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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wow! Sarcasm that really works.


Sarcasm? Have you ever heard of this word before? If you are not sure about sarcasm, let's read this explanation from WIKIPEDIA:

Sarcasm is “a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark; a bitter jibe or taunt.”[1] Though irony is usually the immediate context,[2] most authorities sharply distinguish sarcasm from irony;[3] however, others argue that sarcasm may or often does involve irony[4] or employs ambivalence.[5] Sarcasm has been suggested as a possible bullying action in some circumstances.[6]

This morning on my way to work, I was so stunned to hear an old lady who gave a nice sarcastic remark to some people in LRT.  This old lady was on her way to KL Sentral. So, from Taman Bahagia station until Taman Paramount station (which is just one station away), she was waiting for somebody to give her a seat especially at the seats where senior citizens, disable people or pregnant ladies should get the priority to sit but nobody even bothered to given away any seat. Maybe she became impatient when she suddenly said, "You guys should know how to read the sign and understand what it means!". Those people who were seating at the hot seats looked quite disturbed and one of them gave away his seat to the old lady. 

See, SARCASM really works if you know how to use it during the suitable time. I respect the old lady for voicing out her dissatisfaction. If she didn't say anything, she would have to stand all the way to KL Sentral which is about 7 stations away from Taman Bahagia.  

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Three little birds by Bob Marley


Please enjoy this song for today and think about the simple lyrics.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Saya suka baca buku", kata Fathini. (BM ENTRY)


Semalam Fathini balik rumah dan macam tak sabar-sabar nak beritahu ayat-ayat Bahasa Melayu yang dia dah belajar kat sekolah. Seronok saya dengar ayat-ayat pendek tu sebabnya macam tulah cara cikgu saya ajar Bahasa Melayu di sekolah.

Jadi, kat bawah ni saya akan kongsikan ayat-ayat menarik dari Fathini dan sesiapa nak kongsi ayat-ayat dari anak-anak atau ayat-ayat BM yg mudah yg dipelajari sewaktu di sekolah rendah pun, silalah kongsi dan jangan segan-segan. heheh.


1- Saya suka baca buku.

2- Ini buku baru saya.

3- Saya tulis di dalam buku.

4- Adik saya suka minum susu.

5- Bapa membeli susu manis.

6- Saya suka makan nasi.

7- Siti suka makan roti.

Menarik tak? Saya tergelak juga bila dengar ayat-ayat tu. Tapi yang paling seronoknya Fathini sudah semakin bagus dalam Bahasa Melayu. Kalau dulu, masa mula-mula  balik dari NZ, terbelit lidah dia nak cakap perkataan-perkataan dalam BM. Sekarang dah makin baik walaupun "kedekut" dipanggil "Dukut" dan "Injit-injit semut" dinyanyikan "Incik-incik semut". haha

Monday, March 28, 2011

Living in debts is okay as long as you can show-off?


Picture this:
A very stylish young man just came out from his new sports car. Then, he went up to his penthouse to meet his wife. His wife, who was also quite fashionable, came down to the parking lot with him. They were about to go out to have a romantic dinner when some men stopped them at the parking lot. The men came from the bank where they owned some debts for the car and their penthouse. The men insisted to take back the car since the young man was way behind with his debts. He didn't pay for the car for more than 3 months. 

All right. Now, does the scenario sounds like a scene from a Malay drama? How many of you have seen the real life scenario? Or have you ever heard this kind of stories from somebody?

I'm so against having too much debts at one time. I know sometimes we just can't help it like for the car loan and also the housing loan. However, if we have to borrow some money just because we have to show that we are quite rich and also because we don't want other people to look down on us, it's so wrong! Why don't we just live within our means? Do we need to listen to other people and put up with the "fake" lifestyle that we can't afford?

Right now, I'm so happy just to have a small car and insyallah we are in the process of purchasing our first house. (Well, we still need to ask for the housing loan but we have chosen something that we know we can still pay per month). Our previous intention of buying a bigger car has to be put off because we don't want to have to pay for so many debts unless we know we can afford to pay them.

Now, what say you? What's your personal opinion and do you have any experiences on this?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I wanted to support THE EARTH HOUR but................


Yesterday night 26th March marked as THE EARTH HOUR for this year. I remember that the first we came across with this was in March 2008 (can't recall what's the date). We were watching Night Glow on the Waikato University field for the highlighted event of Balloons Over Waikato when the host of the night announced that they were going to switched off all the lights for one hour from 8.30 to 9.30 p.m.

If any of you are still in dark what is actually EARTH HOUR, let's read this excerpt from WIKIPEDIA.

Earth Hour is a global event organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature, also known as World Wildlife Fund) and is held on the last Saturday of March annually, asking households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights and other electrical appliances for one hour to raise awareness towards the need to take action on climate change. Earth Hour was conceived by WWF and The Sydney Morning Herald in 2007, when 2.2 million residents of Sydney participated by turning off all non-essential lights.[1] Following Sydney's lead, many other cities around the world adopted the event in 2008.[2][3] Earth Hour 2011 took place on March 26, 2011 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at participants' local time.

Now for the first time ever, I want to reveal why I don't really support the EARTH HOUR:

  • the event is just over publicized event that has emitted more carbon dioxide with all the printing, using unnecessary candles to replace electricity and also the usage of alternative power supply like generator.
  • what can we do if we only switch off all the lights or even all of the electrical appliances for one hour when throughout the year, we have wasted a lot of electricity by switching on all the lights and other electrical gadgets for 24/7.
  • in order to show your supports, you can also buy some of merchandises from some companies that sell them- WHAT? For me this is just another over-publicized event that people blindly follow just like Valentine's Day.
  • why it has to be done at night? Why don't we do it on the broad daylight? One thing for sure, most offices and other commercial buildings switch on the lights even during the day. 
 I'm not the only skeptical person who go against this. I'll let you read other articles and blogs that I've found on the internet.

The Telegraph UK
Ekpressi Ruang

I'll continue to write on what I love to do to help saving the earth rather than just follow this EARTH HOUR campaign. Till then, good night.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Ada RM10? Jom menderma sambil dapat On'na Noko dari Jiji. (BM ENTRY)


Dah banyak hari dah saya teringin nak buat entry untuk menyokong kempen adik saya Yatie Chomeyl dan Jiji ni. Kempen apa? Ini ada satu cara untuk kita menderma secara terus untuk mangsa-mangsa gempa bumi di Jepun. Secara ringkasnya:

Bantulah mereka untuk mengumpul sebanyak mungkin dana untuk membantu mangsa gempa bumi di Jepun. Hasil kutipan derma ini akan disalurkan ke tabung yang di sediakan oleh Aspiring Malaysian Rijal (AMIR) di Jepun dan juga ke tabung di Fukuoka Masjid di bawah kelolaan Kyushu Muslim Association . Diharap sumbangan ini dapat meringankan beban yang ditanggung oleh mangsa gempa bumi. Kepada mereka yang ingin menderma :-
1) Anda bolehlah membeli On’na noko berharga RM10
2) Setiap hasil pembelian On’na noko, RM8 akan di dermakan ke tabung tersebut. (RM8 = 200 yen) dan nama anda akan dipaparkan di On’na Noko Friendlist kami!
3) Sila email butiran kepada untuk pesanan.
  • Nama:
  • Warna Baju :
  • Blog URL:
Bagi yang tidak berminat untuk membeli on’na noko itu, anda juga boleh terus menderma untuk rakan Malaysia yang terjejas gempa bumi di Jepun dan masyarakat yang memerlukan bantuan untuk wilayah Sendai dan sekitarnya. Bantuan dana dapat dikirimkan ke:
Maybank Islamic : 162263191402
Cimb Islamic : 12120002359203
Nama : Shazwan Abd Shukor
No. Tel : 012-2161649
Email :
Alumni of International Muslim Students (AIMS)
 Sila baca kat SINI (my sis's blog) dan kat SINI (Jiji's blog) kalau nak tahu lagi lanjut. Saya sendiri pun nak tempah On'na Noko yang comel tu dan harap-harapnya yang lain pun boleh sebarkan kempen yang baik ni.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday by Rebecca Black: One of the dumbest song I've ever heard.


This is the latest phenomenon in YOU TUBE. This song is sang by a 13-year-old school girl. Her parents granted her wish to make a video clip and sing her own song. I have to say that this song is one of the dumbest song I've ever heard. This song has became an overnight hit since it was just posted on YOU TUBE quite recently. To date, there were already 42, 586, 420 millions viewers for the music video.

Now, I'll let you watch the video and then you can share your opinion about this video in thee comment box.
PLEASE, TRY TO ENJOY! (read this with the sarcastic tone)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Book Smart VS Street Smart: Which one are you?


BOOK SMART- Book smart is an idiom commonly used to describe people who are able to succeed with scholastics, but tend to lack street smarts.

STREET SMART-   Street smart is a term used to describe people that are able to survive without formal education.

Most of us basically fall into the first category right? However, we've seen some people who do not have higher formal education background are able to succeed in their respective fields. Sadly, the phenomenon in Malaysia nowadays is if you do not fall into the BOOK SMART group, you won't be successful in your life. I myself have seen some STREET SMART people succeeded just because they are so good with tasks on hands. Their teachers are their experiences. Their determination is far beyond the average people.

I can think of the best example of STREET SMART person that I've ever known was my late grandfather, Hj. Mad Said. He was illiterate and only managed to attend the school for two years! Well, he lived during the Japanese Occupation era when it was hard to attend any formal school. He started of his business with a small cafe (kedai kopila) in front of his house. Later  on, he managed to have some kind of businesses too. After he passed away, his children and his grandchildren are still be able to get some income out of his businesses even though it's not that much.


The reason being is as today the SPM result was announced, many students excelled (like my brother, Asul who managed to score 10As though not the straight A+)  but there were still some who didn't achieve good results. For those who scored  excellent result, you have so many choices to make after this. Now, for those who didn't score well, just remember THAT IT IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. You also can make a lot of choices.

I always consider myself as BOOK SMART (bear in your mind that I was only an average student) and at the same time, I have a little bit of experiences in being a STREET SMART due to some circumstances. THUS, it's better to have a mixture of both!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Call me Bobby.


Conversation 1:

 Me        : What's your name?

Student   : My name is Salah. Call me Bobby.

Me         : Why Bobby? You don't like your real name?

Student   : No teacher. It's just easy nickname.

Me          : Salah, I will call you by your real name because every time I  say your name I'm actually praying
                 for you right?

Student    : Yes teacher. Thank you.

Conversation 2.

Me       : Kim Suk Jeoun....Jun....?
              How do you pronounce your name?

Student : Call me Clara, teacher.

Me       : Ok. But I prefer to call you with your real name.

Student : S.U.K. J.e.e.o.u.n.

Me       : All right. It's easier for me to remember your real name because I need to know who is Clara when
              I want to key in your marks in the system.

Student : Okay teacher.

When you read both of the conversations, you might say that I'm quite stern. YES! I have to admit that it's true. I really follow all the rules and sometimes can be so rigid. However, there are times when I can bend some rules. Only when it comes to saying names or pronouncing people's names, I rather be careful. My own name is not so easy to be pronounced. I hate it when people mispronounce my name. My real name is NURADYANI and there were so many times my name became a good tongue twister for other people. That's why rather than people mispronounce my name, I prefer to be call with a shorter name but still have some meaning like NUR which means "the light".

For Muslims, we know that every time we call or pronounce somebody's name, we are actually praying for that person. That's why even if there are 3 ABDULLAH in my class, I still call of them ABDULLAH but I differentiate them by their last name. Most of the time, we will see a lot of MOHAMMAD, ABDULLA, ALI and AHMAD. Those from Iran, there are a lot of ALI, REZA or ALIREZA.

In other cultures or other religions, they also believe good names can bring you good luck. That's why even Chinese, Korean or Japanese names are hard to be pronounced, I will still try my best and learn from them on how to pronounced their names correctly. After all- YING YING, SUK TENG, HASHIMI or BAEK JUNG are not that hard. Just like another tongue twisters, you just have to get it right!

SO, what is your stand on this? Have you encountered any problem with your own name?

Monday, March 21, 2011

How to reduce the stress caused by the auditors.


We have had the stressful syndrome since we knew that the auditors were coming. Last Friday, our immediate boss Erik told us about what to expect and he reminded us of what the auditors want to see when they do the observation.

I somehow have prepared a little bit on the lesson plan. Frankly speaking, I'm a kind of teacher who hates preparing lesson plans. Well, what I mean is the detailed lesson plans. That's why I don't want to go and teach in any secondary school. I love to plan my lesson only vaguely and then I love to surprise my students with some interesting activities depending on their mood.

This morning, right I arrived at my workplace, one of my colleagues reminded me that the auditors were coming. I didn't know why I acted so casually despite of the little butterflies in my tummy. I just told myself that everything was going to be okay.

I thought nobody was coming to observe me but I was totally wrong. Just after I started to check the attendance, somebody came and greeted me at the door. I just greeted her back and she helped herself to find a seat. Do you want to know what I did next?

These were the things I did. These steps can helped not just teachers like me but any other people when they have some uninvited guests like the auditors.

How to reduce the stress caused by the auditors:

1- Take a long deep breath.
     Just be careful when you take a deep breath because you don't want it to be so obvious.

2- Ignore the uninvited guest. 
    This is because you don't want to show that you are so nervous.

3- Act as usual.
    Carry out your task as usual and just tell yourself that everything is going to be fine.

4- Give yourself a pet talk.
    A pet talk can reduce the nervousness and boost up your confidence level.

Those were the tactics that had helped me this morning. I managed to teach my students as usual even the auditor was there to observe me. I'm not sure her reactions but for me, as long as I have delivered the lesson successfully, there should not be any problems.

Have you ever received any uninvited guests like the auditors? How do face them?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hopefully She is His Mrs Right.


During October last year, I wrote a special entry sharing about my younger brother, Rashdan. He's a special person since he has some disabilities (though not so severe) but he never let his disabilities to stop him from being a successful businessman. I expressed my concern about him in that special entry. (You can go HERE, to read my previous entry about him) .

One of my aunts (Mok Ngoh) who always lends her ears hearing about my brother's problems, has helped to find someone. She asked around and she received some helps from her colleagues. There is one suitable woman that some people has suggested. So, Mok Ngoh told my brother about her. He was so excited and he went to the woman's house with one of my uncles just to meet her brother and of course the woman herself.

Now, they have some kind of relationship when they are communicating with each other through the text messages (SMS). My brother has asked me to go back to Kelantan during the next school holiday by th eend of May. Unofficially, he has giving me the task of being a WEDDING PLANNER. I'm honoured and excited to help him since I feel so obliged as his eldest sister.

Right now, I'm putting everything on a paper so that I can see the lists of WHAT TO DO. Does anyone out there has some experience on this? Would you like to share some ?

Kota Seriemas- Teratak Impian bakal terbina. (BM entry)


 Cuaca pagi yang mendung tak bisa menghalang hasrat kami. Seusai kami bersarapan, kami bersiap-siap untuk menuju ke destinasi pilihan. Tujuan utama yang menjadi sebahagian cita-cita kami perlu disegerakan. Keadaan yang mendesak dan harga yang semakin melambung tinggi telah memberikan tekanan yang bukan sedikit. Rasanya bukan kami sahaja yang merasai bahang kenaikan harga mendadak ini. Cuma yang benar-benar mampu dan bernasib baik akan berupaya memiliki dan melaksanakan impian masing-masing.

Seawal pukul 11 pagi, kami sampai ke destinasi. Niat kami hanya mahu membandingkan harga, keluasan dan keselesaan. Oleh kerana ramai yang sudah seakan berminat dan kami juga tidak mahu lagi menangguhkan hasrat kami, kami akhirnya bernekad.

Ini destinasi kami:

Sememangnya keputusan kami bukan lagi keputusan tergesa-gesa. Sudah lama difikirkan dan ditimbang-timbangkan. Iyelah, berapa lama lagi kami mampu menumpang kasih di rumah orang tua. Anak-anak perlukan ruang dan kami juga perlu berdikari. Perancangan pembinaan juga begitu tepat dengan perancangan kami. Jika tiada aral melintang, teratak impian kami akan siap di penghujung tahun hadapan. Sudah tentu, kami mempunyai cukup masa untuk menyimpan lagi duit demi membeli kelengkapan rumah. Insyaallah, perkara-perkara yang lain juga akan diikhtiarkan mengikut kesesuaian.

Syukur alhamdulillah kerana akhirnya pencarian kami sudah berakhir. Semoga segala-galanya akan menjadi seperti yang dirancang. Oh, ya.....mahu lihat rumah yang bakal kami duduki? Boleh saja. Silakanlah.

Maaf ye kerana hanya rumah berskala kecil yang mampu dipamerkan. Rumah contoh tidak diberi kebenaran untuk mengambil apa-apa gambar. Insyallah, apabila teratak kecil kami siap, bolehla dipamerkan di sini. Bukan ada niat menunjuk-nunjuk cuma berkongsi kegembiraan hari ini. Harap maklum.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A Letter to Yusry: HMM @ The Malay Chronicle: Bloodline

Dear Yusry,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for making such a bold decision to direct this Epic film, "Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa" @ The Malay Chronicle: Bloodline. I was so excited to go and watch this great film after the huge promotions on the mass media. That's why as an unpaid movie critic, I would love to share my point of view on this film. There'll be some pros and cons BUT overall I would still say "KUDOS" to you and your crew.

Let me just start on the PROS:

1- The fighting scenes: I love most of the fighting scenes in this film. The scenes looked so real with the blood spilling and everything. The best fighting was the scene between Merong(Stephen) and Kamawas (Khir).

2- The Malay poetic lines: So in love with the Pantun used as part of Malay lines in this film. The pantun, "Sampai masa  tibanya waktu, Redup hati kamu berdua, Bila dua jasad bersatu, Hidup mati jadi bersama". Kudos to Amir Hafizi the genius script writer. (Read more HERE about his experience in writing the script)

3- The Computer Graphic Image Effects: What should I say more? You guys are the best in producing film with CGI effects in Malaysia.

4- The casts: I love Stephen Rahman (as Merong), Khir (Kamawas- one of the main villains), Dato Rahim Razali (Tok Kesum) and Gavin (as Prince Marcus) also was not so bad.

5- The injection of humor: I have to mention this too because Nell Ng (as Ling Ling) managed to inject a little bit of humor to the film just when the mood became so tensed.

6- The set: With only 8 million, you and your crew managed to build some impressive set that normally will take more than what you've spent. It's not that easy to build the harbour, a fleet of ships (though with CGI effects) and other set in the film.

So, now..............let's go to the ugly business where I have to tell you about the CONS of the film. My intention is not to condemn or really giving the bad review BUT my POV (point of view) is for you and your brothers to be able to produce higher standard of films in Malaysia.


1- Some problems in the Cinematography: I'm not an expert in this but as a viewer, I would like to be able to enjoy the breathtaking and high quality cinematography. Sometimes, it seems that the camera was too shaky and some views were blocked by the extra casts.

2- The love scenes were not so convincing: Merong and Embuk didn't have the strong connection and they failed to convinced me that they were in love with each other. Prince Marcus and Princess Jing Lu had more chances to show their affections.

3- The plot and the flow of the story: The plot was quite simple (this is actually good) BUT there were times when I felt some scenes were deleted and somehow that affected the flow of the story.

Okay, you can see that I can only list down 3 CONS compared to 5 PROS for this film. Again I'm not the expert in writing a movie critic and let's not forget that I'm not getting paid for this. (apa motif tah cakap benda ni berulang kali - sorry Yusry). These comments are just my humble opinion of a movie fan who always want to see of more impressive Malaysian films. I have to give 4/5 stars for this film.

I reckon more Malaysians will go and watch the most anticipated film of the year and you and your brothers don't need to worry about any critics as you guys are always being positive and want to strive for more success. Thank you for this film. I can' t wait to see more of your movies in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Transformed Housewife (not Transformer okay!)

P/S: I want to show the tickets that I bought to watch this film in KLCC this afternoon. (sekali lagi tak tahu motif apa menunjuk. Mungkin sbb nak tunjuk gambar malula sbb kami amat comot pergi tengok wayang lps habis mesyuarat dan masuk panggung pun bila cerita dah nak mula. hehehe)

Pssst: Tie, Abe Tie ni pandaila. Meme otok bijok.

HMM or The Malay Chronicles of Merong Mahawangsa: The Moments of Truth.


This is just like a teaser entry to my sis because at the time this entry is published, I'm watching HMM with my good friend, Susan in TGV, KLCC. So, for the moments of truth- you have to wait for the entry that I'm going to publish later tonight. Let me just find out how good it is then I''ll share my sincere point of view.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Betul ke Org Lelaki selalu lupakan tanggungjawab? (BM Entry)


Orang selalu cakap lebih ramai perempuan yang boleh hidup sendirian berbanding lelaki. Lelaki walaupun gagah perkasa, mereka tetap perlukan perempuan dalam hidup mereka. Cerita-cerita mengenai lelaki yang kehilangan isteri, kubur arwah isteri masih merah, mereka dah sibuk cari pengganti. Memang bukan semua lelaki macam tu. Tapi kenyataannya, kebanyakan akan berbuat demikian. Di sekeliling kita pun, kita dah biasa dengar cerita2 begini kan? Alasannya, nak cari orang yang dapat menjaga anak-anak dan juga jaga makan minumnya. Sebelum kawin, janji macam-macam dengan anak-anak. Sudah tentu janji tak akan mengabaikan tanggungjawab terhadap anak-anak. Masalahnya, selepasa berkawin dengan isteri baru, pelbagai masalah timbul. Anak-anak makin dilupakan, Bini baru akan ditatang dengan penuh kasih sayang. Apabila anak-anak makin terpinggir, anak-anak akan buat hal masing-masing. Kalau nasib tak berapa baik, kalau bini yg disayangi sangat tu buat hal, anak-anak jugak yang akan dicari nanti. Bila anak-anak yang dah merajuk tak nak menerima ayah mereka kembali, adakah anak-anak itu patut disalahkan? Kalau anak-anak berhati mulia dan ada sifat pemaaf, ayah tersebut mungkin akan diterima kembali tapi hati anak-anak yang dah tercalar sudah ada kesan luka yang mendalam.

Untuk kes wanita yang kawin lain apabila kehilangan suami pun ada. Bukan saya nak bersikap berat sebelah dalam hal ini. Ada juga perempuan yang mengabaikan anak-anak sendiri bila dah ada suami baru. Ada yang sampai tak sedar suami baru mendera atau lebih teruk ada kes yang merogol anak tiri. Anak-anak pun tak ada tempat mengadu kalau ibu sendiri dah melupakan tanggungjawab. Mulalah anak-anak pun boleh terjebak dalam gejala-gejala sosial yang tak sihat. Nak salahkan anak-anak pun, macam tak adil kan? Tapi kisah macam ni pun kita biasa dengar dah lihat sendiri.

Entri ni dah jadi macam ruangan KISAH MASYARAKAT kat dalam akhbar Mingguan Malaysia tu. Mungkin selalu kita jadi tukang baca je. Tapi suatu hari nanti, mungkin terjadi juga dalam keluarga kita. Jadi renung-renungkanlah. Perempuan ke, lelaki ke, tak perlu kita salahkan atau tuding jari. KIta cari kesalahan sendiri dan sama-sama cuba memperbaiki diri masing-masing.

P/S: sebenarnya tak tahu apa yang saya merepek ni. tapi ada sebab kenapa saya merepek. Hanya orang-orang yang rapat saja tahu. Harap maklum.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Dishes from My Own Recipe.


Lamb Stew

Mee Bandung (the soup)

The noodle in the spaghetti form.

Simplest  Beef Kebab 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Japanese People: WE ARE SORRY.



Oh, how should I start this,
Of what we have amiss,
Just ignore some of us please,

 How insensitive we have been,
About the caricature that was seen,
How insulting it has been,
Even he apologized to sweep it clean,

How ignorant and without even thinking,
To give opinion blindly speaking,
Totally disrespectful and sounded like accusing,
For being negligence- Oh, How amusing!,
On behalf of my countrymen,
Using the word in this virtual pen,
Only SORRY the word that I can,
use it though, it won't amend.

P/S: Please read between the lines and use your making inferences skill.

Monday, March 14, 2011

This blog has been reviewed by Kak Yong.


I just managed to check my blog by 8 p.m. today. The reason being is I can't blog in the office and by the time I arrive home, I have to quickly prepare some food for dinner. My hubby doesn't like to buy food from outside so often because he's so used to my cooking when we were in New Zealand before.

By the time I checked my blog, I saw a message in the comment box saying that THIS BLOG HAS BEEN REVIEWED by Kak Yong. Thank you very much for your invaluable comments about this blog. I really appreciate it since sometimes I'm so lazy to read and search for the blog tutorials when I need to learn all the HTML code what-so-ever. I'm quite hopeless in numbers. Thus, HTML coding is definitely not my forte.

Maybe sometime this week, I have to really sit and spend my time in rearranging and follow Kak Yong's suggestions so that this blog will look better. So...........stay tune and until then, you guys are welcome to go to Kak Yong's blog to read the review about this blog. CLICK HERE to view.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chicken Rice Shop & Now the Radiation Threat in Japan.


This morning we just went to Giant Hypermarket for our weekly shopping. So, it's just the typical weekend for us. After we finished shopping, we let Fathini and Hafizah to go and play at the third floor playground for a while. Then, we headed to Chicken Rice Shop as Fathini requested for it. I can say that this is among our favourite restaurant since our kids love the KID's Meal and my hubby and I love the selection of soups there.

I didn't take any photos of us eating in The Chicken Rice Shop today since my hubby would commented that it's a very lame story for my blog. huhu. Today, Fathini and Hafizah chose the normal kid's meal, my hubby chose the Chicken Rice Roasted Chicken set and I chose Hong Kong Style Beef Wanton Noodle. It was the first time for me to try the dish, I really enjoyed eating it.

On another note, after the earthquake of 8.9 magnitude and Tsunami threats, Japan is now facing the Radiation threat after it has leaked from a Japanese nuclear reactor and authorities say there is a possibility of a meltdown at a plant about 250km north of the capital, Tokyo. (Click HERE for the full updates).

This morning,   
[11:04 p.m. Tokyo] An estimated 6.4-magnitude earthquake has hit near the east coast of Honshu - the latest in a series of aftershocks striking on and around Japan's largest island in the past 24 hours - occurred at 10:15 p.m. and just 82 kilometers (about 50 miles) from Fukushima, where officials are assessing a nuclear reactor damaged by Friday's earthquake and tsunami.
(taken from my sister's FB status).

Thus, Japan is not actually out of danger yet. That's why we still have to keep praying for everybody who is currently staying in Japan right  now. At the same time, this should be a good reminder to us about how powerful Allah is.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Japan Tsunami: Please get your facts right instead of COPY AND PASTE.


I was contemplating to write some entries about Japan Tsunami yesterday and even last night but I put the thought on hold. WHY? Well, I don't really just want to follow the trend of write the entry for the sake of SEO and attracting more traffic here. I want to make sure I can get all the facts right and more presentable. It was like the frenzy trend in the blogging and other social networks' world to just update your status even when you're not so sure what really happen. Will it hurt you just to find out more first and do a little bit of research using more credible new sources like Al-Jazeera, CNN (I don't really prefer this when it comes to Muslims' issues) and other sources.

I myself is worrying about the safety of my younger sis Yatie Chomeyl, her hubby and her son who are residing in Fukuoka. In fact, I got the first news from her through her FB status. So, as long as she keeps updating of what's happening there, our family here in Malaysia can at least be calm and thankful for that.

If you want to read more of the latest updates, you can visit my sis's blog:

Friday, March 11, 2011

Standard 1 Registration is opened now for 2012 & 2013.


Fathini who just turned 6 in January will have to go to Primary 1/ Standard 1 next year. At the moment, we are still staying in KJ. That's why we have decided to send her to nearest Primary School here. My hubby has done the online registration about 2 weeks ago. After we've registered online, we only have about 2 weeks to go to the respective school and bring all the necessary documents.

Just now, I just registered Fathini in SKKJ 1. The registration was so fast and easy since I've brought all the original documents and the photocopied documents that they want to see. It only took me about 10 minutes to settle everything. After I handed out all the documents with the photocopied ones, I received the school stamp and the clerk said, "Okay, it's all done!".

So, now to make the process to be a breeze for the other parents out there, let's see the steps on ".........How to register your child/children ages 5 and 6 for Standard 1for the year 2012 & 2013.

1. Register online.
    I can give the link for Selangor Education Department. Please check it out HERE. 
    For the other states, just find the link using GOOGLE and just follow the instructions given. Don't worry if you mistakenly key-in the wrong information because you are given about 3 times to finally submit the online form.

2. Print out the online form.
    In the online form, you can see the checklist of the important documents that you need to bring to the respective school. 

3. Make a copy of each important documents. 
    You need to photocopy:
     a- The birth certificate of your child.
     b- Parents' identity cards (front & back).
     c- Marriage Certificate.
     d- The utility bill (either the telephone, water or electricity bill)
     e- The online registration form.

4. Buy an envelope and a stamp.
    You need to write you home address and glue the stamp on the envelope. The stamp can be 30 cent stamp or some schools ask for 60 cents stamp.

5. Find the suitable time to go to the respective school and bring all the documents needed. 
    The registration will be so easy when you are prepared with all the documents together with copy of each except for the utility bill. I would advise you to bring the previous utility bill just in case you haven't pay the bill.

Examples of the documents

All right. Hopefully, this entry is helpful to those who have children ages 5, 6 this year. In case, you are considering applying for school which is outside of your area, I reckon you need to go to the respective State Education Department.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"The Memories Remain" VS "Sedetik Lebih".


The Malay Chronicles of Merong Mahawangsa is officially opened for the public today. I've promised my god friend Susan to go to KLCC cinema to watch this movie. Based on the movie review so far, this movie has its own standard and  can be one of the best Malay movies. I actually don't want to focus on the movie today BUT I'm more into this special song that's part of its Original Soundtrack.

I have to admit that I'm one of Anuar Zain's fan. (I know you are too, Isabelle-hehe). I can't think of another better singer than him for this powerful song. Since there are 2 versions of this song, I would like you guys out there to compare these 2 versions and tell me which has the more powerful effect in terms of the feeling you get from the song?  The cinematography of the video clip is just stunning and the special effects too are amazing!


Now the malay version-




P/S: bandingkan bagaimana saya cuba menterjemahkan apa yang saya tulis dalam Bahasa Inggeris ke Bahasa Melayu. Versi Bahasa Melayu  lebih panjang kerana untuk memahami dan menungkaikan sesuatu, kita perlukan lebih perkataa dalam Bahasa Melayu.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy International Women's Day 2011.


Do you know what's that banner for?
On 8th March every year since 1911, it's a special day for all women throughout the world.
It's special because it's day when we have to stop and be happy to be born as a woman. 
This year,it marks the Centenary Anniversary of International Women's Day.

So, come on let's show some appreciations to all women including ourselves by rewarding them and yourself
a pat on the back and say that "We are great!"

Monday, March 7, 2011

He said, She said (The Battle of Sexes)


1. He said: Women are so fussy about the little unimportant things.

    She said: Men are so forgetful of everything like their birthdays, anniversaries etc.

2. He said: Women are bad drivers.

   She said: Men always underestimate our driving skill and ability.

3. He said: Women sometimes don't really know when to just stop talking.

   She said:  Men are just too quiet sometimes.

4. He said: Women loves to cry a lot.

   She said: When men cry, they look horrendous.

5. He said:  Women are so emotional and most likely to be panicky.

   She said:  Men purposely act so cool to show that they are so masculinity.

6. He said: We need women to complete us.
   She said: We need men to make us feel perfect.

What do you reckon? Anything to add to those? Those are just based on my own humble opinion and also experiences in marriage life for almost 8 years this year.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What A waste! Any takers please......


Early last year, I was so determine to have IT. I made sure to save some money from the part time translating job I did in order to have IT. Even when my hubby said it would be a waste, I still wanted IT so badly. I surveyed  the price and it was at  the affordable price for me. So, when I had the chance to buy IT, I didn't waste my time. I purchased IT at one of the famous hyper market in Te Rapa, New Zealand. It was about NZD $30.

When I brought it home, I couldn't wait to use IT. I used it almost everyday after  I finished doing the daily aerobic with my personal instructor. (in the DVD. hehe) My daughters loved to play with IT. For them, IT's just like one of their toys. IT's more fun because they can bounce on IT and push IT anywhere they like.

After a little while, I lost my enthusiasm in using IT. I only let my daughters to play with IT. By the time, we left Hamilton, New Zealand, I was torn whether I should keep IT or get red of IT. Finally, when my hubby offered if there's any of our things that had to be sent through post, I put IT together with our treasured book collections.

Since I started working June last year, I hardly can spend time with IT. I let my SIL to borrow IT for a while but now, she has returned IT back to me. That's why if there's any of you who wants to buy IT from me, I would love to sell IT with a very cheap price. IT better be in a good hand. Someone who loves to exercise using IT should have IT.

Let's see IT:

The price is negotiable as I'm not sure how much is this GYM BALL in Malaysia now. If anyone interested, please leave a message in the comment box or you can even contact me through my e-mail

Friday, March 4, 2011

24 hours



24 is the number,
It seems so quick when it's over,
It's not that we don't remember,
that that's all we have, HOWEVER,

Time is never enough,
When we want to laugh,
Or when things get tough,
As life is always rough,

24 is whats been given,
Complaining and fretting won't be forgiven,
Though everything is always uneven,
Just our ambition and strength are the force of driven.

P/S: I just love to compose a-spur-of-the-moment poem. This poem has been composed in less than 30 minutes due to my dilemma of delegating the 24-hour per day of doing all the daily tasks I need. What do you reckon about this poem?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tak Faham Bahasa? (BM Entry)


Kita semua tahu yang Bahasa Melayu adalah bahasa yang kaya dengan dialek-dialek berbeza. Kebanyakan dialek yang ada pun, siap ada istilah-istilah tersendiri dan kadang-kadang boleh membawa maksud lain. (ada yang menjadi maksud lucah). Oleh kerana saya dah biasa berpindah randah dari satu negeri ke negeri yang lain kerana mengikut keluarga, dan kawan-kawan rapat juga datang dari pelbagai negeri (dan juga pelbagai bangsa), ada beberapa peristiwa lucu mengenai salah faham mengenai maksud beberapa perkataan.

Nak tahu? Okay, cuba baca kisah-kisah pendek ni dan kalau ada yang nak berkongsi pengalaman sendiri bolehla tulis kat bahagian komen nanti.

Kisah pertama:

Peristiwa ni berlaku masa kami mengikut abah yang terpaksa bekerja di Alor Star dari tahun 1988-1990 (kaau tak silapla). Masa tu kami hanya akan ke Alor Star sewaktu cuti sekolah sebab arwah ma susah nak mintak bertukar tempat kerja. Saya dan adik-adik disuruh pergi ke kedai runcit untuk membeli sedikit barang dapur. Bila penjaga kedai tu cakap "Hangpa kena bayaq dua rhinggit lima kupang". Saya tak faham apa maksudnya lima kupang jadi saya cakap, "Tak de duit kupang". Penjaga kedai tu tanya berapa kami ada. Saya pun cakapla jumlah duit yang ada. Bila dia dah ambil duit tu barulah penjaga kedai tu bagitahu kami apa maksudnya "kupang" tu. Bila dah balik rumah, arwah ma saya tergelak dengar cerita kami yang tak tahu apa itu "kupang".

Kisah kedua:

Ini berlaku sewaktu saya bersekolah di SMSAH (a.k.a. Jenan). Ada perlawanan persahabatan bola tampar antara pasukan sekolah kami dengan Sekolah Menengah Tun Syed Shahbudin. (Kangar). Oleh kerana dua sekolah ini musuh tradisi, sewaktu menonton perlawanan (saya tak main pun, jadi tukang sorak je, hehe) budak-budak sekolah kami dan SOK SEK (itu panggilan manja sekolah tu) asyik dok berperang mulut. Bila diaorg cakap sesuatu, kami balas. Sampailah pada satu tahap, ada budak-budak sekolah kami cakap, "Alah hangpa tu yang dok cabut kasuit, cabut lutuit". Saya yang tak faham apa maksud perkataan2 tu, main ikut je sebut jugak. Saya ingatkan itu perkataan yang bermaksud tak baik. Rupa-rupanya, "Alah kamu tu yang dok tercabut kasut, cabut lutut".

Kisah ketiga:

Yang ini pula berlaku sewaktu saya sedang belajar di PPP/ITM. Rakan sebilik saya kebanyakannya orang Jawa, Johor. Walaupun biasanya orang-orang Johor akan bercakap bahasa Melayu standard, ada juga beberapa perkataan pelik yang kalau kita tak biasa, kita tak akan faham. Satu hari ni, kawan serumah mengirimkan "Jajan" bila  saya nak keluar pergi ke GIANT (seksyen 18, Shah Alam). Dengan muka yakinnya, saya cakap saya tahu apa tu "Jajan". Bila dah sampai GIANT tu, entah berapa kali saya pusing nak cari keropok segera atau keropok ubi kentang yangg ada tulis "JAJAN"! hahaha. Bila dah sampai kat bilik, saya pun cakap yang dah puas saya cari satu GIANT tu tapi tak de satu pun keropok yang tulis "JAJAN". Kawan saya punyala gelak sampai terguling-guling bila saya bagitahu macam tu.

Ha...macammana? Ada yang dok seronok baca entri ni pernah mengalami situasi-situasi seperti di atas. Nak gelakkan saya pun gelaklah sebab saya pun memang tak boleh lupakan pengalaman-pengalaman tadi tu.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Denotation & Connotation.


In this entry I would like to discuss the differences between Connotation and Denotation and how will it affect the interpretation of meaning.

 a word's connotation is things or attributes that the word brings to mind, any idea or notion suggested or associated with the word

a word's denotation is its reference to the things it designates, its direct, explicit meaning. 
Why do we need to know about these two words when we want to translate a text, an article or any written forms? Well, basically when we use certain dictionary to translate from one language to another; let's say we want to translate from English to Bahasa Malaysia, we are using the denotation approach.

But when we translate some words (from English to BM too) using the Connotation approach, we need to be aware of the cultures, customs or even the current slang in the intended language- BM. 

I reckon I better use some examples to give a clearer picture here. Let's say we want to translate this sentence: She has a slim figure and a nice smile.

Original sentence: She has a slim figure and a nice smile.
Denotation: Wanita tersebut mempunyai badan yg ramping dan senyuman yang menawan.
Connotation: Perempuan itu mempunyai badan yg ramping dan senyuman yang menawan.

The word "She" can be translated into the neutral tone word or the negative tone word. As "wanita" and "perempuan" are both refering to "she" but "perempuan" sometimes has negative connotation.

Thus, it is quite important for us to know which meaning is suitable in which context. If we try to do the literal translation or the word-per-word translation, we will end up with the funny meaning and the grammar will also be atrocious.