A Queen Is Important In Creatures Eyes.
A Hijabi Muslimah, As An Obedient Servant Of ALLAH, Is Important In Her.

Now, tell me why should we still question the need to wear hijab (headscarf/ Msian call it tudung)  when there are so many advantages.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Teach for the needs.


I found this interesting website for those who love to volunteer. This is for a good course and they need teachers or anybody who can help out the poor students. So, what is it about?

Read this:
Teach For The Needs is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that is enlisting Malaysia’s most promising future teachers in our mission to end education inequity. The Teach For The Needs is a whole-year, full-time and paid-less development programme modelled towards giving the right and chances to the student in need initiative. Teach For The Needs will be officially announced after one month trial of the first batch starting this 19 March 2012.

If you are interested to know more, please go HERE

p/s: I would love to help out too when it's possible for me. Right now I just don't have the energy to teach more than 4 hours per day. Thus, at least I can share about this here as my first contribution.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Dampen the interest.


Lately the broadband connection is rather slow. So, it has somehow dampen my interest in updating this blog. I don't want to use the internet in the office as blog is rather for personal usage. That's why I'm so sorry for wasting your time reading this blabber here. I'll see if it's going to better tomorrow.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Open day @ Dataran Nilai


Yesterday evening, we had a nice day at Dataran Nilai. There was an Open Day organized by the local authority. Actually my MIL was the one who brought us there since she was on duty at one of the booths there. She had to be at KPJ booth. They took the chance to promote the nursing programmes in KPJ Nursing College in Nilai.

The location

Basically the Open Day looked like the night market scene. There were some booths selling many sorts of things from women's blouses, headscarves, toys, accessories, snacks, make up appliances, handbags and even pets. But it was not so crowded and we could stroll at ease around the area. My MIL had to stay at KPJ booth, so she asked me to bring my kids around the area. While checking out the booths, I bought some snacks and toys for them. And for myself, I bought some brooches and a long-sleeve inner. I also bought some cute baby clothes.

KPJ's booth

After stopping at several booths, we decided to have a rest and enjoy some food there. We tried some food like fried mushrooms with few different flavours, steamboat, waffles and coconut drink. I thought of buying some more food but then we were already quite full.

We resumed to stroll to the other booths as my MIL's maid (yup, she also tagged along) wanted to buy some stuffs for her children. She was the one who bought more stuffs since the price of the stuffs there was quite cheap. She bought some headscarves, brooches, lipsticks and a compact powder. By 7.30 , my MIL called us to join her at the prayer's room since it was already time for Maghrib's prayer. We only visited few more booths before we went home. I bought a box of blocks and two packs pf candy floss for my chirpy kids just before we headed home.

*We spotted the pink cat at one of the booths and there were also some nicely decorated and painted MYVI cars at the place.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Senangnyer nak cari duit! (BM entry)

Saya ternampak promosi2 ini kat FB. Sila baca dulu:
*YES!!! MEMANG BETUL... :) saya dah merasainya...

Hanya dengan mempromosikan system,,jika anda SERIUS dgn peluang ini, mudah saja.. SANGGUP BELAJAR, SANGGUP DIAJAR & SABAR...DAN MESTI RAJIN..

Mari sertai saya jika ingin menambah pendapatan sampingan dan bebas dari masalah kewangan..NK TAU CARANYA..ADD SAYA DAN MESEJ KAT INBOX SYA...SAYA AKAN TUNJUKKAN BAGAIMANA CARANYA TUK DAPATKAN,$$$$$$$..........................
Mintak maaflah saya jenis orang yang agak cerewet bila memikirkan dari mana sumber pendapatan. Yelah tak kan kita nak bagi anak kita makan duit haram. Lagikan yang memang sah sumber halal pun boleh jadi haram jika kita tak amanah dalam kerja kita. Selagi saya boleh bekerja walaupun penat dan tertekan kerana kerja, saya susah sikit nak percaya yang kita boleh dapat duit dengan cara yang mudah. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Not easy to be an adult?


Who has to grow up? Well....Aren't all of us at some points in our life need to grow up? We can't always behave like kids and act like them. I myself not sure when did I start to grow up and become matured. But I guess as the eldest in my family, I was forced to grow up quicker than I want to since I had to be independent since my younger brother was born. My late grandma used to tell me that I knew how to entertain myself when my brother was born and at the same time my grandma also had my youngest uncle.

My younger siblings had their wake up call when my late mom passed away almost 4 years ago. My youngest sister was 14 and she was so devastated with the lost. Since then, we (the other siblings and I) have tried to help her by being there whenever she needs us. Now, she almost 18 and she has realized that it's not easy to be an adult!

I feel proud of her because she has come all the way from a very shy 14-year-old girl to a more confident young woman now. (Should I say that she's a woman now?) Circumstances and our fate have always been the factors for us to grow up and become more matured. Some people are late bloomers and they are not matured even when they are already adult. Only when they are forced to become more matured then they have no choice but to change themselves.

When did you realize that you've grown up and become more matured? What have forced you to change?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Program NILAM.


Pernah dengar tentang Program NILAM (Nadi Ilmu Amalan Membaca)? Saya pun baru tahu tentang program ni bila Fathini sibuk merekodkan buku-buku yang dia dah baca. Cuti sekolah ni, Fathini perlu membaca sekurang-kurangnya 10 buah buku bacaan. Matlamat program ni bagus kerana nak menyuburkan tabiat membaca dikalangan murid-murid sekolah. Bila murid dah rekodkan, guru kena mengesahkan aktiviti bacaan tu. Ada pengiktirafaan Tahap Jauhari Sekolah Rendah untuk murid-murid yang dapat mencapai rekod membaca seperti berikut:

90 - 179 buah buku  -      Gangsa
180 - 269 buah buku -     Perak
270 - 359 buah buku -     Emas
360 ke atas               -     NILAM

Saya tak pasti bila pengiktirafan akan dibuat. Rasanya mungkin sebelum murid-murid tamat tahun enam. Cuma Fathini ni hanya banyak membaca dalam Bahasa Inggeris. Dia boleh membaca dalam Bahasa Malaysia tapi dia kurang faham. Memang kebanyakan buku yang kami beli pun dlm BI. Jadi, sekarang kenalah beli buku-buku dalam BM pula untuk Fathini. Dalam 10 buah buku yang dia dah rekodkan, hanya sebuah sahaja buku BM.

Harap-harap program ni memang boleh menanam minat membaca. Jangan mereka nak kejar hadiah NILAM tu, baca buku bukan kerana nak ilmu. Lagipun apa guna kalau banyak buku yang dibaca tapi otak masih kosong kan? Fathini ni rasanya dah banyak baca buku sebab kami dah ajar sukakan buku sejak dari kecil. Kami tak suka paksa jadi memang kami cuba buat membaca tu sesuatu yang menyeronokkan bukan kerana nak ambil periksa atau nak hadiah. Rata-rata kebanyakan orang Malaysia membaca bahan bacaan ringan dan hiburan. Gossip artis lebih menarik dari jurnal-jurnal yang memberatkan kepala kan? Itu yang tak betul tu.
Patutnya lebih banyak kita membaca, lebih banyak yang kita tahu. Nak baca benda-benda hiburan tak salah tapi seimbangkan juga dengan bahan bacaan lain.

Rasanya program NILAM ni bagus tak? Anak-anak akan lebih rajin membaca atau mereka baca hanya nak kejar hadiah?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

25 years ago: It was safer but NOW.......


25 years ago, I can roam free with my siblings near the neighbourhood area. We went on cycling, playing our own games, climbing some trees or just doing whatever we liked. There were not so many risks for us except for hurting ourselves when we fell from a tree (e.g.) or maybe getting ourselves dirty. We could play all day long and only came back home during dusk. Our parents wouldn't worry so much and they didn't even had to supervise us.

NOW......I won't ever let my kids out of my sight especially in public places. They are not allowed to play outside without any supervision. They don't have the freedom that I used to have. WHY? It's so terrifying to know that the kids nowadays have limited freedom. It's just not SAFE for them to play outside anymore. They are the targets for the culprits who have bad intentions. I know childhood should be the best time for the kids to explore but we better not let them explore without our supervision anymore. This is for their own good and for our own sanity.

The innocent young victims like Shearwey Ooi Ying Ying, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin, Nurul Huda Abdul Ghani, Haserawati Saridi and now, Nurul Nadirah Abdullah should be a good reminder to other parents to be more vigilant about our kids' safety.

I know that we can only do so much because the rest is up to Allah's help. BUT at least we have to do something first.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Water cut: We already have had an early preparation!


Last week the was a news about the water cut around KL and many places in Selangor. We thought that it will start from tomorrow. So, today we have started to clean all the buckets and other containers that can be used to keep water. Then we filled them up with water.

But later, my hubby wanted to recheck when exactly is the water cut. When we checked again from the news, it will only start from the day after tomorrow. Well, to be exact from 14th to 15th March. The areas include KL and most places in Selangor too. We even took out the kids' plastic swimming pool and fill it up with water. We warned our kids that they can't go in the pool to play.

I guess it's okay to have an early preparation since there are so many people living in this house now. Plus having kids also mean we better have extra water. For others who are also living in KL and Selangor, you have to start saving and keeping some water for 2 days of water cut. I heard a rumor saying that it might even be for 3 days!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Not so excited?


I'm curious to know how do you (other parents) feel when you are expecting your next child? For example, you already have 2 children and you're expecting another one. Would you still feel excited?

As I've shared before, I'm expecting another child by June. I want to feel the same excitement that I had before with my previous pregnancies but I don't know what have happened to me. I feel guilty to this child when I have this feeling. There are too many unresolved problems right now that have hindered the excitement.

We haven't prepared so many things yet because we still have some equipments that we can still use like the stroller and the car seat. We might only need to buy some clothes and some other things before the baby is born. Yesterday, my hubby suggested that maybe we shouldn't scan this baby. He wants it to be a surprise this time. I'm kind of opposed to the idea because I think it's easier to prepare if we already know the gender.

Hmmm. Could anyone please tell me how to change my feeling now? Thanks.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

To all women in the world.


To all women in the world,
This poem is for you,
Cause you and I know who,
That appreciate us true and true,

For we never complain,
Always sacrifice in pain,
On sunny day or rain,

We will be happy,
When our loved ones are happy,
Simply a "thank you" can make us glee,
Or having a time for "me",

Let's keep on rocking,
Let's keep on working,
Let's just keep moving,
And then we shall thriving,

To all the women in the world,
Love yourself and pat on your back,
For all the wonderful jobs that we shall not forget,
And we shall always be glad.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Acara demam berganti-ganti. (BM entry)


Iye ini adalah acara tetap 3 bulan sekali di rumah ini. Acara ini tidak memerlukan tahap kecergasan yang tinggi malah ianya melemahkan tahap kecergasan dan meningkatkan tahap kemanjaan. Acara ini sudah cuba dielakkan dengan membekalkan para peserta dengan vitamin yang cukup tapi malangnya tahap antibodi mereka kadang-kadang dapat ditewaskan juga oleh si Virus durjana. Musuh yang satu lagi adalah Cik Puan Bakteria tapi bisanya tidah sekuat Cik Siti Virus.

Kalau minggu lepas, si kakak (Fathini) yang demam dek kerana serangan Cik Siti Virus pada tonsil. Selepas 2 hari memontengkan diri dari sekolah, minggu ini si kakak perlu menghadiri sekolah. Tambahan pula menurut si kakak ada peperiksaan sebelum cuti sekolah minggu depan.

Hari ini, si adik (Hafizah) pula telah dijangkiti demam juga. Si adik lebih merengek kerana tak tahan tahap kepanasan badan yang melampau. Jadi si adik pun ditinggalkan dirumah juga hari ini. Sekarang ini pun si adik masih lemah dan rasanya esok mungkin tidak ke sekolah lagi.

Rasanya ini adalah fenomena biasa untuk kanak-kanak yang sedang membesar. Sesiapa yang ada anak di bawah umur 12 tahun memang sedia maklum tentang keadaan ini kan. Kalau dah seorang yang demam, lambat laun, yang lain akan kena juga. Kadang-kadang dengan mak dan ayah sekali turut demam.

Apa yang patut kita buat? Ada cara berkesan nak elakkan semua ini dari berlaku?

Dari apa yang saya baca sebelum ini, demam adalah perkara biasa yang susah hendak dielakkan. Hanya tahap antibodi yang kuat saja yang dapat melawan demam. Sebelum kanak-kanak dapat meningkatkan tahap antibodi mereka, mereka perlu sakit dahulu. Jadi, mahu tidak mahu kita terpaksalah melayan anak-anak yang selalu demam ni.

p/s: tak dapat nak letak gambar anak-anak saya yang demam sebab mereka marah kalau ambik gambar ketika mereka sakit ni.

Monday, March 5, 2012



This is not a new craze as it began in Britain about 14 years ago. The was a couple bored teenage friends, Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon started this phenomenon. They called it "the lying down game". The game consisted of Clarkson or Langdon photographing each other lying down in an unusual place. So, "planking" basically means the craze of being photographed lying face down in a bizarre situation.

For me it's just plain stupid,crazy and pointless thing to do. BUT for most people who have are already addicted to the craze, it's a fun, amusing and exciting thing.

Now, let's see some "planking" photos that I've found on the internet. You can search for more photos to see how some people went to certain extends just to get the best planking photos.

What do you think of this craze? Would you like to try it too?

Sunday, March 4, 2012



We've decided not to buy any kind of Ipad to our children. WHY? Right now, they are shag the laptop if they want to open when they want to learn the phonetics. Sometimes they go to disney websites to play other games. We think we don't want them to spend so much time just playing or using the latest gadget. Even with the laptop, they know that they can only use it when they are allowed to. Most of the time, they can use it during weekends. On the weekdays, I'll be using the laptop as I have to do some translation or proof reading jobs.

Now, the problem is their cousins sometimes come and showing off with their Ipad. So, they know about it and get the chance to use it when their cousins allow them to. It's not that we don't have the money to buy them an Ipad BUT right now, we are saving some money for other things.

Thus, I've bought the fake Ipad (from Kak Yong) just to let them play. I know that it doesn't have the functions like the real Ipad. I hope at least they can still use it and learn from that Ipad. So, for other parents who can't really afford to buy Ipad (for various reasons), don't despair because your children won't be left behind so much in learning. There are so many other old methods of learning that we can still use to teach our children. It's just the question of being creative!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Fathini's , Hafizah and the little one's train.


My daughters love to use the Paint program on the laptop to create wonderful art. Fathini knows how to save their masterpieces. So, I want to share one of the masterpieces today.

Nice and creative?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Uncomfortable with a stalker.


How would you feel if someone that you only knew when you were small suddenly want to be your best friend? Will you accept her? Will you feel comfortable when she keeps asking so many questions about your personal life? Will you feel okay if she is acting as if she is your stalker?

I have somebody who happens to also be my distant cousin. She wants to be my BF even though the last I saw her only when we were in primary school! I've never met or heard about her ever since. If she just want to say HI and ask casual questions, I don't really mind but when she has started asking weird questions and also send text messages to my mobile, I've felt so uncomfortable. I don't like the idea of sharing too much information with somebody that barely knows me. Whatever that I'm sharing in my blog too, I've made it not too personal except for experiences that other people can learn from them.

Am being paranoid or just plain snobbish if I choose to ignore her? I really don't want to have a relationship with someone who doesn't respect the boundaries. She always sends text messages at midnight and expect me to answer it immediately. Maybe  I should also mention that she also has the HISTORY of having an unstable mind when she was small. That's another reason why do I feel so uncomfortable.

What do you reckon?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I've been harassed!


They were so curious. They said they wanted to know how does it feel. So, they came to me few times just to touch and feel. I'd no choice but to let them do it. Why did I let them harassed me? Why were they so excited to do it?

Now, to explain further........................................................

I must let you watch a video from YOU TUBE. I can't simply use myself as the model because I don't want to reveal what I'm not supposed to reveal. Are you ready?

Let's watch THIS 

 Do you understand what I mean? Can you guess now why I've been harassed at work? Why are my colleagues interested to touch and feel my tummy?

Most of them are still single. They are so curious about pregnancy. They want to know, "How do I feel to carry the big tummy everywhere?", "How does it feel to have the baby kicking inside the womb?".  That's why I've done my best to explain and let them feel and touch my tummy when my baby is kicking. Some of them had the chance to experience it and they were so excited. BUT don't get me wrong. I only allow the female colleagues to touch and feel my tummy. They are still young and I guess they can't wait to have the same experience. I just told them, "The time will come and you'll know how does it feel".