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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Can "teng, teng"(hopscotch), "baling selipar" (slippers throwing?) and three-legged race be interesting for them?


This month, I'm part of the committee members for the graduation team. My tasks are to ensure students have some activities in the morning before they receive their progress reports, ensure exit level students have some presentations and everything is going to be smooth on the last Friday of the session. Since this session's theme is SPORTS, we have had plan some interesting activities especially for tomorrow.

If yesterday I shared about Futsal, which is parts of our plan, tomorrow we plan to introduce three of our Traditional Games. I know that we have a variety of Traditional Games like "congkak, bola cetong, gasing, kaki gajah, sepak raga ratus, tarik upih, galah panjang" and many more. We can't really play other sports tomorrow since we only have about 2 1/2 hours before we are supposed to give them their progress reports. (their results) That's why we reckon playing traditional games is the best option.

We have these games in mind. We really hope that we can at least share about Malaysian culture to the foreigners since we have so many international students. Let's see if you (the Malaysians who are reading this  entry) can remember about these games:

  • "Bola cetong" : Normally this game is played using the empty condensed milk cans. All the cans must be arrange by team A and team B must guard the cans so that team A won't be able to arrange the cans. Since it''s quite hard for us to find enough condensed milk, we have decided to use slippers and tennis ball to replace the plastic ball. This was one of my favourite past time games when I was young.
  • "Galah Panjang":  This game is also played by two teams. Team A will guard their castle so that team B can't cross to other side. If all players in team B manage to cross, they will earn one point. We are going to use masking tape to mark the lines. Hopefully the weather is nice because  we need to play it outside.
  • "Teng Teng" : This resembles Hopscotch. Using one foot, each player need to hop in the squares until he reaches the top and manage to retrieve his token(gundu). Our plan is just to see who can finish one round without dropping another foot on the ground. 
 We really hope that everything will go on smoothly. We are quite excited about this and at least this effort can give our students a glimpse of Malaysian culture.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Futsal Matches in Ampang Sports Planet : Let photos tell the story.


As I promised last Friday, I can share some photos of Futsal Matches between students in ELS,KL. It was the first time that we ever organized such games. The participation that we received was so overwhelming. They love to play Futsal even though most of them were quite clueless about the rules and regulations. We were also kind of amateur organizers and they were so many things that we didn't anticipate happen. Overall, the matches that took places in 3 courts for about 2 1/2 hours were quite okay. The little incident of almost a fist fight among Saudis and Iranians was managed to be settled by us. They were only 5 teachers including me at the venue to control about 70 students. I didn't stay until the last match because I had to leave early. But I managed to watch until the semi final matches. I was informed by my colleagues that the final match went smoothly. So, I can't tell you more since "pictures worth thousand words". Just look at the photos to get a little glimpse of what happened on that day.

p/s: I tried to upload more photos but the broadband was so sloe that I couldn't wait to upload more photos.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Obsessed and Over-friendly Relative?


I have to admit that I'm not so friendly because it's part of my personality. But I can be chatty with those who really know me well. The problem now is I have this one particular distance relative who is over-friendly (?). I don't really know her very well. I used to visit her house during raya back when we were small. We are about the same age and she was not that chatty or being so friendly when we were small. However, she has changed now. It's been years since I last saw her. She received my contact number from one of my brothers. She hasn't stop sending me message through FB and mobile phone. When I didn't reply the message a.s.a.p., she claimed that I don't like her. huhu. My main problem is I'm not comfortable when she asked me to send and share the photos of me and my family and demanded that I reply all her messages a.s.a.p.

Seriously I'm suffocating and can't breathe now with this obsessed and over-friendly relative. I don't like to share so much information or any personal details with those who I'm not so closed too. AM I BEING RIDICULOUS? DO YOU THINK I'M KIND OF SNOBBISH?

Monday, June 27, 2011

BBQ's Birthday Party + Family Fun Day = Exciting Feast


We usually celebrate our family members' birthday by having a small feast with the other family members. I don't really go to the extend of inviting other people maybe because I'm so lazy to organize a big party. My daughters are used to it and they never ask for more. As Hafizah's birthday was on last Wednesday, we only had time to do something on Sunday.

The feast was a simple celebration where we prepared BBQ feast. I guess we love the having BBQ because we have been influenced by Kiwi culture. We started the feast at 3 p.m. since my hubby's siblings can only come in the afternoon. My hubby struggled to lit up the fire on the BBQ set. He took almost one hour! In the middle of that, the rain poured heavily and we had to cook under the porch! Once the rain stopped, the feast was on the full swing. The kids couldn't wait to dip into the pool. So, we filled up some water in the pop-up wading pool. While we were preparing the food, they had fun in the pool.

I was kind of running here and there just to get all the food out. I didn't even had the time to really sit and enjoy the food. I was also busy taking some photos of everybody since my hubby was the head chef. We also invited our next door neighbour. They came and joined us right before Hafizah (the birthday girl) cut the cake. Her carrot cake that had a clown was pretty simple. The cousins gathered around before the cake cutting ceremony. Hafizah didn't know what to do at first. So, I helped her to hold the knife and cut the cake with her. After  they had the taste on the cake, they went on to play with Hafizah's new birthday presents.

We (the adults) continued eating until we were really full. We also chatted and savour the strawberry jelly I made the day before. The feast ended in the evening when it was almost dark.

Here were some photos during the event:

Sunday, June 26, 2011



Rasanya semua orang kebanyakan sudah terbaca mengenai Perhimpunan Haram BERSIH yang akan diadakan pada 9 Julai ini di SOGO. Saya tidak suka sangat bercaka pasal POLITIK tapi suka tak suka, kita akan terbabit juga dan perlu ambil tahu pasal politik dalam negara kita sbb kita rakyat Malaysia. Masa depan kita bergantung pada pemimpin2 yang kita pilih.

Bukanlah niat saya nak ulas panjang lebar sangat pasal ni sbb saya pun masih samar2 dan makin baca yang dibaca makin saya tak faham apa fungsi dan niat utama mereka nak adakan perhimpuan tersebut. Saya takut pergolakann yang berlaku di negara2 Arab kebelakangan ini akan menular ke sini. Daripada Malaysia ni sebuah negara yang aman damai jadi negara yang kucar-kacir.

Sebelum ada sesiapa yang membuat keputusan nak sertai perhimpunan itu atau tidak, lebih baik kita baca dan cari sebanyak mana maklumat yang mungkin. Kalau ke Utusan Malaysia ada banyak berita mengenai ini:
Cuba ke SINI, SINI, ini dari MALAYSIA KINI,
dan saya ada terbaca ulasan yang menarik dr sebuah blog kepuanyaan En. Khairi.

Apa kata anda? Adakah BERSIH ni betul2 bersih? Bolehkah penyelewengan dalam SPR dibendung oleh BERSIH ni?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Futsal Games: Tired but gained some experiences.


After 2 hours of organizing matches for students
I gained some experiences.

Can't tell or share all the details yet.
Only that I helped my colleagues
organizing Futsal Matches
between our students
in Ampang Sports Planet.

There were some problems
with the amateur referees,
verbal fights between Iranians and Saudis,
delayed matches and
unsatisfied teams.

All in all
next time we know what to expect
and in any kind of matches or games,
there'll be some disputes and arguments.

when I have the photos,
I'll share the them in my next entry.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The water cut: How are we surviving?


SYABAS annouced yesterday that some areas in KL, the whole Petaling Jaya and some other areas would experience the water cut until Friday. (tomorrow) Some people complained that they didn't receive any notice prior to that and some were so unprepared. BUT for those who are always fully prepared with the unexpected things like this.

So, how do prepare?. I reckon many of us also have our own approaches. I just want to share some common preparations that we can do:

  • Buy some containers or even the huge black rubbish bin (new one of course!). Fill up those containers with water and place them in each bathroom. 
  • When we receive any notice, fill up as much as you can the night before. 
  • Use water sparingly when you know that there'll be water cut.
  • Reuse some water like the water from your washing to flush the toilet.
  • Teach and remind your children on how to save water.
  • Wash your dishes in two basins; one that contain the dish washing liquid and another one to rinse off.
  • Only do your laundry when it's fully loaded in your washing machine.  
 Those are the ways that I can think of now. What about you? Is your area is affected as well? How well are you coping with it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A flashback on 22nd June 2007.


22nd June 2007- Four years ago, Hafizah bt. Ariff was born in the land of the long white cloud; New Zealand. We were residing in Hamilton, NZ because my hubby had to do his phd degree in Waikato University. That morning right after the Fajr prayer, I felt some strong contractions. Few minutes after the prayer, the water just broke. I told my hubby to call the midwife; Claire and informed her about my condition. We quickly got ready to go to Hamilton East Birth Centre.

In Hamilton East Birth Centre, Claire brought me to one of the labour room. When she checked, she said that she could already feel one of Hafizah's feet. She told me that she didn't want to take any risks. So, she had to bring me to Waikato Hospital. Somebody had to take care of Fathini since my hubby had to follow my midwife's car to the hospital. My hubby sent Fathini to one of Malaysian families. They had promised to take care of her.

At the hospital,  I felt so cold because I was just wearing "kain batik" and a long-sleeved t-shirt. It was during the cold day in winter and Hamilton was quite cold with the temperature of 4 degree Celsius. Once I was wheeled to the labor room, my midwife came with another doctor who was on duty for that day. She explained about my history and also the dangerous situation that I was having. She also asked my permission if it was okay for a trainee doctor to be in the room as well. That trainee was from Malaysia and she was just there to observe and learn some things. My midwife and the doctor were still considering the other option which was a caesarian labour when I was having regular contractions. They already prepared an operation theater for me. My hubby had called his mom that we might need to borrow some money if I had to deliver Hafizah with caesarian labour. The cost might be up to NZD10,000.00 (which was about RM25,000.00!).

When I felt that it was almost time for Hafizah to come out, I told my hubby to alert my midwife and the doctor. They quickly cancel the plan to bring me to the operation theater as they could see Hafizah's left foot. They performed a breech and everything happened so fast. It was not so easy but after some pushes, Hafizah was born the opposite way from what a normal delivery. After only 2 hours in the labour room, she was born as a healthy baby. The first thing that the doctor and my midwife commented was, "She has so much hair!". Well, they was amazed with her hair since most Kiwi babies were born with very little or no hair at all.  

Why am I sharing this experience today? YES! It's Hafizah's birthday and she turns 4 today. I can't believe that it has been 4 years and she is growing taller and smarter everyday. She is so talkative now and she can be quite stubborn too when she has made up her mind on something. I wish and pray that she'll grow up to be a good daughter, good muslim and decent human being.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kempunan nak tengok Upin & Ipin di Hari Terbuka MBPJ (BM entry)


Ahd lps; 19 Jun 2011, MBPJ (Majlis Perbandaran Petaling Jaya) ada menganjurkan Hari Terbuka MBPJ di Stadium MBPJ di Kelana Jaya. Hari terbuka yang bermula dari hari Sabtu 18 Jun, sebenarnya mempunyai beberapa acara. Kami hanya berkesempatan menjenguk apa yang ada di Hari Terbuka tersebut pada hari Ahad. (smlm).

Kami menjangkakan tentu susah untuk meletak kereta di tempat letak kereta di hadapan stadium. Jadi, kami telah meletakkan kereta kami di tempat yang agak jauh. Apabila kami berjalan ke pintu hadapan stadium barulah kami sedar yang Hari Terbuka tu tidaklah semeriah mana. Hanya ada beberapa buah gerai menjual buku-buku, pakaian dan tudung, cenderamata Upin & Ipin, kedai  UNIFI dan beberapa gerai yang lain. Manakala gerai2 makanan pun tidaklah terlalu banyak. Hanya ada gerai2 yg menjual nasi campur, aiskrim, buah2, mee sup, keropok lekor dan coklat. Kami nampak ramaila ibu bapa yang bawak anak2 yg nak masuk Pertandingan Mewarna. Kami pun ingat nak daftarkan Fathini dan Hafizah. Malangnya, masa kami sampai tu, pendaftaran dah ditutup dan pertandingan dah pun bermula. Kesian Fathini dan Hafizah. huhu.

Bila dah tak de apa2 nak buat, kami sajala mengambil gambar dalam Stadium MBPJ tu sblm kami turun balik untuk pusing tengok gerai2. Sempatla makan aiskrim, beli coklat dan beli 2 buah buku cerita Dora The Explorer untuk Fathini dan Hafizah. Sampai dah dekat sejam lebih kat situ, UPIN dan IPIN tak keluar2. Tunggu punya tunggu, kami dah tak larat dah pusing2 kat situ. Suami saya pun dah tak larat dan ajak kami balik. Hafizah pun apa lagi, mulalah berdrama, "Nak tengok UPIN dan IPIN"!. Sepanjang perjalanan balik, dia menangis dan menjerit sbb kempunan nak tengok Upin &Ipin. Itulah al-kisahnya.

Tengoklah gambar2 kat bawah ni (kalau sudi. hehe)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The fastest delivery! ---Thanks to Nini D.


Yesterday afternoon, I received nice gifts from Nini D from because I won the third place in "My Kitchen My Rule" Contest in her blog. It was the fastest delivery so far as I just sent my details to her e-mail address on Thursday. Thanks a lot Nini D. It has made me feel ashamed a little bit because last time when I organized contests, I took about 2 weeks before I could sent the prizes to the winners. I guess she prepared the prizes even before she announced about the contest. Thus, I reckon next time I want to organize any contest, I should get the prizes and once I have the details from the winners, the prizes should be sent out.

Here is the photo that I used to enter the contest:

And the prizes are:

I guess after this I should be motivated to cook more meals for my family and of course I should try my luck in other contests and giveaways. Good luck to those of you who love to enter the online contests and giveaways as well.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Can hackers do something more useful?


We know what has happened lately regarding a group of hackers who called themselves "Anonymous". They posed a threat to hack Malaysian Government sites. Somehow their action didn't really cripple the sites as they only managed to slow down the sites. I just wonder when it comes to hackers and the hacking activity, is there any possibilities for them to do something more useful rather than do something shameful and of course breaking the law? Would it be so nice instead of hacking, they use their skills to think about how to develop a new system or social site that can generate some income like "Facebook'. Wasting their time breaking the law is only making a shameful scene and tarnish their record. What say you?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Have never tried Bubble Tea yet, so does it make me being left behind?


I might not be adventurous enough when it comes to tasting new food or drink. I tend to be more careful and most of the time, I would decline to try something new. Lately, my elder SIS and her hubby are so into Bubble Tea. This famous drink is originally from Taiwan and they went to Taiwan last month to seek some advice on their elder daughter's health treatment. They tried the authentic Bubble Tea and after they came back, they have become addicted to that drink. Right now, it's a must for them to drink Bubble Tea 2 times per week.

I'm sure most of you have tried Bubble Tea before right? I can see every weekend when we go out to buy our weekly groceries, there are many people who stop to buy some Bubble Tea drinks at the small outlet in Giant, KJ. When I check out the price, the drink is not that cheap. But it seems that those who have tried it once, will be addicted to it. They can't get enough of it. Thus, it worries me to try this drink.

I have found this LINK about Bubble Tea. Let's see the history of it and maybe you want to be more adventurous than me by trying this drink when you have the chance.

The history on Bubble Tea
If you visit Taiwan or Hong Kong you can't help but notice the unique bubble teashops on every corner. Bubble Tea to Taiwan is what coffee or soda is to the U.S. One would think Bubble Tea is the national drink by its popularity.
Just like in Taiwan, Bubble Tea shops are popping up all over the world. One Taiwan based company has over 450 locations while in the Philippines another person owns over 100 within 1.5 years. bubble tea shop
The U.S. is also now feeling the growth. Hundreds of locations serve Bubble Tea in California alone. You may be wondering, "What is Bubble Tea and how did this all begin"?

Bubble Tea originated in Taiwan in the early 1980's at a small tea stand.

Elementary school children would look forward to buying a cup of refreshing tea after a long, hard day of work and play. Tea stands were set up in front of the schools and would compete for business with the best selling tea. One concession owner became popular with her tea when she started adding different fruit flavoring to her tea. Because of the sweet and cool taste, children loved the taste. Soon, other concessions heard about the "unique" and popular tea, so they started to add flavoring to their teas. When adding flavor, the tea and flavoring needed to be shaken well for a good all around taste. This formed bubbles in the drink, which came to be known as "Bubble Tea."
In 1983 Liu Han-Chieh introduced Taiwan to tapioca pearls. The new fad was to add tapioca pearls into a favorite drink. Most of the time tapioca pearls were served in cold infused tea. After the tea and flavor were shaken well, it topped tapioca pearls that were sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. The tapioca pearls also looked like bubbles, thus also became to known as "Bubble Tea." Bubbles floated on the top your drink and bottom of your drink.
pearl milk tea

Bubble tea is also known as boba drink, pearl tea drink, boba ice tea, boba, boba nai cha, zhen zhou nai cha, pearl milk tea, pearl ice tea, black pearl tea, tapioca ball drink, BBT, PT, pearl shake, QQ (which means chewy in Chinese) and possible many others.

Bubble drinks are usually cool, refreshing, and a sweet drink with tapioca pearls sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. Sometimes the drink is made with fresh fruits, milk, and crushed ice to create a healthy milk shake. You can also find drinks that are made of powdered flavoring, creamer, water, and crushed ice. And if you like it like the Asians do, the cool drink usually includes a healthy tea, infused by a flavoring. honeydew bubble tea
Tapioca pearls are black, but can sometimes be found to be white or transparent. Depending on the ingredients of the pearl, the color varies. I've been told that the white and translucent pearls are made of caramel, starch and chamomile root extract. The black pearl includes sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar, which add the black color.
The consistency of tapioca pearls are somewhere between jell-o and chewing gum. They are the size of a marble. They are also known as the "boba" drink in Western China because it is described as to having the same texture as the female breasts.
papaya bubble tea A clear cup with black balls on the bottom can easily identify bubble Tea drinks. Another obvious trait is a huge fat straw. The fat straw is needed so that the tapioca pearls can be sucked up with the drink and eaten. Bubble Tea's appearance definitely makes it unique. One thing is for certain. Bubble Tea is not a fad. It's a trend. This drink is addictive. If you've had a good one before then you know what we're talking about.

P/S: If you've tried this drink before, would you be kind enough to share with me how does it taste?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Airbus Transparent Airplane in 2050.


I got this article from my friend's FB. It's an interesting futuristic concept with out-of-a-box ideas. Let's see some photos first and if you want to read more and find out, please go HERE.

The see-through concept with the virtual reality entertainment sources sounds nice. BUT for some people who  are Acrophobia (afraid of height) and also Aerophobia (afraid of flying), it's not going to be a wonderful experience. I'm also thinking about how much the ticket would be, is it a cost-effective airplane and what if something is going terribly wrong? Call me a Skeptic BUT if I'm flying in an airplane, my main intention is just to arrive to my destination safely. The other features and experiences are just the added BONUS. However, I know I can't afford additional luxury and comfort. Thus, I guess this kind of concept is going to be limited to people who can afford this. WHAT DO YOU RECKON? WOULD YOU LIKE TO FLY IN THIS KIND OF AIRPLANE IN THE FUTURE? (please read the article to understand the concept)

Sunday, June 12, 2011



henna (plural hennas)
  1. A shrub, Lawsonia inernis, having fragrant reddish flowers
  2. A reddish plant substance, prepared from the dried leaves of this plant, used for temporary tattoos and hair coloring. Hair colorings range from bright red to earth brown to near black.
  3. a rich reddish-brown colour.
    henna colour:    

 I know Henna is not a new thing anymore around the world. In Malay wedding, it's part of our culture (from the influence of Hindu's culture) to apply henna on the the fingernails both hands and feet. It's not just for the bride but also for the groom. However, my hubby didn't apply any when we got married.

Today, my daughters have asked me to apply some henna on their fingernails. We received the instant henna paste from my hubby's cousin months ago. She bought the ready made paste from Mecca, Saudi Arabia after she performed hajj. I thought that the application would be a hassle but after 30 minutes, the final product is amazing! I'm not so patient when it comes to applying henna as I could remember on wedding day, my fingernails looked ugly with smeared henna. huhu. Let's see the final product and also the small tube and the box of the henna paste that we used:

Fathini's hand and feet 
The instant henna paste

I was only excited to apply henna on my daughters' fingernails. After I saw the final product, I felt the urge to also apply henna on my fingernails as well. It's been about few years since the last time I applied henna on. So, here are the not-so-nice-but-it's-okay product. 

I also found some webpages and links about the WARNING OF USING BLACK HENNA. It's very popular now as people are using the black henna as a temporary tattoo. Why is it not safe? I reckon it's good of you go and read HERE, and HERE

Some of the content on BLACK HENNA:

Natural Henna is NEVER black.
So what is the “black henna” that you may have seen at a festival or on the street?  Well, the truth is, it likely has some henna in it but that isn’t what makes it black. A substance also found in black hair dye is the key ingredient for black henna, known as PPD (para-phenylenediamine ).
So why is PPD so dangerous? Because skin exposed to PPD for an extended period of time (as is needed in henna application) can irritate the skin, possibly even scar it (as seen in the photo above and the two lower down on this page).  Individual sensitivity varies but severe scars and even kidney and respiratory damage have been attributed to PPD in black henna mixes. Some individuals “skate by” with minor allergic reactions or mild dermatitis, the first time. Some even avoid a reaction all together, initially, but typically that doesn’t last.  If you don’t have a reaction or you have a mild one the first time, it doesn’t mean you won’t have a worse reaction with the next application.  Once you have a reaction to a PPD exposure, you are forever sensitized to it.   The reactions can worsen with subsequent exposures and can eventually render a person incapable of contact with a number of everyday items (PPD/black dye is used in a number fabric dyes and other products).  Some people will try to rationalize the PPD in their henna by claiming it is “cosmetic grade” PPD.  The problem with this claim is that PPD is NOT APPROVED for contact with the skin, but only for the hair.  This is why the hair colorist wears gloves when they apply black hair dye to a person’s hair and why they do their best to not allow the product to make contact with your scalp.
 (here's the LINK)
P/S: I tried the black henna once and it lasted about 2 weeks. Thankfully, I didn't experience any of the bad effects mentioned in those articles. Thus, I hope all of us are aware about this now.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Adakah anda bakal "Ustazah Pilihan" yg dicari oleh Astro Oasis? (BM entry)


Semalam sambil2 dok tengok rancangann Imam Muda musim kedua, saya terperasan iklan Astro Oasis yang akan memperkenalkan rancangan realiti berunsurkan keislaman yang dinamakan "Ustazah Pilihan". Kalau Imam Muda hanya untuk lelaki (yelah dah namanya pun Imam), rancangan baru ni sasarannya adalah wanita2 muda dalam linkungan umur 18 hingga 27 tahun. (lebih kurang umur Imam2 Muda). Saya cuba mencari maklumat lanjut di laman sesawang (terjemaham website ye) tapi nampaknya belum ada apa2 pengumuman disitu atau mungkin saya terlepas pandang. Saya bukanlah nak mempromosikan rancangan ini cuma nak rasa seronok apabila ada rancangan realiti sebegini. Kalau dalam Imam Muda, mereka banyak belajar tentang ilmu fekah, syariah dan macam2 lagi, rasanya untuk "Ustazah Pilihan" ni pun macam tu jugalah kot. Kalau Imam Muda ada Mudir dan 4 orang Mursyid, sudah semestinya "Ustazah Pilihan" ini ada macam tu jugak. Rasa-rasanya siapala yang akan menjadi Guru2 untuk ustazah2 pilihan tu? Anda ada calon2 yang sesuai yang anda rasa sesuai? Apa2 pun saya tak sabar nak tengok rancangan realiti terbaru ni. Harap2 nya selepas ini Ustazah2 yang terpilih boleh menjadi model ikutan atau contoh2 terbaik untuk anak2 gadis Muslim di Malaysia ni.

P/S: Akak ni dah terlebih umur nak masuk "Ustazah Pilihan". hehe. Tapikan kalau belum terlebih umur pun, rasanya tak cukup baik nak jadi seorang ustazah.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Let's grab some CHEAP BOOKS from Kinokuniya, KLCC!


Two of my colleagues told me this morning that Kinokuniya, KLCC is having a book sales until this Sunday (12th June, 2011). They said that the prices were varied from RM3, RM5, RM10, RM15. So, some other colleagues and I rushed to Kinokuniya after the last class as we couldn't resist the temptation of buying books with those crazy prices. After about half an hour of careful selection, I bought 7 novels and one box of Roald Dahl's Fiendish Faces ( a make-up kit to make scary looks). When I left the bookstore, two of my colleagues were still searching for some books.

So, what did I buy? Let's see the books:

I only  know Nora Roberts and Sandra Brown. I've never heard about the other authors but I don't really mind about that as long as the story lines are interesting. So, why are you waiting for? If you love reading but always complain that buying books are expensive, now is the best time to invest because I only paid RM37 for all of those books!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

"Better Husband Club" makes more sense than "Obedient Wives Club"?


I can't help myself when I read what the international vice-president of OWC; Dr Rohaya Mohamed on Saturday that a wife must obey and serve her husband like “a first-class prostitute” to keep him from straying and to prevent bigger social ills. In today's newspaper, Kelantan Mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri Mohamad yesterday said that husbands should form a club on how to become better leaders in their family. (to read more on the article, go to THIS LINK)

Why should men be better husbands?There are some valid reasons that most of us are aware of:

  • Men are responsible to guide their wives and all of their family members.
  • If men stray from their wives, they are the ones who show bad examples.
  • When the leader of the family fail to educate his family members, family institutions will be affected and it might lead to social ills NOT because wives fail to "serve" their husbands.
  • If men become better husbands, there is a great possibility for the wives to become better wives.
  • Being obedient has the limit and if the husband goes over the religion's limit, a wife is not suppose to be obedient anymore. 
The reasons that I have listed just now, are based on my reading and my not-so-in-depth knowledge. If any of you would like to add, you are most welcomed. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Being the best teacher means being the best actor?


A classroom is like a stage play,
The best actor should be the teacher,
Active students are the supporting actors,
The passive students are the spectators,

Everyday is a new play,
It can be rehearsed by the main actor (teacher),
BUT  the other supporting actors don't have their lines,
They have to be spontaneous and act naturally,
The spectators are just there to absorb whatever they can,

Who is the director?
Definitely the teacher again because she can play different roles,
All this while that's what people expect from her,
At the end no reward is going to be worthwhile,
Except for personal satisfaction and gratitude from her students.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Would you still keep and consume expired food? For how long?


Few days ago I did some spring cleaning in the kitchen cabinets. I found quite a number of grocery items that were way past their expiry dates. Without any hesitation, I tossed out those items into the garbage bins. When my hubby found out about it, he said that I shouldn't do that.  He said that the expiry date is just a precaution measure taken by manufactures to ensure the freshness of the items. BUT I'm not so convinced. I have my own justifications on my action. First of all, I really want to make sure that no one will fall sick eating the expired food. Second, when I checked the expiry dates, most of them have been expired for more than six months or some even more than 2 years!. Third, I don't want to take any unwanted risk even though I've read  from some articles saying that expired food is still okay. I might be too conscious about this BUT it's better to be safe than sorry. RIGHT?

Now, my questions to those who are reading this entry:
1. Would you still keep expired food?
2. Would you consume or use expired food or items?
3. How long would you keep expired food or item?
4. Have you ever consumed any expired food before? Did something happen to you?


Friday, June 3, 2011

Sukarnya mendidik dan menjernihkan hati. (BM Entry)


Saya hanya ingin berkongsi rasa hari ini. Saya perlu akui yang iman saya mungkin hanya setipis kulit bawang. Setiap kali dilanda musibah atau ujian, mudah sangat saya berkeluh kesah. Apabila ada sekelumit rasa dengki, perasan itu meluap-luap kerna hasutan syaitan yang gelak berkempen. Ya, saya dah cuba membaca al-quran, solat dan sebagainya, cuma perasaan dan hati ini masih berdegil. Orang-orang di sekeliling juga kurang membantu bila perbuatan-perbuatan mereka juga menyakitkan hati. Saya tak ingin mengambil apa-apa tindakan yang melulu jadi saya lebih banyak memujuk hati dan cuba melupakan  perasaan sakit hati. Saya ingin jadi sebaik arwah ma yang selalu berbaik sangka ada orang lain walaupun arwah sendiri menjadi mangsa buatan orang. Hanya Allah yang mampu membalas dan tidak elok jika kita mengambil tindakan di tangan sendiri.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shameless and unfit mommy.


I copied this photo from one website and I couldn't help myself but to comment on her action. She is in denial state that she is convinced her baby is going to be okay even though she smoked a lot cigarettes when she was pregnant. I really hope that no other mommies would do this as we should be well informed about the effects of smoking especially to second-hand smoker. 

If you are interested to read about her story, please go to THIS LINK.