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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Waybuloo: Not a suitable program for Muslim kids (WARNING).

Fathini and Hafizah wakes up every morning during the weekday to watch their favourite children programmes on TV Two TVNZ(since the summer holiday started in the middle of Dec. 09). They starts at 6 a.m. but my daugthers only watch from 8 a.m. onward. (dah bgn lambat. hehe) Tini and Fizah love "Blues Clues", "In the Night Garden" and there's a new program called "Waybuloo"(@ 8.40-9.00 a.m.) that has replaced "In the Night Garden". At first I didn't really mind when they watch the program. However, it all changed after I decided to sit down and watch the program with them two days ago.

What have I discovered? Why do I think it's not suitable for Muslim kids? Before I could give the explanation, I better share some of the background of this program so you know which program am I referring to.

Waybuloo is a pre-school children's television series commissioned by Michael Carrington at the BBC, and first aired on CBeebies in May 2009. The 100-episode show is filmed by The Foundation in Glasgow (Scotland) and animated and directed by Gallus Entertainment[1] for Decode Entertainment[2] in Toronto (Canada). Line produced by Matt Porter and Simon Spencer[3], part of the independent company, RDF Media's subsidiary The Foundation[4]. The program makers describe it as "...a philosophy for a happy life, and is like nothing children will have ever seen before"[4].
Waybuloo is set in the land of Nara. The main characters are the four Piplings, 3D CGI animated creatures with large heads and eyes, placed on a filmed background, with the second half of each twenty-minute show featuring human children ("cheebies").
The Piplings practise yogo, a gentle form of exercise similar to yoga[5] so that the viewers and their parents can participate[6].

 The Characters:

Nok Tok

Nok Tok is a bear-like Pipling. He made friends with Yojojo, De Li, and Lau Lau.

De Li

De Li the cat (pronounced /ˈdiːlaɪ/) has a pink body and blue eyes, with slightly pointed ears on top of her head and a tail with a white tip. She wears a flower on top of her head.

Lau Lau

Lau Lau the rabbit has a lilac coloured body and green eyes, has extremely long ears on top of her head and a puff tail.

Yo Jojo

Yo Jojo the monkey has an amber coloured body and blue eyes, and has rounded ears on the side of his head. He has four thick hairs rising above his right ear which flop over to his left like a comb-over. In Peeka he is often seen hiding in the log and his long tail is often shown.

Let's go back to my intention of writing this entry. After watching the program with my daughters, I reckon this is not a suitable program for them and also for other Muslim kids. My hubby has watched this program too before he went to his lab and he has mentioned it to me about the disturbing elements in the program. Now, we have decided not to let our daugthers to watch the program anymore. (mujurlah mg depan playcentre dah buka semula jd mmg tak de masa anak2 nak tengok dah).

Would you like to know why are we so opposed to this program? Here are the reasons:
  1. The characters will have a yoga (it's called Yogo in the program) session with the real children (they are called "cheebies") - Yoga has been banned by our Scholars (Ulama') esp. when it involve some kind of chanting words.
  2. The way they do the Yoga (or Yogo), it looks like they are meditating.-It's better to teach our children  about the 5- times- prayer! (solat kan cara untuk kita menenangkan diri, beribadat dan mendekatkan diri kpd Allah).
  3. If you think the program is harmless, you can let your children watch and you can see they would copy the Yoga positions and maybe even the LOTUS position. - (itu mmg cara org2 beragama Hindu bermeditasi)
  4. It's better to be careful and selective in what your children watch and learn before it's too late. (kami mmg tak mahu anak2 terpengaruh dgn budaya2 yg bukan budaya Islam)
I'll let you judge and have your say on this issue. I've share my point of view and I feel the urge to warn the other  Muslim parents about this. Currently this program has become a HUGE phenomenon in UK and it has gained its popularity way above "The Teletubbies".


UstazCahaya said...

Salam Kak Nuradyani.

Saya sudah baca, menarik. Insya Allah saya akan translate dan siarkan di sini ya. Terima kasih kerana menjemput saya membacanya;-)

temp. housewife said...

salam ustaz. sy harap lebih ramai Muslim parents yg sedar tentang ini.

paij188 said...

Salam sis,
I agree with you. Tapi ramai parents Muslim skrg macam tak kisah lah benda2 macam ni. To me, I am too, concern about everything that my kids watch. Thank you for sharing this is info.

zai said...

salam yani..

thanks sbb rajin singgah dan komen kat blog akak..akak ni selain bekerja makan gaji ada juga menjalankan bisnes frozen masa agak terhad utk komen diblog oranglain..but this entry is so meaningful to me too sbb kadang2 kita sibuk bagi anak2 tengok gambar kartun tanpa sedar buruk baiknya dari segi penyampaiannya walaupun ianya hanyalah sekadar utk hiburan..thanks dik atas perkongsian..

bestnye dapat jadi temp. house wife kat negara orang kan..???

sirna said...

harapnya takdala kartun tu kat mesia ni...

CatlinaFly said...

macam2 kan, ini dipanggil subliminal messages rasenye, kalo kita tak teliti betul2, kita mungkin tak perasan ciri2 yoga yang ade nur sebutkan tu..kanak2 pulak jenis mudah mengikut, coz it's their way to learn new things...

temp. housewife said...

Better be careful than sorry right.
seronok baca blog akk. seronok sgt tu taklah jugak sbb sy ni jenis yg tak boleh duduk rumah je. nasib baik selalu kena volunteer kat playcentre-tempat anak2 belajar.

temp. housewife said...

Kalu tak silap, program ni ada disiarkan di channel Astro juga.

Yup kids tend to copy everything that they watch. tu yg takut tu.

Nadiah Sidek said...

akk..semalam nadiah duk post comment kat sini 3-4 kali asyik failed je sbb smlm internet connection sgt teruk..huhu..sedih..

lebih krg je la pendpt nadiah dgn yg lain2 tu..dh tak ingt dh nak tulis apa :(

temp. housewife said...

sometimes that happens Nadiah. Nak buat mcmmana. Akk pun kdg2 nak komen kat blog org lain tak dpt.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with you, I watched this programme and found it very nice. It promotes a peaceful way of life. Where in the Koran does it forbid Muslims tom practice yoga and meditate please?

Anonymous said...

Regardless of one's beliefs, God give each of us a mind to think and justify what is right or wrong. Yogo or Yoga is simply a form of stretching exercise and like any form of exercise, it relaxes the mind, allowing one to harmonize with their inner peace. Anyone who believes that Yogo or Yoga is a anti-religious pratice would probably still believe the world is flat too.

Anonymous said...

It is a very wired show guys and I think its kinda dirsturbing. What are they teaching kids anyway to turn them in to Yoga Hippys thats my opinion.

Anonymous said...

If you analyse every tv programm the way you do you might as well throw out your t.v.
It's an innocent childrens programm, nothing more nothing less.
For Pete's sake, it's made by the BBC, the most multi cultural, unsided broadcasting station in the world. You will find that there the cheebies (children) in the show are of every colour and religion and that there is no spiritual message in it at all.
But hey, I'm just giving my opinion here.
If you want to raise your kids in a strictly Muslim influated way then that is your choice. The only problem there is that as far as I can tell you do not live in a Muslim country and therefore it would be whise to teach your kids about other religions and customs instead of blocking even the smallest of influences like Waybuloo.
We live in England and therefore we will teach our son about every religion and custom he might show curiousity towards, even though we might not like it, it will make life for him a lot easier, as a father, I suggest you do the same.
Otherwhise your children will struggle in later life.

Kind regards,