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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

CV (Curriculum Vitae) of a SAHM?

Salam to all,

Lately I'm busy trying to google some part suitable part time jobs on the internet. It somehow reminded
me that I must have a new CV if I want to apply a job. Hmmmm. The last time I applied a job was about 5 years ago! And I almost forgot how to write a CV even though I used to teach my ex-students on how to write a good CV.

Somehow I got an idea of trying to write up a CV of a SAHM. Well, why not. Since I reckon being
a SAHM, WAHM or SOHO, we can have a CV to show other people our qualifications, abilities, skills and experiences.

All right. Let's take a look at a sample of a CV and then we compare it with my version of SAHM CV.

Sample Curriculum Vitae - Academic



John Smith
Street, City, State, Zip
Phone: 555-555-5555
Cell: 555-666-6666

Assistant Professor, Psychology


Ph.D., Psychology, University of Minnesota, 2006
Concentrations: Psychology, Community Psychology
Dissertation: A Study of Learning Disabled Children in a Low Income Community
M.A., Psychology, University at Albany, 2003
Concentrations: Psychology, Special Education

Thesis: Communication Skills of Learning Disabled Children

B.A, Psychology, California State University, Long Beach, CA, 2000

Instructor, 2004 - 2006
University of Minnesota
Course: Psychology in the Classroom

Teaching Assistant, 2002 - 2003
University at Albany
Courses: Special Education, Learning Disabilities

Research Skills:

Extensive knowledge of SPSSX and SAS statistical programs.


Smith John (2006). The behavior of learning disabled adolescents in the classrooms. Paper presented at the Psychology Conference at the University of Minnesota.


Smith, John (2005). The behavior of learning disabled adolescents in the classroom. Journal of Educational Psychology, 120 - 125.

Grants and Fellowships:
  • RDB Grant (University of Minnesota Research Grant, 2005), $2000
  • Workshop Grant (for ASPA meeting in New York, 2004), $1500
Awards and Honors:
  • Treldar Scholar, 2005
  • Academic Excellent Award, 2003
Skills and Qualifications:
  • Microsoft Office, Internet
  • Programming ability in C++ and PHP
  • Fluent in German, French and Spanish

Excellent references available upon request. 

Now let's see my attempt. hehe
 Puan Markonah Muda
Your own choice Street, 
Not heaven City,
 Your Own Territory State,

Mobile no: 000-222 44556

Stay At Home Mom

Ph. D. in Every Single Details at Home.

M.A. in Cooking & Doing Household Chores

B. Ed. in teaching children

Being a Mom since 5 years ago
Being a wife since 7 years ago

Related Skills:
Moderate skills in cooking
A competent mommy

 A good wife

A perfectionist in doing household chores


How about that? Was it a nice attempt? I would like to see if other SAHM or WAHM or SOHO or FTWM would like to 
write up a CV like that or maybe a very extensive one! hehe. Of course we don't need any CV to apply for all the jobs 
that I've mentioned just now. However, it would be good to see if we can really put it on paper and see. Maybe who 
knows you can print up your CV and frame it and put it in a special place in your house! How about that? 
Is it a good idea? If you are interested to do an entry about this, please tell me so. I would be happy to see and read it.


ZiE FAUZi said...

zie pun dah lupa cmna nak buat CV ni... mmg jenis pelupa zie ni..

paij188 said...


it's true I pun dah lupe how to write a good CV. Kelaka je kan? Same here, last tulis CV like 7 years ago..??

Nadiah Sidek said...

hehe..takde kerja ye kak buat CV utk SAHM. tapi mcm best jgk kan tgk. duk rmh je pun blh dpt degree. PhD lg tu! :D

Anonymous said...
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temp. housewife said...

Akk saja je Zie buat CV utk SAHM ni. hehe

Fairus: ok tak the sample of my CV?

Nadiah: WHy don't u try and make one too?

Anonymous said...

kalo CV as a mom, mau 15-20 pages long.....boleh jd buku terus..

temp. housewife said...

why don't u try and write at least one page Mama Miya. saja nak baca. hehe. If you want to write a book abt that, it could be a popular book! ;)

cv said...

Sample cv ditulis dengan baik, saya seperti konsep meng-upload gambar daripada teks.You did a good job.keep it up

Anonymous said...

I can speak much on this question.

maddy said...
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maddy said...
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Cv Examples said...

I become speechless.

Anonymous said...

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