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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is it okay? Or is it not fair?

I've received some suggestions by now for the "Suggest a new name for this blog" contest. Now, IS IT OKAY IF I CLOSED THE CONTEST EARLIER? OR IS IT NOT FAIR???? I already made my mind on which name that I would use and I've also picked the winners. BUT I will only announce the winners TOMORROW. hehehe. Sorry for the delay as I still need to make sure which would be the FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD winners. Thank you for those who have joined my contest. For the others, who knows I might organize other contests next time.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another 13 days...........................


There are another 13 days before I choose the winners for my first ever contest. I realize that there are not so many bloggers who are aware of the "Suggest a new name" contest as I didn't promote the contest in any of the giveaways blogs. Well, I know that this might sound cliche but I'm still busy in adapting to my new life arrangements. I can only hope that there'll be more participants soon. If not everybody who has drop any comments or suggestions for the "Suggest a new Name" entry will definitely get something. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTRY.

On another note, everyday on my way to work, I always come across some selfish people who don't care about others. Like in the LRT, they just sit on the designated seats for elderly people, pregnant women and disable people. When they see an old lady (for example), they choose to ignore. I'm not saying I'm a noble person but I always pity those people and I never think twice to give away my seat. AREN'T WE SUPPOSE TO BE COURTEOUS? (that's what written on the LRT's wall anyway). Another example is when I and the other people who want to cross the road in front of AM BANK building, (Jln Yap Kwang Seng), there'll some motorists who choose to ignore the red light and keep going on even though they can see there are some people who are trying to cross the road. I understand if everybody is in a hurry but THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN JUST IGNORE THE RED LIGHT!!! nak marah ni dgn org2 yg tak reti bahasa.

All right, let's not forget the main reason I'm writing this entry. All of you are invited to give me a suggestion for the new name for this blog. PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS. I'm kind of stuck with good ideas now.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

New challenges, new arrangements and has created almost a CHAOS!

 The contest that started from last Saturday is still continuing until next month. Those who are interested to suggest a new name for this blog can refer to my previous entry. I just want to share a little bit of what's happening now. I'm in the process of adapting to new challenge and  new arrangements. At the moment, I only work for 4 hours and my hubby who's still on leave (from doing his phd) is taking care of our daughters. Even though I'm working only for few hours, it can be so overwhelming when I'm trying to be a Supermom. I have to prepare some food before I go to work and by the time I come back, I have to resume doing other household chores. Well, I know that there are other FTMW and even SAHM who have to do these things to. Sometimes we think that there'll be some chaos.All right, I hope that this entry can give some hints for those who want to suggest a new name for this blog.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

"Suggest a new blog name Contest".

Salam to all,

As I've promised in my last entry, I'm organizing a very simple contest in order to help me in choosing a new name for this blog. It's called "Suggest a new blog name Contest". Normally when there's a contest, there'll be some Terms and Conditions. I don't want to burden those who are interested to join my simple contest, so there are only few T& Cs.

1. If possible add my link into your blog list. habis contest nak buang link tu oun takpe.
2. You must be Malaysian bloggers or if you are residing outside of Malaysia, you must be able to provide an address in Malaysia. yelah senang sikit nak hantar hadiah nanti
3. All you need to do is give ONE new suitable name for this blog and then explain a little bit why are you suggesting that name. (in just 2-3 sentences).
4. Leave your name suggestion and also your e-mail address in the comment box.
5. This contest starts from 5th June 2010 until 7th July 2010 (so you'll have plenty of time to come out with a name *wink, wink*)

There'll be 3 winners and I'll choose the best suitable name to replace "A Temporary Housewife" that I've used since May 2009. Let your imagination to run wild and you can also promote this contest in your blog as there''ll be a surprise prize for the best referrer.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Changing from being A Temporary Housewife to..............

Salam to all,

In two weeks time, I'll resume to work on the part-time basis in a language centre in KL. Thus, it certainly going to affect my status as a Temporary Housewife that I've hold for 3 1/2 years. I know that I should change the name of this blog sooner but the BIG QUESTION WHAT? I've been thinking of organizing a simple contest where those of you who have been reading my blog to suggest another name for me. Since I still have some souvenirs from NZ, I guess it's not a bad idea after all.


Just wait for my next announcement as who knows you might be lucky to get something from me! You can start thinking of some suitable name as after I've sought out how to blog actively AGAIN by next week, I'll announce the contest.