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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Having maid= spoiling your kids?

Hi, how's everybody?

I've been thinking about sharing this thought for a while. It's what I've seen and also heard from others. I'll also share my own experience in having maid around the house when we were growing up.

My own experience when I was small

We had some maids or my late mum referred as our helpers. Basically a maid/a helper just helps to do the household chores except for cooking. My late mum loved cooking. She would try her best to prepare the
meal for us even though she's busy with her job. We were told to do our own chores like washing our own uniforms and school shoes. My mum would scold us if we asked our helper to do what we were supposed to do. We treated all our helpers like our own family members and we appreciated them so much for helping us.

My own experience NOW

As I'm staying with my in-laws, I always ask my in-laws's maid to help out to take care of Husna. But I still pay her some money because she is doing so much work around the house. Most of the time, I try to help her out with some simple chores. I also love to prepare the meal for my family. I always tell my daughters not to be so demanding and they must do their own chores too like tidying up their toys, bringing the dirty plates into the sink and other simple tasks. I don't want my daughters to behave like "princess" who can order people around and treat a maid like a slave!

What I've heard and seen (somewhere)

Some people are treating their maids like slaves. Yes! It's TRUE. They expect so much and don't have the respect to the maid but want the maid to do work 24-7. They forget that the maid is also a human being who needs to rest and entitled to be respected. Then they let their kids to have the same kind of attitude. No wonder when their kids grow up, they never have the respect to others. They always have somebody who will do all the chores for them and they'll never learn even how to wash their own dishes. Why should they worry as when they get married, they'll ask their husband or they ask their wives to be their maid!

Why people were so angry at Indonesian government?

We have so many spoiled people who have grown up thinking that maids are the SLAVES. They think by paying RM500 per month, the maid should do all the chores without even having the rest and receiving other benefits. BUT when their bosses at work ask them to do extra work without paying extra, they'll be furious and refuse to do it. Why am I voicing out about this? Well.....I can't help but feeling like one of the maids too these days. I just hope that more people realize about what they've done and what they are doing now.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is to be earned not to be expected.

Monday, March 25, 2013




Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Diragut beg tgn ketika menghantar anak ke sekolah. (BM entry)


Pagi tadi saya terkejut mendengar cerita seorang ibu yang diragut di tepi pagar sekolah ketika menghantar anak. Pembantu saya di tadika (tadika hanya di sebelah sekolah rendah) yang mendengar jeritan ibu tersebut yang menceritakan kejadian yang berlaku pagi tadi lebih kurang pukul 7 pagi. Ibu tersebut baru sahaja keluar dari kereta dengan memegang beg tangan di sebelah dan sebelah tangan lagi memegang tangan anaknya. Sewaktu kejadian, tiada ibu bapa lain ketika itu kerana lorong di tepi pagar sekolah adalah lorong yang agak sunyi. Pagar sekolah tersebut sebenarnya hanya dikhaskan untuk guru-guru sekolah tersebut untuk masuk dan meletakkan kenderaan mereka.

Peragut bertindak merampas beg tangan ibu tersebut sehingga putus tali beg dan kemudian menolak anaknya sehingga terjatuh. Kanak-kanak tersebut menjerit dan menangis. Pembantu saya tidak dapat menolong kerana ketika dia sampai peragut sudah melarikan diri. Ibu tersebut kehilangan wang sebanyak RM500 dan beberapa barangan peribadi.

Peringatan untuk diri sendiri dan yang membaca entri ini:

Kejadian ragut ni memang selalunya cepat saja berlaku dan kita tak sempat berbuat apa-apa. Apa yang boleh kita buat ialah sentiasa berhati-hati dan elakkan dari menggunakan jalan yang sunyi dan menjadikan diri anda sebagai sasaran peragut. Kita berusaha untuk mengelakkan dan kemudian kita bertawakallah kepada Allah supaya sentiasa memelihara kita dari kejadian-kejadian yang tidak diingini. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Esok nak gi tgk rumah! (Kota Seriemas)


Alhamdulillah rumah kami sudah siap dan kunci rumah pun dah dapat. Esok pg kami nak pergi tgk rumah dan sebenarnya masih lg berfikir apa nak buat dgn rumah tu.

Perancangan asal mmg nak pindah ke rumah tu tapi sekarang dah lari sikit dari perancangan asal sbb kami baru je bukak bisnes tadika di KJ ni. Apa-apa pun, sekurang-kurangnya kami dah ada rumah yg bolehlah diisi sedikit demi sedikit dan mungkin boleh pergi duduk di rumah sendiri bila hujung minggu.

Inshaallah, saya akan kongsikan gambar-gambar rumah baru nanti di sini. Kalau sudi nak tengok, jenguklah ke sini lagi.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Respect the school properties PLEASE!!!


Every day I have the HUGE challenge of reminding and teaching the kids in our kindy on how to respect school properties especially the educational toys that we've bought. It's only after 2+ months and some of school toys had been broken. Most of the kids especially the boys, play so rough and have to be reminded that they shouldn't throw or step on the toys.

I realize and fully aware that they are just kids. They have to be reminded every day about our expectations on them. The teaching and coaching happens every day and I always believe that they can be trained. It's just the matter of teaching the morals on how to behave as respect is one of the quality that one should have.

By tomorrow, maybe I should change the approach by taking away the privilege of playing with toys until they can learn to respect. hmmm. Not a bad idea.

Monday, March 11, 2013

How to massage your baby.


Have you ever massage your baby? Have you tried any techniques before?

Why are the benefits of baby massage?

Massage may help your baby to:


So how do you go about to massage your baby?

Try these techniques:

P/S: I've tried those techniques to Husna and she seemed calmer and cry less after a good massage.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

(Lahad Datu) An Open Letter to the PM

Dearest readers and friends of my wife. I, Ariff, Nur's husband, am moved again to pen this open letter to the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia. I am just a lowly lecturer, naive in the ways of politics and war and wouldn't even dream to tell the Prime Minister what he should do. Yet, as a Malaysian and long-time BN supporter, I am heartsick of what is happening in Sabah. So, I ask for forgiveness if what I wrote below is offending to anyone in any way. I don't think anyone of importance will read it but I am compelled to write it because of my love of Malaysia.

To Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia,

Today, we Malaysians are shocked again by the deaths of five more brave policemen in the line of duty. At the time of writing, a total of seven of our brave men have died defending our country. I am not a political man, nor I wish to politicize this issue but the very core of our nationhood is under attack.

Y.A.B. Dato' Sri,

The time for vacillations, negotiations and discussions is over. I contend that it was over the moment the Filipino terrorists landed on our shores. They were never open to any negotiations and had made this point clear many times. They will not accept anything other than the breaking of Malaysia by ceding the state of Sabah. Let us not waste our time and the lives of our servicemen. The invaders are like cancer and the treatment is obvious lest it spreads. It is now spreading to Semporna and Kunak. They are sending reinforcements to try to link with those surrounded in Lahad Datu or at least create diversions. Even a non-military man like me could see this. The longer we wait, the worse it will become. 

Y.A.B. Dato' Sri,

I am not a military man, so my opinions are uneducated ones. Yet, it is painfully obvious that the enemy is emboldened by our inactivity. We must strike now and hard as a lesson to all would-be invaders. We have artillery, tanks, fighter planes, warships - use them! We Malaysians do not care of what the Filipinos will think. We want victory.

Y.A.B. Dato' Sri,

We Malaysians more than ever, need a leader in this time of crisis. You, as the Prime Minister is the rightful person to fill this role. Stop whatever you are doing and personally go to Sabah to give the Armed Forces commanders the political will to act. We need you to become our Winston Churchill, our Roosevelt, our Charles de Gaulle. We need you to step up as a war leader. This incident is our Pearl Harbor, our Day of Infamy, our 9/11. Let not history remember you for the things you did not do. Fulfill your destiny. Strike hard and give us victory. Let us read what Churchill said after the fall of France, when Britain stood alone in Europe with Nazi Germany at their doorstep:

We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender...(Winston Churchill, 1940)
Y.A.B. Dato' Sri,

WE SHALL NEVER SURRENDER, least of all our pride and dignity, let alone our fellow Sabahans and our territories. The enemy is intent on the destruction of our Federation. Our nation is surrounded by other would-be enemies, waiting to see the best time to take advantage of our weakness. We must show them our resolve. Do not give the invaders any quarter. They have proven themselves to be cowards, liars and dishonorable bandits even as they claim to be pious Muslims. We have a term for this kind of people: munafiqin. The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. himself refused to parley with such a people during the Liberation of Mecca so why should you? Let not the lives of our seven servicemen be in vain. The Rakyat are behind you. Allah is with us. Give us victory!

Friday, March 1, 2013

(Lahad Datu) Kibarkan Jalur Gemilang!

Kepada pembaca dan rakan-rakan cyber laman blog isteri saya, Nuradyani. Saya, Ariff, suami kepada Nuradyani tergerak untuk meminjam blog isteri saya buat seketika. Pada hari ini, sekurang-kurangnya dua perajurit Malaysia terbunuh di Lahad Datu semasa mempertahankan kedaulatan negara dari serangan LANUN Filipina yang kononnya keturunan "Sultan" Sulu.

Saya telah cari BENDERA MALAYSIA yang disimpan selepas hari Merdeka dan telah pasangkan di halaman rumah sebagai tanda sokongan kepada Angkatan Tentera Malaysia dan PDRM yang berjuang di Lahad Datu. Memang kita seharusnya bertenang dan jangan ambil tindakan tergopoh-gapah jadi ini cara saya menyokong perajurit negara. Mungkin nampak macam remeh, tapi ini saja yang saya mampu sebagai orang awam.

Ya, Allah peliharalah keselamatan dan nyawa perajurit negara. Lindungi mereka yang menegakkan kedaulatan negara. Berikan kemenangan kepada pasukan keselamatan negara. Kurniakan kepada keluarga perajurit yang terkorban kesabaran dan keteguhan untuk melalui dugaan mu. Pulihkan anggota Polis yang tercedera diserang pengganas. Amin.

A child is like a butterfly.


Just want to share this nice quote: