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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Red Warriors- Congratulations for not giving up.


Yes I know that all of Malaysians know about this and the other bloggers have written an entry about this too. Most bloggers which are Kelantanese bloggers chose to write in Kelantanese dialect. It's not that I don't want to write in Kelantanese dialect too but I prefer to be different. bajet2 kalu ore2 buke Msia baco, demo tu pung tahu pasal ni. haha! :P 

Anyway, I want to congratulate everybody who is responsible for this to happen and kudos for not giving up until the last minute to create a great history for Kelantan this year. However, I also realized some bad habits of TRW's fans when they threw some bottles and also fire crackers towards the field. Some bloggers have highlighted those and I'm ashamed when those who did were some irresponsible TRW Die Hard Fans. There's a BIG QUESTION MARK OF WHY CAN'T THEY BEHAVE???

Friday, October 29, 2010

Brain Teaser of the Day: The Result!


First of all, I would like to thank all of you who were so eager to guess the dish based on the photo. At first I wanted to give away only one special gifts to one winner. However...................................since there were quite a few who attempted to answer, I just decided to give to 3 winners who managed to get the correct answer.

Before I announced who are the 3 lucky winners...................................................................................
I have to give the correct answer right? To tell you the truth, my own sister, Yatie Chomeyl was the first one who got it right. But I didn't count her in as she is one of the frequent visitor to my blog. Plus I don't want to practice Nepotism. ye ke ni kira nepotisma? ntahla Basically I want to fair to the other readers. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the correct answer, the dish is actually THE PEANUT SAUCE A.K.A (KUAH KACANG). The photo was the peanut sauce that I prepared during the first day of Eid Fitr.

And now the winners.........................................................
  1. Makcik Rehan.
  2. Affieza
  3. K.Yong.
 Attention to the winners, please e-mail your address, contact number to Each of you will get a souvenir from me as a token of appreciation.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brain Teaser of the Day: Guess and Win!


I'm giving you a very simple task today as a good exercise for your eyes and brain. LET'S SEE IF ANY OF YOU CAN GUESS WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE DISH IN THE PHOTO BELOW.

Everyone is invited to guess what this dish is. The person who manage to give the 
closest or even better the correct answer will get a surprise present from me! 
29TH OCT. 2010 BY 12 P.M.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

YEAY! to HIstory as a must-pass subject and the abolishing of PMR by 2014.


If you read any newspaper today, you've come across these annoucements:

History will become a must-pass subject for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) beginning 2013, Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced today. This will give the subject a similar status as Bahasa Malaysia for the SPM exams, he said at the Umno General Assembly here today.

Muhyiddin, who is also Umno deputy president, also announced that the replacement of PMR (Penilaian Menengah Rendah) exams with a school-based assessment system will be brought forward to 2014, instead of 2016 as earlier announced.

Read more: History a must-pass subject for SPM from 2013
Personally, I like HISTORY as the subject and it's true that it can help our younger generations to understand more about what happened to our country in the past. However, how far would our younger generations appreciate this peaceful country and can it instill the patriotism is quite questionable. Is the notion of making it a must-pass subject for SPM will change their perspectives towards this country? Or will  they just memorize all the facts in the subject for the sake of scoring the passing mark? We just have to wait and see.
Regarding the abolishing of PMR by 2014, I'm so happy with the move. Hopefully this can really reduce the burdens and pressures for our children. But then, again we have to see what kind of school-based assessment system will it be for our children. We as the parents can only hope that it's going to be a fair and reasonable assessment system.

Sunday, October 24, 2010



Have you ever wonder the effects of using the word "BUT" in our life? Have you ever realized that most of the time, "BUT" can really make you hesitate to proceed with your future plan?

Let's see some familiar situations in our life: (some might be related to you and some may not)
  • I want to help those poor people BUT I myself don't have enough money.
  • I love to become like that successful businessman BUT I'm not as clever as him.
  • I like to join your study group BUT I'm afraid that the others won't accept me.
  • I want travel around the world or at least visit some countries BUT I need to have a lot of money.
  • I love cooking BUT I'm afraid no one would like to try my cooking.
  • I would love to venture in business BUT I'm not so confident yet.
  • I want to be a good person BUT I'm surrounded around bad people.
  • I want to exercise BUT I don't have time do it.
Does any of the situations sound familiar? Have you ever say or give the same excuses?
I myself use the word "BUT" and only realize it has stopped me to pursue what I want to do. When we have the hesitation, our mind will suddenly stop thinking of the other ways that we can use if we have the will. "WHEN THERE'S A WILL, THERE'S A WAY" is a good reminder for us. Thus, we should never say or use the BUT to give a lame excuse of what we think we are unable to do.

NOW.................Let's us try together to somehow reduce the usage of the word "BUT" in our daily conversations. Then, let's see what happens next.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I would say NO to Halloween theme party!


At the end of this month- October, people especially in US will celebrate Halloween. WHAT IS HALLOWEEN? I reckon most people know what we normally see during Halloween.

Among the traditional celebration of Halloween is a "trick-or-treating", "ghost tours", "bonfires", "costume parties", "visiting Haunted houses", carving Jack-o'-lanterns ", reading stories and watching horror movies horror. (source:

There are many contradictions in the celebration of Halloween on the religious angle. Among them, this festival is a danger of over confidence on the date of October 31, the gap between real world and the spiritual world is rather vague.  Reliable on Halloween night is the night where the soul back home to visit their relatives and next of kin. Halloween night is the night to consider the fate of the act of divine destiny and believe it is clearly contrary to the teachings of Islam. There are many other celebrations and rituals during the celebration of Halloween activities that conflict with Islamic beliefs.
Core to the celebration of Halloween is also contrary to Islamic teachings. Halloween celebration early history is based on the belief that the spirit of an evil spirit who has the power to destroy crops and could make someone sick.
 In conclusion, the culture and practice of celebrating Halloween is prohibited by Islam. This is because the festival consists of the elements of ritual and religious beliefs of Christianity.

Well, for one thing, I don't like it when my colleagues use the Halloween theme for the Graduation Party this month. They ask the teachers to dress up according to the theme. I know that I don't have to follow or adhere if I don't like it BUT they make it sound as if it's compulsory!  I will stand on my believe and I have to say NO! I WONT DRESS UP OR PARTICIPATE IN CELEBRATING HALLOWEEN. When it comes to Aqidah (FAITH), I won't have any second thought at all. You can call me being narrow minded, too rigid or anti-social but just don't force me to do things that are clearly prohibited in Islam.

The other reason, I just again don't understand why there are so many Muslims being so liberal about this and participate and celebrate this celebration? Is it just for fun? What is the fun of dressing up horrendously like ghosts, witches or painting your face with scary make up? Do we have to be so liberal that everything is okay? 

I'm sure I will get some negatives and may be positive(?) feedback regarding this. And I know it's not 31 October yet but since the sort of theme party in my work place is next Friday, I want to write something about this TODAY!  This thing bothers me so much because some of the committee members that is organizing the party are so called Muslims. And I have told them my stand on this but they still are going to go ahead with their plan.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Berbicara pasal hati- "REFORMAT HATIMU DALAM 354 HARI" (BM Entry)


Anda suka ikut kata hati? Mahu jadi baik hati? Tetapi tidak tahu bagaimana hendak mendidik hati dan menjaga hati? Hati selalu resah gelisah? Atau senang sangat makan hati/membawa hati yg lara? Yg paling penting, bagaimana anda menjaga hati yg sebenarnya pokok pangkal perbuatan anda?

Rasanya semua persoalan di atas akan dapat terjawab sekiranya anda mendapatkan buku "Reformat Hatimu Dalam 354 Hari" hasil nukilan Ustaz Norudin Draman @ Ustaz Cahaya. Sebenarnya saya telah menerima senaskhah buku istimewa ini setelah membeli secara terus buku ini dari Ustaz Cahaya pada bln lps. Hanya beberapa hari , saya berkesempatan menghabiskan/khatam dari membaca buku tersebut.

Berikut adalah rumusan saya secara ringkas mengenai buku ini:
  • ada beberapa kisah dan cerita teladan yg boleh dijadikan contoh untuk kita dalam menangani persoalan2 rumit yg kita hadapi dlm kehidupan seharian.
  • huraian dan perumpamaan2 yg menarik yg membuatkan kita berfikir panjang.
  • secara asasnya, bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan terbaik untuk kita mendidik hati supaya sentiasa beribadah dan mengamalkan suruhan2 Allah. (sbb itulah tajuknya "354 hari")
  • huraian2 lain beserta dengan contoh2 yg mudah membuatkan pembaca akan tertarik untuk meneruskan pembacaan sehingga ke muka terakhir.
Sebenarnya ada macam2 lagi yg menarik dlm buku ini. Kalau nak tahu lebih lanjut, kenalah beli sendiri buku ini dan baca. Nak kenal Ustaz Cahaya ni boleh ke laman blognya di

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Monologue : When I don't know what to write....


What should I write today?
What should I share?
Should I just say something that I don't really know how to explain?
Should I just copy and paste from other sources?
Why do I care the content of my entries?
Is it because I don't want to write something meaningless?
But who knows something meaningless can be meaningful to others.

What do people like to read?
Gossips? - they can read the gossip blogs plus I'm not good in writing any gossips.
News or politics? - they can read other serious blogs and of course the online newpapers. (again I'm hopeless when it comes to politics)
Recipes? -it has been a while since I came out with some ideas in cooking.
About my personal stories?- I've written a lot but I like to make sure other people can relate and it has some positive inputs.
Advice or suggestions on doing something? - I need to do some research  first before I can write about this.

SO TODAY............................................................

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ella Bella - Hafizah's Imaginary Friend


Hafizah: Mama, Ella Bella want to eat Honey Star (cereal) too.
Me:       But where is she? Is it okay if I just give you another bowl and you'll give it to her?
Hafizah: Ok, mama. Thank you.

That's only one example of how Hafizah use her imaginary friend, Ella Bella when she needs to pretend playing. It's not just Hafizah who likes to play with Ella Bella but originally Fathini created that imaginary friend for both of them. Do your children have any imaginary friend? Do we have to worry about this situation?

I've searched some articles from Google and these are the things that I've found. Hopefully thee explanations can answer some of your concerns about this situation too.

Functions of having imaginary friend/s:
  • They can be wonderful companions for pretend play, which is an important way to stimulate creativity and imagination. Having an invisible friend can make those long trips to the moon or back in time a little less lonely.
  • They can act as a child's trusted confidant when there's no one else to tell their secrets to. Even small children have issues that are too private to tell us.
  • They can help kids figure out the difference between right and wrong. Kids sometimes have a tough time stopping themselves from doing things they know are wrong. Blaming the imaginary friend for eating cookies before dinner is often a sign that the child understands right vs. wrong distinctions but isn't quite ready to assume complete responsibility for her actions.
  • They can give you some valuable insights into your child's feelings. Listening to your child bravely comfort an invisible friend who's about to get a shot may be a clue that your child is more afraid than she's letting on.

  • Don't let the "friend" be your child's only companion. Kids need to socialize with others their own ages. If your child seems to have no other friends or has no interest in being with her peers, talk to your pediatrician.
  • Don't let your child shift responsibility for everything bad to the friend. Saying that the friend is the one responsible for a nighttime accident is okay. Blaming the friend for a string of bank robberies isn't.
  • Treat the friend with respect. This means remembering his name, greeting him when you meet, and apologizing when you sit on him.
  • Don't use the friend to manipulate your child. That means no comments like "Maggie finished her dinner, why don't you finish yours?"
Click HERE for the source.

Now, if you are dealing with the same situation with your child/children, would you like to share what do you normally do?

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    Guilty as Charged?- "Malaysians Have Most FB Friends".

    Please read about this and share your comments. This article was taken from http//

    Survey: Malaysians have most Facebook friends

    KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysians have the most number of friends on social networking websites like Facebook. They also spend the most hours per week on such sites.

    According to a survey conducted by international firm TNS, a Malaysian has an average of 233 friends in their social network, followed by 231 in Brazil and 217 in Norway. Japanese users had the least number of friends, averaging 29.

    The survey was based on recent interviews of 50,000 consumers in 46 countries.
    “Surprisingly, Chinese consumers only have an average of 68 friends in their networks despite being heavy users of social networking sites,” the survey said.
    In terms of hours spent on social sites, Malaysians spent nine hours weekly.
    Next were the Russians, with an average of 8.1 hours per week online while those in Turkey spent 7.7 hours a week. The survey also found that rather than using email, consumers were now spending more time on social networking sites.

    Commenting on the survey, Tourism Ministry international relations department secretary Mohd Halimi Ibrahim said that social media sites would be a cost-effective way to promote Malaysia.
    “Instead of spending billions on expensive advertisements, social media sites allow us to do it for free and quite possibly, reach a larger audience,” he said yesterday.
    Halimi added that it also showed that Malaysia was more than capable of holding its own in matters of technology.
    “This study also shows that some Malaysians spend far too much time on the Internet, whiling away hours that could be put to much better use,” he said.


    MOH HALIMI HAS GOT A STRONG POINT THERE WHEN HE SAID "“This study also shows that some Malaysians spend far too much time on the Internet, whiling away hours that could be put to much better use".  AS SOME OF MY FRIENDS SAID "GET  A LIFE PEOPLE!". DOES THIS MEAN THOSE WHO ARE ACTIVELY USING FB ARE NOT HAVING A GOOD LIFE? PERSONALLY, I STRONGLY DISAGREE. WHAT DO YOU RECKON? ANY COMMENTS?

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    The tiring battle against Pediculosis Capitis.


    Pediculosis capitis[1] (also known as Head lice infestation and Cooties[1]) is a human medical condition caused by the colonization of the hair and skin by the parasitic insect Pediculus humanus capitis—the head louse[citation needed]. Typically, only the head or scalp of the host is infested, although the disease can occur in other hairy parts of the body, like leg hairs[citation needed]. Head lice feed on human blood (hematophagy), and itching from lice bites is a common symptom of this condition.
    I'm having a battle against these creatures AGAIN after my daughters brought those uninvited guests! ARGGGHHH. This may sound insignificant to some people, but for me this battle seems so tiring as this is not the first time they brought home those uninvited and unwanted guests.

    I reckon most of us know how to combat the headlice. We just need to wash the infested head with the specia headlice shampoo and comb out all the louse. Hopefully after a few applications, my daughters head will be freed again from Pediculosis Capitis.

    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Have we learnt anything from the fatal accident?(highway pile-up 10.10.10)

    One of the shocking news for today is about "12 die in the Highway Pile-up". I'm sure most of us have read about this news or at least heard it from somebody. My SIL who was also on the way back from Melacca with her friend last night, told about the massive traffic jam near the accident area. As usual, many people wanted to see what had happened and they slowed down their vehicles and some even took some photos and amateur videos (can be found in you tube).

    There have had been so many fatal accidents that we've heard or even witnessed. BUT have we learnt anything from them? Have we ever reminded ourself to slow down, be careful, take some precautions and actually this should be our priority- say a prayer before we even step on the accelerator?

    Any accidents that happened whether it's fatal or not, most of the time happened to fast. In fact it can happen in a split second. Based on my own experiences(in minor motorcycle's accidents), there were times when I found myself lying down by the roadside and suffered from some scratches and bruises and became clueless of what had happened.

    So, what I'm going to list down here are only based on my humble opinion. You are most welcome to add on or even comments on the list.

    What have we learnt and still forget?: (in no particular order)
    • everything that happens must have the reasons. (Only Allah knows the reasons)
    • we should try our best to prevent from any accident no matter how where we go. -Even when we only driving to the nearby supermarket !
    • slow down and be patient as we are not the only one who want to arrive on time/ no one to be late to work.
    • no one want to be part of the accident statistic, so we should stop curing each other "hei, nak mampos ke!" (translation- ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL YOUSELF!)
    • never ever forget to leave your fate in Allah's hands after you've done everything you could.
    I'm no expert nor someone who should be discussing about this issue. It's just that I feel obliged to share what I feel and think. Again everybody is most welcome to say their opinions too.

    Saturday, October 9, 2010

    He's not like Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar BUT.......


    Almost every night, he calls me and pester me to help him. He's so lonely now and in desperately in need of a wife. He's not like Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar  who is so famous, well- educated, handsome and definitely was one of the MOST ELIGIBLE BACHELOR in Malaysia (well, he's getting married this Sunday so he that's why he was).  BUT..............................on the other hand, HE in my story here is somehow a total opposite version of Datuk Dr. Sheikh M. First and foremost he has some disabilities (some speech problems and some parts of his brain was affected by Jaundice- I'm not too sure how to describe this). He's definitely not so famous, his formal education was only until PMR and some Certificates from MARA. He's not handsome but he has other good qualities that can make people to love him.

    WHO IS HE?

    ALL RIGHT.....................................
    Take a look at his photo first
    Name: Mohd Rashdan bin Rosly
    Age: 31.
    Job: Self-employed.

    HE'S ACTUALLY MY YOUNGER BROTHER WHO'S ONLY ONE YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME. I'm comparing him with Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar because despite of all of the differences, they share one common similarity! They both are a good inspiration to those who know them. My brother, Rashdan is a living proof who has defied the doctors predictions when he was small. Doctors predicted that he won't be able to walk, talk or functioning like other normal person. He was affected by jaundice severely that some parts of his brain was affected. BUT NOW, he looks like a normal person, who's able to read and write at least in Bahasa Melayu, really good in Math, able to ride his motorbike to go to work and is actually quite rich compared to me! (seriously)

    His ambition now is just to find a suitable spouse that will be able to take care of him. This responsibility is now mine as her eldest sister. I don't really know where should I find, how should I find and of course who's the best for my dear brother. He claims now there are so many women admire him and would love to be his wife. But choosing a wife for him is not easy as we (my family members and I) want somebody who can really love him and take care of him and not just using him. In the past, he has been conned by so many people who took advantages on him just because he is an honest man. He thinks everybody is as good as him. (dia lurus sgt2 dan senang kena tipu dgn org2 yg suka ambil kesempatan)

    I don't why do I share his story here today. Well, about Datuk Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar- I just want to wish him the best for his marriage life as he's getting married this Sunday 10/10/10 to Dr. Halina. I also one of his fan and really admire and feel proud of him too. About my dearest brother, Rashdan- this is an appreciation entry to show how proud am I to be his eldest sister. He has come all the way now and it's only that he's in the middle of choosing the right person for him before he can continue his journey in life. (Insya Allah). I really hope that we (my family members and I) would be able to find a suitable wife for him.

    Friday, October 8, 2010

    JPJ tahan bagi nasihat (BM entry)

    Bukan, bukan saya yg kena tahan dgn JPJ tadi. Saya letak kerata di stesen LRT, naik LRT dan jln kaki ke ofis.

    Sebenarnya begini al-kisahnya.............................................................................................................................................

    Tadi masa nak baik kerja, saya dan rakan saya ternampak beberapa org pegawai JPJ tengah menahan pemandu2 kenderaan. Mula-mula saya ingatkan saman atas kesalahan2 yg biasa. Tetapi bila kami nampak yg kebanyakan yg ditahan telah ditegur mengenai pemakaian tali pinggang keledar di kerusi belakang, kami agak terkejut. Cuma rasanya saya yg terkejut lebih sbb saya tak sangka yg mmg sudah dikuatkuasaka undang2 pemakaian tali pinggang keledar blkg mulai 1 Jan. 2009! (sy kan baru balik semua ke Msia hjg Aprill 2010, jd banyak juga perkembangan terbaru di Msia yg sy tak tahu. huhu)  Kalau didenda boleh kena sampai RM300.

    Tapi ada beberapa pengecualian. Informasi ni saya dapat dari website lain:

    Bermula 1 Januari 2009, peraturan pemakaian tali pinggang keledar tempat duduk belakang akan dikuatkuasakan ke atas semua jenis kenderaan kecuali kenderaan-kenderaan seperti berikut:

    1. kenderaan yang didaftarkan sebelum 1 Januari 1995;
    2. kenderaan yang didaftarkan selepas 1 Januari 1995, tetapi tidak dilengkapi dengan anchorage points;
    3. kenderaan komersil termasuk teksi dan kereta sewa;
    4. kenderaan penumpang yang mempunyai lebih dari 8 tempat duduk tidak termasuk tempat duduk pemandu;  dan
    5. kenderaan barangan yang mempunyai had muatan barangan melebihi 3.5 tan.

    Bagi kenderaan yang didaftarkan selepas 1 Januari 1995 dan mempunyai anchorage points, tetapi tidak dipasang tali pinggang keledar tempat duduk belakang, pemilik kenderaan tersebut diberi tempoh selama 3 tahun untuk memasang tali pinggang keledar tempat duduk belakang. Tempoh 3 tahun bermula dari 1 Januari 2009.
    Kereta saya Kancil mmg kami tak sempat lg nak pergi mana2 Pusat Perodua nak pasang tali pinggang keledar. Padahal anak2 selalu tanya, "Mama, do we have to wear seat belts?". Anak2 dah biasa pakai tali pinggang keledar masa kat NZ, jd mula2 bila balik Msia, diaorg selalu tanya mana tali pinggang keledarnya. Nampaknya kenala cepat2 pergi pasang ni sblm kena saman.

    Siapa yg dah pasang tali pinggang keledar kat blkg? (ditujukan utk pemilik2 kereta yg tak ada tali pinggang keledar masa kereta dibeli)

    Wednesday, October 6, 2010

    Controversial eh???


    I've never done this before but after few times of reading other bloggers' entries about their famous or the most visited entries, I was curious to know more. So, I clicked at the STAT button after I clicked DESIGN. And the result...........................................................................................................................................................

    (Please refer to the bottom part of this entry)
    It seems that many viewers love to read about "Mengajar Mengaji Cara Klasik" (BM entry), "Will UPSR and
    PMR be totally abolished", "Waybuloo: Not suitable for Muslims kids", "CV of a SAHM" and also 
    "Dialek Kelate vs BM (BM entry)". 

    I've received some mix reactions; negatives and positives reactions for the entry "Waybuloo". Some 
    viewers claimed that I'm being so narrow-minded about the issue. I don't mind about the negatives comments
    because I just wrote what I believe and the entry is an opinionated entry. it touched some sensitive buttons-
    I know! While for the other entries, my guess is many viewers just happen to google the related key words 
    and they found my url. I'm happy enough to share my opinion again and the way I see things. 

    Most of the time, I love to write things that are related to my field (teaching, education, languages). 
    But sometimes it just happen that the things can be quite controversial and debatable. Well, what can
    I say, I'm in fact love critical thinking!

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    Tuesday, October 5, 2010

    Never Ending Cause and Effects.


    In our life, we know that there's always be the causes and the effects. We are forced to consider the causes and of course the effects when we want to make any decisions. I love to teach my children about the causes and effects of their actions. I reckon, when they understand that whatever they can cause some effects, they'll have to think first before they act.

    HOWEVER.................after sometimes, I'm now constantly have to battle with their questions of "WHY MAMA?" for everything that I ask them to do.

    SO, let's look at some examples of the conversations that I had with my daughters so far:

    Conversation 1
    Me: Come on Fathini, hurry up! Or else we're going to be late.
    Tini: But why Mama? Why?
    Me: It's already 8.30 now and your school starts at 8.45.
    Tini: Why school starts ermmm 8(she couldn't say the time correctly yet)...... mama?
    Me: Well, it's because your teacher said so.

    Conversation 2
    Me:Hafizah, tidy up your toys.
    Hafizah: I'm tired. Why Mama, ....tidy up?
    Me: You played and now its your duty to tidy up.
    Hafizah: I don't want to tidy up.......(she made a-pity-me-face) because I'm sleepy and tired.
    Me: If you don't tidy up, next time you can't play with your toys. Kakak (Fathini) likes to tidy up, so she can  play with the toys next time.
    Hafizah: I want to play (2x). (then she'll cry)

    Based on my experiences dealing with my daughters, I reckon at the age of 4-6, they are able to understand more on the reasoning. That's why Fathini is able to accept causes and effects of her actions. Unfortunately, for Hafizah who's just 3, she's still struggling to accept the concept. Most of the time she rebels. Maybe it's also because she's the second child who has the second child syndrome?

    What about your battle with your kids? Do you have the same problem? How do you deal with them? What's your approach? 

    Sunday, October 3, 2010

    Reminiscent of the good old days.................


    15 years ago, in a school named SMSAH, there were 21 students in 5 Fitrah sat in the class everyday without fail. They were quite close to each other as for 2 years (1994-1995), they studied together just to pass the major examination; SPM. Right after SPM, most of them were separated as they chose their own preferences to further their study in the tertiary level.


    They saw each other in a sort-of-mini reunion. I was one of them who was really glad to be able to see my ex-classmates when I was in SMSAH (a.k.a Jenan). Syidah was the host as she was the one who invited us to her open house today (3rd Oct 2010). We (Nisa & I) went to her house in Putrajaya after Zuhur prayer. We weren't quite sure how to find the house but we just tried our luck.

    It was not too difficult to find Syidah's house because we were also given the map by her on FB. By the time we arrived, the three of us felt so overwhelmed with the reunion. Syidah was one of my closest friends in SMSAH and we sat next to each other in the class for two years! Once we went inside her house, we met Chessney (Muhammad Nizam) who came with his daughter and a son. Fathini played with his eldest daughter, Tasnim since they are at the same age.

    Syidah (in yellow), Nisa (in blue) and Nizam (in stripped shirt)

    There were a variety of food that Syidah prepared like Nasi Tomato, Nasi Ayam, Satay, Nasi Impit, Rendang, Roti Jala and Kari Daging. I didn't eat a lot as I was too excited to eat. So, I only ate a little bit of Nasi Tomato and Roti Jala while Fathini and Hafizah ate more of nuggets, frankfurters and other fried nibbles. We were busy catching up with our latest news and other classmates news. We shared some good old stories, most of them were the funny stories. I was wrong before this to feel insecure with my job now and other material things. It turned out that my ex-classmates didn't care so much about that as we understand each other and somehow support each other. Another ex-classmate, Mohd. Fadzli (Janggut), only arrived just before Nisa, Nizam and I wanted to leave. We didn't have time to chat for a long time with him because our kids were already restless and made some noises giving the signal "We-should-go-home-now!". biasalah anak2 tak nak bg peluang kat mak2 & ayah2 diaorg berbual lama dgn member2 We somehow stayed there almost 2 hours and I guess that's why our kids were restless at the end.

    All in all, it was a really good reminiscent of our school days (when we were 16 & 17). We promised to meet each other again in the future with of course by having more ex-classmates to join. Before we left. we took a photo for the day.
    Janggut (Mohd Fadzli) in red jersey with his wife next to him. 

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    A mommy will smile when..................


    I was not really happy this afternoon as I got less hour of teaching starting from next Monday. At my workplace, less hour means less pay for a part-timer like me. :( :(  However, when I got back and saw my daughters, they managed to make me smile and even laughed! Watching at their wittiness and happy-go-lucky attitude has made me forgot about the money problem that I might be facing next month. Insya allah I'm going to figure out something to solve my financial problem.

    I reckon most mommies out there would agree with me if I summarize some of the things that can make a mommy smiles.

    A mommy will smile when....................................
    • her child makes his/her own jokes and only he/she himself/herself laugh at the jokes.
    • her child plays and shows some creativity in his/her play.
    • her child comes to her and says "I love you mommy".
    • her child asks "Why are you sad Mommy?".
    • her child does all the things she asked him/her to do without any noise.
    • her child helps her around the house sincerely without any hidden agenda mcm nak duit saku ke
    Those are the things I can list and think of right now. If any of mommies out there would like to add to the list, you are most welcome.