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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Usual excuses during Ramadan.


1st Ramadhan this year is just around the corner. I don't really have so much preparations for Ramadan this year except for some plans. The plan to be more patient towards students and my daughters, perform more good deeds or in short to be a better person.

Teaching during Ramadan is normally challenging due to excuses given by students. Most of them are young (late teens and early 20's) students and act like little children especially during Ramadan. Sometimes I feel so ashamed of them because when they give me all sorts of excuses during Ramadan, it shows that they are "weak Muslims". They don't really embrace the true meaning of fasting.

Here are some of the usual excuses given by them:
  • We're tired and sleepy.
  • We can't do homework at night because we need to go to the mosque.
  • We can't think and do too much exercises in class.
  • We need some break. (after only 30 minutes of lesson)
  • We can't talk so much because we'll feel thirsty.
And here are what I normally say to them when they use those excuses:
  • You need to be patience when you are fasting.
  • When you are fasting, it doesn't mean that you should stop doing other activities.
  • Fasting should teach you how to be mentally stronger.
  • Prophet Muhammad PBUH went to fight in a war during Ramadhan.
  • Learning is one of the essential thing that shouldn't be stopped just because you are fasting.
  • How can you be a strong Muslim if you can't fight your own negative attitude and thoughts?
I know that as a teacher, I have to teach them beyond the lesson. This kind of moral lesson should be included just to remind them (and also myself) about the true meaning of fasting.

Happy fasting to everyone and hopefully this Ramadhan is going to be a good one.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I dream of Jeannie: First episode (in B&W)


I can still remember when I was young, I love to watch this sitcom. Like most little girls who have this absurd ideas about fairies and magic, I like to imagine myself having a magic power to grant my own wishes. Of course I already outgrown myself from that world (really?.hehe). BUT for me, the sitcom is still a CLASSIC and so EVERGREEN. If you would like to have a glimpse of the sitcom, help yourself with the video from you tube.
 THEN.....please tell me if you like it too.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Berharap jika mereka sudi. (BM Entry)


Ada peluang utk saya minta kerja di tempat yang baru di bawah syarikat yg sama skrg. Baru sekejap tadi sy dah hantar email yg berkenaan. Harap2 kali ini ada peluang yang lebih cerah dan sesuatu yang lebih baik dari sekarang. Yg paling bagusnya, tempat baru tu ialah di UPM. Jadi bolehla saya naik kereta dgn suami utk ke tempat kerja. Apabila kami berpindah ke Nilai (bila  rumah kami siap), tak perlulah saya mencuba nasib utk cari kerja di tempat lain. Mmg saya berharap ada rezeki saya di sana. Sesiapa yan sudi baca ni, tolonglah doakan ye. Terima kasih.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Coffee from civet's poo???


I just read and knew about the existence of this coffee today from THE SUN's newspaper. Apparently this type of coffee is one of the most expensive coffee in the world! One cup of this "Civet Coffee" or in Indonesian language "Kopi Luwak" is about RM168. (That's what I read in THE SUN). Do you know what kind of animal is "Civet"?

This information is taken from WIKIPEDIA:

Kopi luwak (Malay pronunciation: [ˈkopi ˈlu.aʔ]), or civet coffee, is one of the world's most expensive and low-production varieties of coffee. It is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by the Asian Palm Civet (Paradoxurus hermaphroditus) and other related civets, then passed through its digestive tract.[1] A civet eats the berries for their fleshy pulp. In its stomach, proteolytic enzymes seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. Passing through a civet's intestines the beans are then defecated, keeping their shape. After gathering, thorough washing, sun drying, light roasting and brewing, these beans yield an aromatic coffee with much less bitterness, widely noted as the most expensive coffee in the world.
Kopi luwak is produced mainly on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi in the Indonesian Archipelago, and also in the Philippines (where the product is called motit coffee in the Cordillera and kape alamid in Tagalog areas) and also in East Timor (where it is called kafé-laku). Weasel coffee is a loose English translation of its name cà phê Chồn in Vietnam, where popular, chemically simulated versions are also produced.

I was quite surprised to find out that in July 2010, The Muslim Body in Indonesia said that this type of coffee is HALAL. How can we drink from a disgusting source? Even though there are so many processes involved before they produce the coffee beans, we can't change the fact that it's dirty and disgusting. Have you ever come across this type of coffee before? What do you think about it?

Friday, July 22, 2011

Rebecca Black: My Moment (without Auto Tune) --- PREPARE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU LISTEN TO THE VIDEO!

I stumbled upon this latest single by the latest YOU TUBE sensation Rebecca Black. Rebecca WHO? Well...........if you still remember about her song FRIDAY, you'll know about this teenager. Apparently she has become so popular like Justin Bieber. She's only 14 years old and now she's having the moment of her life. To tell you the truth, I couldn't listen to the whole song because....ermm you just have to figure it yourself. Now, I realized how AUTO TUNE can really change a loser voice to a winner.


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teacher, TOILET! (When he wanted to say "Eau De Toilette)


I'm just want to share what happened in my conversation class today. My students were asked to present a conversation based on "Shopping topic". They were divided into groups of three. They could choose what kind of shop as long as there were one shopkeeper and two customers. One of the groups chose a "Perfume Shop". The shopkeeper of the group brought some samples and bottles of perfumes. (I just found out that his father has a perfume shop in KL). The other two played the customer's role.

Their conversation went like this:

Shopkeeper: Welcome to our "Nice Smell" sir. What can I do for you?
Customer 1: Hmmm. I want to buy a perfume. What do you have?
SK              : We have many types and brands sir. What do you like?
Customer 1: Do you have POLO?
SK              : Yes. Do you want the old or new one?
Customer 2: I want to buy one too!
SK              : Of course. What do you like?
Customer 2: Like my friend. POLO.
SK              : Okay. Here are POLO perfumes, Toilet.
                      (Suddenly he stopped the conversation because he had to ask me, "Teacher, this TOILET?)
Me              :  Well, yes but it has other meaning.
   (Then, I spent a good 10 minutes to explain the difference between Eau DeToilette and Eau De Parfum)
    They continued with their conversation after I finished my explanation. )


Parfum (French) or Perfume (English): may contain 10-25%, even 50%, active ingredients.

Eau de Parfum ( French )or eau de perfume (Franglais): may contain 7 to 15%.

Eau de toilette (French), also called toilet water, cologne, or eau de cologne, usually contains about 1–6% concentrates.

Eau de Cologne has also been called less concentrated than eau de toilete.

Splash (also called eau de toilette splash) and aftershaves usually contain 0.5 to 2%."


You can see why there can be a misunderstanding when the name TOILET WATER does exist but it refers to totally different thing. The common meaning is what we know can be stinky BUT another one has a nice smell and can be expensive. :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Couch Potato


 This is a special entry to answer Diyana's question regarding my list of "Young children should be banned from". She asked "What is the meaning of couch potato?".

I'll provide two photos that I took from GOOGLE image first and then there'll be a simple explanation about the term.

Photo 1

Photo 2

The meaning(taken from Urban Dictionary):

1. a lazy person who does nothing but sit on the couch and watch television(see also sofa spud)
     Please don't lie around like a couch potato. Get up and do something productive.

2.  Someone who lies on the sofa every spare moment of his/her life, watching television and normally    eating.
                 "You're such a couch potato!" 
 *this term is actually a slang and it's commonly used in American English.

I included the term "Couch Potato" because I don't want our young children to have a sedentary lifestyle. Thus, we really have to make sure that our children should be banned from being a couch potato. It's not a healthy thing to do and it has more bad effects on children. (as well as on adults)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Young kids should be banned from................ (copied from Molly)


I love to read Molly's blog. She has so many interesting ideas and stories that she love to share. Today, she has challenged the readers of her blog to write up a list about what are the things that young kids should be banned from. If you want to see her list, please GO HERE.

So, here is my list;
 Young kids should be banned from:

1. Going to bed so late.
2. Watching unsuitable movies, dramas or even disturbing commercials.
3. Eating too much fast food.
4. Owning any latest gadgets because they don't know the limit.
5. Having their mothers to do all the things for them.
6. Being rude to older people.
7. Picking up the abusive language.
8. Memorising without understanding what they are learning about.
9. Having the access to the internet without their parents supervision.
10. Being a couch potato.

All right. I guess those are the things that I can think of for now. I'm inviting you to come up with your own list or just continue from my list there. It's going to be interesting to read your ideas too. THANKS MOLLY for the tag.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Menyesal tengok cerekarama "Ziarah" mlm smlm. (BM Entry)


Sy sudah terlalu jarang tengok cerita2 Melayu. Bukan tak minat atau tak menyokong cerita2 drama Melayu tapi banyak drama Melayu yang masih tak berkualiti. Jalan cerita selalunya boleh diteka dan penyudahan yang mmg menyakitkan jiwa. Kalau takde orang mati, ada penyakit kritikal atau kemalangan, macam tak sah je. Kadang2 jln cerita mula2 dah cantik tapi bila sampai kat klimak, mulalah mengarut2.

Cerita "Ziarah" smlm yang berkisar pada seorang ayah yang menziarah anak2 di Kuala Lumpur selepas kematian isterinya. Anak2 nya sudah lama tidak pulang ke kampung melawat si ayah. Anak2nya yang banyak merahsiakan beberapa perkara sebenar dari si ayah, mula menggelabah dengan kedatangan si ayah. Bila si ayah mengetahui rahsia2 anak2nya, si ayah mula sedar kesilapannya selama ini yang hanya menyerahkan semua urusan mendidik dan mengambil tahu urusan anak2 ada si isteri semata2.

Saya suka dengan jln cerita yang ada  dan juga ada pengajaran di sebalik cerita tu. Cuma bila pengakhirannya, si ayah meninggal dunia di stesen keretapi apabila pulang ke kampung, saya rasa macam sya dan membazirkan masa 2 jam untuk menonton drama tersebut. Kenapalah tak tamatkan cerita dengan cara lain seperti si ayah meneruskan hidup dengan lebih tenang apabila sudah mengetahu keadaan sebenar tentang anak2nya?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pity Rajagobal & Malaysian team.


I'm not a die hard fan of football but I have noticed this article today on NST. So, let's read the news article first and then I'll share my opinion regarding this issue:

Football: Rajagobal: Please support us

By Ajitpal Singh

Read more: Football: Rajagobal: Please support us

Malaysia’s Mohd Muslim Ahmad goes through the paces during a training session at the National Stadium yesterday to prepare for their match against Liverpool. — Picture by Osman Adnan
Malaysia’s Mohd Muslim Ahmad goes through the paces during a training session at the National Stadium yesterday to prepare for their match against Liverpool. — Picture by Osman Adnan
NATIONAL coach K. Rajagobal has urged local fans not to turn their backs on the team as they need their support in today's friendly against Liverpool at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil. Rajagobal was unhappy that some local fans, in supporting Arsenal on Wednesday, chose to jeer centre-back Aidil Zafuan Abd Radzak.

"I know there are many passionate Liverpool fans in Malaysia but to those at the stadium, please support the national team," said Rajagobal.

"We are all Malaysians, what is wrong supporting your football team on this occasion? The team need their undivided support.
"Our fans must understand that we are playing against top English Premier League teams. Why must the fans boo us? We did not play too badly against Arsenal. In fact we gave them some anxious moments."

Rajagobal hopes his players will be better prepared in terms of mental and physical toughness today.

"I want them to push a little harder tomorrow (today). My players need to be aggressive. We let in simple goals against Arsenal... I do not want them to repeat the same mistakes against Liverpool.

"But everyone must understand that this match is just a warm-up for the World Cup qualifying tie against Singapore. I do not want anyone to get injured as it will not be good for the team ahead of the priority assignment," said the former Selangor player.

The national players will wear their favourite blue jerseys today. According to Rajagobal, his team have not lost when wearing the blue jerseys since the 2009 Laos Sea Games.

Aidil Zafuan and striker Norshahrul Idlan Talaha are down with ankle and hamstring injuries respectively. Both players are doubtful for next week's match against Singapore.

"Norshahrul aggravated an old hamstring injury. It affected his mobility against Arsenal. What he needs is rest. I hope he will be ready for at least the second leg against Singapore."

My response: To all die hard fans of  Liverpool; you have to remember that Malaysian team has shown so much improvement and supporting your own country's team shows your patriotism as well. Plus, Rajagobal & the players need all of your support and encouragement too.

Abusing husband while sleeping.

Petaling Jaya - A wife in her early thirties has been reported for abusing her husband while sleeping. She was caught beating up her husband several times at night. Her husband did not suffer from any serious injury but he was curious on what was the reason for the beating up. When he asked his wife, the woman could not recall on the incident and denied that she hit him. She did even remember having any nightmare as she was in a deep sleep the night before. She claimed that she was too tired and it was possible that she had a nightmare she coudl not recall. The husband decided not to take any action against his wife since it happened only once and he also did not experience any injury.

The woman asked her husband to forgive her for the incident. Her husband happily accepted the apology but he warned her not to be physically involved if she is having a nightmare again in the future.

-Source: ("NOT BERNAMA")

P/S: can you guess who is the wife and who is the husband? hehe

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dear Mr. H

Dear Mr. H,

I know it's totally not your fault that you come and pay your visit almost everyday now. But there are so many of us who have suffer from mild to extreme health problems like asthma, sore throat and teary eyes. What can we do to avoid you? How can we tell you politely that you are not invited? Why do some people become so greedy and ignorant about the effects of having you around?

I really hope that you can go further away from us. We need a clearer sky and of course a cleaner air to breathe (even though it was not so clean anymore before you came). Maybe you are better off in a place where there's no population of people at all. Maybe some genius people can come up with other solutions or ways on how to use you?

You might wonder why am I asking you so many questions right? Well, what else can I do when other ways don't seem to work. Every year, it's the same problem and it just getting worse without any permanent or stern actions. If you are kind enough or you pity us who are suffering right now, you 'll understand how hard this situation is.

So, I'm asking you to consider my humble request here. Could you please move to a barren land or somewhere nobody could be hurt? Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely,
One of the sufferer.

P/S: Mr. H is Mr. Haze.  Right now we are experiencing the serious haze problem.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Is your home a kid-friendly home?


I found this interesting article in THE SUN today. It's worth reading and something that we can  ponder too.
The Canadian Partnership  for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) listed down 5 recommendations to ensure that our home can be a kid-friendly home.


1. Dust and Vacuum regularly.
    Every week we need to vacuum or wet mopping the floor. If we have a crawling child, it's better to do the cleaning twice a week. Skip dry dusting since it circulates the dust back into the air. Storing the toys in closed containers can also help to reduce the dust level.
My response: I've tried to vacuum and dusting the living room, bedrooms and also kitchen. But mopping is a thing that I do every alternate weekend. So, I have to be more hardworking now. :P

2. Use non-toxic cleaners.
    Switch to simple, non-toxic cleaners that we can find in the kitchen cabinet like Baking Soda and Vinegar. Baking Soda can be used to scrub sinks and tubs. Mix vinegar and water to clean windows and floors.
My response: Sometimes I still use JIF to clean my bathroom but the mixture of vinegar and water can really help to have shiny windows and floors.

3. Renovate right.
    Seal off renovation areas from the rest of the house with plastic sheeting and duct tape. Choose paints that are toxin-free.
My response: I would rather do any kind of renovation while we haven't moving in yet unless we have to. 

4. Choose your plastic wisely.
    Never use plastic containers or plastic wraps even those claim to be "microwave safe" in the microwave. Opt for glass or ceramic containers. Eat fresh or frozen food over canned goods. Avoid buying items that contain PVC.
My response: I've read about the dangerous effects of using plastic wrap or plastic containers in a microwave few years ago. Since there are quite a number of findings about this matter, I reckon we really need to take this seriously.

5. Minimise mercury.
    Choose fish that is low in mercury,, a substance tat is toxic to the brain. Go for the Atlantic mackerel, herring, rainbow trout, wild or canned salmon and tilapia.
My response:  Well, we seldom eat fish since it can be quite expensive here. I'm not sure about our local fish if they are safe from mercury. I shall check out from other sources about this.




Sunday, July 10, 2011

Survived after 30 hours stuck in a car.

July 9th, Kelana Jaya - She is not young but she is still quite strong. She has a lot of strength and courage. Sometimes she can be lazy due to her nature.

     Yesterday she had the most terrifying and puzzling moment when she was stuck in a car for almost 30 hours. Nobody realized what had happened to her. Her family members searched her high and low to no avail. They just assumed that she decided to run away or she took her own sweet time before she returned home. Though some of her family members still worried and tried to find her in her usual spots. After 24 hours, some of her family members thought that they could hear her somewhere. The last resort was, the younger family members called her all over the house and suddenly.................she appeared! She was stuck in one of the cars parked at the porch. They quickly saved her and  they realized that she was weak but still alive. She was given some water and some food since she had to fast for 30 hours. She acted weirdly too when she kissed the walls and the floor after she was freed from the car. Her family members were just as relieved as her because they didn't want to lose unless they knew what really happened to her. She couldn't disappeared into the thin air.

       SO...........WHO WAS SHE? heheheh SHE WAS THE BELOVED CAT IN MY HUBBY'S FAMILY. Her age is about 15 years old. She is a Persian cat with nice fur. Want to see her? Check out these photos.


 (she's quite shy)

news source: Private News Agency

Friday, July 8, 2011

Balik awal & kaitannya dgn BERSIH (BM ENTRY)


Kecoh juga tadi di tempat kerja sbb kawasan tu kwsn strategik. Dari pagi, pelajar2 dah bising tanya tentang apa yang akan berlaku esok. Kami pun tak dapat nak bagi maklumat yang sebenar sbb semuanya masih samar2. Dalam pukul 11 pagi, beberapa guru dapat macam2 maklumat berkenaan jln2 di sekitar Kuala  Lumpur yang akan ditutup. Bos kami pun segera memberi perintah yang semua orang perlu balik awal hari ini. Sebelum pukul 3 ptg, kebanyakan pejabat dan kedai2 di sekitar akan ditutup kerana pihak polis telah mengarahkan agar semua jln2 utama menghala ke KL ditutup pada pukul 4 ptg. Maknanya hanya orang2 yang mahu keluar dari KL dibenarkan keluar. Pelajar2 juga diberi amaran supaya tidak keluar kemana-mana esok untuk keselamatan mereka. Kebanyakan pelajar tinggal di sekitar KL. Saya pun apalagi balik seawal pkl 2.30 lg. Harap2 esok keadaan tak akan jadi huru-hara. MIntak2la jgn sampai jaadi rusuhan.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Lagi BEST" is THE BEST.


Have you noticed this commercial ads "Lagi Best, ooo,Lagi Best ooo"on tv lately? My daughters have been singing this catchy song since it was first aired on tv. It's a contagious song as somehow the song is also stuck in my mind. hehe. The commercial is also nice with so many different people from different races and backgrounds are singing to the same tune. Just watch this video and tell me if the tune is also stuck in your mind.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A baby falls down from the sky.


A baby falls down from the sky? Is this for real? Did this really happen?,no,no..............

There's a short story that I want to share today:

                    This evening, a 4-year-old girl approached her mummy who was cooking in the kitchen. She smiled to her mummy and then said that she wanted to ask some questions. "Mama, where does a baby come from?", asked H. Her mummy was quite startled with that question. She didn't answer that question but instead she asked her daughter, "Why do you want to know my dear?". H replied, "Aunty A has a baby but why you don't have a baby?". Her mummy just smiled and said, "Well, Allah hasn't give me another baby yet". "When you and kakak were small, both of you were my babies". Unsatisfied with her mummy's answer, she asked another rhetorical question, "Does a baby come from the sky?". "No sayang. When Allah gives me a baby, the baby will have to stay in my tummy for 9 months", said the mummy. Before the little girl left the kitchen, she told her mother, " I don't want to be adik anymore because I want to be kakak, okay Mama". 
Her mummy again was taken aback by her little girl's decision and sort-of-instruction. huhu.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Islamic "Yoga"


The was a huge issue about Yoga back in 2008. At first Malaysia Islamic Body banned Muslims from practicing Yoga because there's elements of chanting and worshiping. Then, they changed it to it's okay to practice it as long as there's no chanting involved.

I've never like Yoga because of the weird positions involve. I found this interesting article about Islamic Yoga. ISLAMIC YOGA? HOW? Why don't you read the article and tell me what do you reckon?


Called “one of the oldest systems of personal development encompassing body, mind and spirit” by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, yoga has become one of the fastest growing health trends today. It has been renowned for centuries for its curative powers of movement.
Yoga consists of a number of “asnas,” or body positions, which one retains for a desired length of time while either reciting “mantras” or breathing in a rhythmic manner. Its benefits have been researched by many doctors who now recommend it to their patients, by many medical schools such as Harvard, and by many foundations such as the Menninger Foundation.

In fact, yoga has become so popular that secretaries have developed a simplified sitting version that they can do at their desks. The elderly, pregnant women and athletes also have their own versions.
Interestingly, for the millions of people enrolled in yoga classes, the Islamic form of prayer has provided Muslims for fourteen centuries with some of yoga’s same (and even superior) benefits. This simple form of “yoga” offers physical, mental, and spiritual benefits five times a day as Muslims assume certain positions while reciting Qur’an and athkar (remembrances).

Of course, not all the yoga positions are found in the Islamic prayer. However, hospital researchers have concluded that patients benefit from even a simplified version of yoga, and most hospital yoga programs, such as those at the Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Massachusetts, consist of only five to seven positions.
The Muslim prayer has five positions, and they all (as well as the recitations we make while performing the prayer) have a corresponding relationship with our spiritual and mental well being, according to modern scientific research. The benefits of performing specific movements and recitations each day come from the correct rendition of the position or action itself, the length of time the position is held, and from careful and correct recitation techniques.

Each of the five prayer positions has a corresponding yoga position, and the positions together “activate” all seven “chakras” (energy fields) in the body. The idea of activating a chakra may sound linguistically strange, but it is easier to understand once one translates that word into more familiar language.
Eastern healers believe that each of the chakras correlate to major nerve ganglia that branch forth from the spinal column. Thus, the concept of activating these nerve centers is akin to getting a chiropractic adjustment or installing a medical stimulating device on the spine to correct corresponding bodily malfunctions.
In layman’s terms, the idea of chakras can be understood by thinking about how the sense of “feeling” functions. One notices, when touching any part of the body, that that part responds by being more “awake” and aware. Another part of the body that was not touched, but is along the same nerve pathway, may also respond.

When a person is sitting, for instance, they may not be thinking about their legs, which are momentarily at rest; however, if someone touches them, they will again be “aware” of them. Chakras work in much the same way.
Studies have found that varying areas of the body, when activated by touch, movement or thought, evoke specific emotional and physical responses in much the same way that a smile can evoke the feeling of happiness, and actually increase circulation – even if one was feeling sluggish and unhappy before smiling. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to perfectly perform all of the movements of the Islamic prayer, rather than haphazardly rushing through them.

The Takbir and Al Qiyyam together are very similar to the Mountain Pose in yoga, which has been found to improve posture, balance, and self-awareness. This position also normalizes blood pressure and breathing, thus providing many benefits to asthma and heart patients.
The placement of the hands on the chest during the Qiyyam position are said to activate the solar plexus “chakra,” or nerve pathway, which directs our awareness of self in the world and controls the health of the muscular system, skin, intestines, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and eyes. When the hands are held open for du’a, they activate the heart “chakra,” said to be the center of the feelings of love, harmony, and peace, and to control love and compassion. It also governs the health of the heart, lungs, thymus, immune system, and circulatory system.

Muslim researchers have shown that when Muslims recite the Qur’an, old thoughts, feelings, fears and guilt are released or healed, and blood pressure and stress levels are reduced. Virtually all of the sounds of the Arabic language are uttered while reciting Qur’an, creating a balance in all affected areas of the body.
Some specific sounds, in fact, correspond to major organs in the body. In his research and creation of eurhythmy, Rudolph Steiner (founder of the Waldorf Schools), , found that vibrations made when pronouncing the long vowels, 'A', 'E' and 'U,' stimulated the heart, lungs, and the thyroid, pineal, pituitary, and adrenal glands during laboratory tests.

The position of Ruku is very similar to the Forward Bend Position in yoga. Ruku stretches the muscles of the lower back, thighs, legs and calves, and allows blood to be pumped down into the upper torso. It tones the muscles of the stomach, abdomen, and kidneys. Forming a right angle allows the stomach muscles to develop, and prevents flabbiness in the mid-section.
This position also promotes a greater flow of blood into the upper regions of body – particularly to the head, eyes, ears, nose, brain, and lungs – allowing mental toxins to be released. Over time, this improves brain function and ones personality, and is an excellent stance to maintain the proper position of the fetus in pregnant women.

The Sujud is said to activate the “crown chakra,” which is related to a person’s spiritual connection with the universe around them and their enthusiasm for spiritual pursuits. This nerve pathway is also correlated to the health of the brain, nervous system, and pineal gland. Its healthy function balances ones interior and exterior energies.
In Sujud, we also bend; thus activating the “base chakra,” which controls basic human survival instincts and provides essential grounding. This helps to develop levelheaded and positive thinking along with a highly motivated view of life, and maintains the health of the lymph and skeletal systems, the prostate, bladder, and the adrenal glands. We also bend the “sacral chakra” during Sujud, thus benefiting and toning the reproductive organs.

The position of Al Qaadah, (or Julus) is similar to the Thunderbolt Pose in yoga, which firms the toes, knees, thighs, and legs. It is said to be good for those prone to excessive sleep, and those who like to keep long hours. Furthermore, this position assists in speedy digestion, aids the detoxification of the liver, and stimulates peristaltic action in the large intestine.
Last, but not least, the “throat chakra” is activated by turning the head towards first the right and then the left shoulder in the closing of the prayer. This nerve path is linked to the throat, neck, arms, hands, bronchials, and hearing – effecting individual creativity and communication.
It is believed that a person who activates all seven nerve pathways at least once a day can remain well balanced emotionally, physically and spiritually. Since this is the goal of all sincere Muslims, we all should strive to attain the perfection of stance, recitation, and breathing recommended in the Hadith while performing our prayers – the very same techniques of perfection taught in popular yoga, Tai Chi, and many other exercise classes.

Graphic Source:


Monday, July 4, 2011

Faster way to increase English vocabulary?


I love to play these online word games to increase my English vocabulary and also as a spell check. Try these free online games when you are free:

Find some free online word games HERE

Sunday, July 3, 2011



In my previous entry on Friday, READ HERE I told you about our plan of introducing some of Malaysian Traditional Games. Though not all of the games that we introduced were new to them, at least they could learn some new things. Due to the fact that we only had 2 hours and not enough man power to organize a bigger event, (there were only 2 of us as the organizer), we managed to pull it off.

The event started at 9.15 as we waited for most students to turn up. While waiting for them, we prepared the venue. It was not really the BEST venue but we just had to do it at the nearest place to our building. We didn't have lushes green field as our location was at the GOLDEN TRIANGLE of KL. We used masking tape to mark the lines for TENG TENG, the plastic rope to tie the feet and some sllippers for slippers throwing game.

Students can choose which games they wanted to start first. We divided them into 3 different stations so that they could try and play. I was in-charged at TENG TENG (HOPSCOTCH) station. I gave some demo first before they tried it out. They were some enthusiastic students who managed to complete one round without tripping or falling on the floor.

Most students were interested with LARI KAKI TIGA (THREE-LEGGED RACE). They found it more amusing and challenging. Our initial plan was to include KAKI GAJAH (ELEPHANT FEET) but we lost our coconut shells. So we couldn't introduce a race on coconut shells which are tied to a rope. If the game was there too, it would have been more exciting! However, the race was a hit too when so many students wanted to participate. We decided the winners of each race by clock-in the BEST TIME. We had asked our good friend, teacher Oliver (a FILIPINO) to be in-charged at this station. He claimed he had fun too!

The last station was the BALING SELIPAR (SLIPPERS THROWING) game. It was supposed to be played when there was two opponent teams. BUT we just didn't have enough time, so we only set up the place where they could try to knock down the SLIPPERS PYRAMID to earn 1 point. The class that scored the highest points won. This station received the least participants as the game was quite boring for them. The distance was challenging because it was like few metres away. They found it hard to knock down the pyramid when they had to use a slipper too. Only a handful of students could knocked down and earn some points. I also tried to knocked down the pyramid but I failed few times. hehe.

By 10.20 a.m. we wrapped up everything and moved to the third floor to prepare for the graduation event. It was among the best experience for me this year and I certainly gained some lessons too. Here's a photo of the board that we also had to decorate this session in line with the SPORTS THEME.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Perlukah aku tergoda dan menyerah kalah? (BM ENTRY)



SILA BACA DULU............
Saya jenis yang tak suka tukar2 telefon bimbit kalau tak perlu. Telefon yang diguna pakai skrg adalah telefon bimbit yang dibeli lebih kurang 3 tahun dulu. Masih lg boleh dipakai cuma baterinya dah berapa elok. Kalau ditukar baterinya, harga bateri dah boleh dapat telefon baru (yg murahla). Bila disogokkan dengan pelbagai telefon bimbit yang canggih, memang saya akui saya pun sudah tergoda. Apa lagi di kalangan adik-beradik, ipar duai, telefon bimbit sayalah yang paling tak canggih. Sampaikan bila ada adik2 yang nak hantar MMS pun, saya selalu marahkann mereka sbbnya saya tak boleh buka dan nak tengok pun gambar2 yg mereka hantar tu. Suami saya sendiri jenis yang suka hidup ikut kemampuan. Jadi dia pun tak suka nak pakai telefon bimbit yang canggih2 tu sebab baginya, fungsi utama telefon bimbit ialah untuk senang menghubungi dan dihubungi. Untuk kegunaan yang lain2 tu, dia dah ada netbook, broadband, digital kamera yang elok. Dia tak nampak kenapa perlu kegunaan2 yang lain tu perlu ada dalam telefon bimbit. ITU KATANYA.

Kata godaan2 dlm fikiran saya sekarang (syaitan2 yg galak menghasut. huhuhu):

"Baik kau beli telefon baru yang canggih sikit barulah boleh tunjuk pada org lain yang kau pun mampu nak beli. Kau pun nak jugak rasa apa yang org2 lain sibukkan pasal aplikasi2 yg ada tu. Korbankanla sikit duit simpanan tu. Nanti boleh je simpan lagi duit. Lagipun tu duit kau sendiri bukan duit mintak dr laki kau. Dia pun tak de hak nak kacau duit kau. Sekali beli boleh tahan 2, 3 tahun pula sekurang-kurangnya. Beli, beli, beli, beli, beli...................."


Friday, July 1, 2011

GOOD NEWS! Cabinet rejects Astro's rate hike (source: NST)


I noticed this good news on NST today. I reckon most of us, the Astro's subscribers, have received the letter informing us about the new price for Astro's subscription. The hike is somehow is going to affect our monthly budget and that means we might want to consider some other options since we are not earning more since the salary hasn't be revised. huhu.

This was the news:

KUALA LUMPUR: The Cabinet has decided not to allow pay TV station Astro to raise its rates until the company gets clearance from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, said Information Communication and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.
He said the matter was discussed at today's Cabinet meeting and that the members felt it was not appropriate for Astro to raise its rate at this time.

"I agreed that Astro's rates could only be hiked with MCMC's approval and that any hikes must be reasonable and conform to the law," he told reporters after chairing his ministry's post-Cabinet meeting at Angkasapuri here.

He said Astro had violated MCMC's regulations by issuing notices on its rate hikes to customers without the commission's clearance.

"As such, I have asked MCMC to take appropriate action and instruct Astro not to continue with the rate hike until such a time deemed more suitable.

Explaining what he meant by "appropriate action", Rais said this was up to MCMC to determine and that it could be a fine with the amount as allowed under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998.

Astro recently announced that it would be streamlining the packages it was offering, which would take effect on July 11.

According to Astro, following the streamlining exercise, customers could make savings of between RM4 and RM14.95 or pay nominal increases of between RM1 and RM15, depending on packages preferred. -- BERNAMA

My reaction:
If the minister himself it has been rejected, how can they still implement the new rate? Hopefully we'll receive a new letter from them telling us that the hike is cancelled. If NOT, I might consider the other options like using UNIFI or just terminate the subscription since we normally watch tv during the weekends. During weekdays, we are normally don't have time to sit in front of television. Our daughters might miss the PHDC, but now they have other options like watching DVD from their portable dvd player or my hubby will download their favorite program from the internet and then transfer it to their dvd. WHAT ABOUT YOU? WHAT DO YOU THINK ASTRO WILL DO NOW?