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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Special ways to consume your pills.

It's not so easy to consume pills especially if you rarely get sick. I'm one of those who always have problems to consume any kinds of pills. Even the tiniest pill or tablet will give a hard time. I used to ask for liquid medications up until teenager. haha.

But there are some SPECIAL WAYS TO CONSUME YOUR PILLS if you are also like me:

  • My late great grandma used to teach me to hide the pills in a banana. She was the first person who taught me this creative method. I followed her advice and managed to avoid any bitter taste of the pill since I could only taste the banana.
  • My late grandma helped me to cut the pill to smaller pieces before I put it into my mouth. It helped me when I got those huge chunks of pills. But I still got after taste of bitterness.
  • While my own father taught me to drink but not swallow some water and quickly pop in the pill. Sometimes this method works but sometimes not. 
  • My younger sister who also suffers from the same syndrome (haha and WORSE), used to consume pills with juice or at least any drink which is sweet to hinder the bitterness of the pills.
Those are the ways that I got from my family members. Now, I don't really have problems anymore as I've mastered the art of consuming pills especially after my first pregnancy.



Syigim said...

wow sorok dlm pisang tu mmg fantastic idea! org2 lama jgk yg ade the best petua kan kak!

transformed housewife said...

my late great grandma mmg byk idea pelik2 dia

yatie chomeyl said...

mace kenal jah your younger sister hok payoh make ubat tu hahahaha