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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

WW: Video Lagu Raya yg comel! (BM Entry)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carrying a backpack (knapsack) makes you look younger.


According to NR, carrying a backpack makes you look few years younger. WHY and HOW? You need a small backpack and not the bulky type like for carrying a laptop. You also need to have certain kind of attitude. What kind of attitude? If you look bubbly, happy-go-lucky and I-do-care-about-other-people, you can trick other people about your actual age.

How do I know about this? Is there any real research related to the subject? Well......................................................................................................
The answer is NO!

The tell you the truth, I'm a big fan of backpack since I was in school. I think it's so comfortable and easy to carry your things. Thus, up until now, I'm using a backpack to go to work. I have several reasons for choosing a backpack. One of the reasons is not about it makes me look younger. Haha. The reasons are more on the safety, the practicality for carrying my students' work and also because I don't need to keep changing form one handbag to another. Who said that I look younger? (pls don't laugh at me okay) Well..........some people have been calling me "adik" justt because I carry a small backpack that looks like backpack for teenagers. It might not be a compliment at all but I just view it positively :P

 This is not my actual backpack. It's just for illustration purpose. hehe

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mama kentut kat mulut! (BM entry)


Ini entri pendek hanya untuk berkongsi bagaimana anak2 berfikir. Biasanya anak2 ni kalau kita tak terangkan perkara sebenar, mereka akan buat kesimpulan berdasarkan apa yang mereka tahu. Kalau tak percaya, cuba tanya pada anak2 mengenai perkara2 yg mereka lihat setiapo hari. Kita akan dapat mendengar beberapa perkara menarik dari mereka.

Hari ni saya nak berkongsi cerita ini :-

Saya:     (Burp.....)
Hafizah:  Kenapa mama kentut kat mulut?
Saya:      Bukan kentutla. Mama sendawa.
Hafizah:  Kenapa bunyi mcm kentut?
Saya   :   Sbb  keluar angin tapi sendawa keluar angin kat mulut.
Hafizah:  Kat mulut bukan kentutla?
Saya:      Aah. Namanya sendawa.

Ada lagi beberapa cerita pendek yg lucu dari anak2. Lain kali saya akan kongsikan lagi. Saya pasti anak2 yg lain pun ada mcam-macam cerita lucu jugak kan.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Learning English for 13 years in school: Not enoughla! How come meh?


 This is not a new issue. It has been a hot issue lately since our fresh graduates especially Malays are unable to find jobs due to their incompetency in conversing in English. The fact that we have been learning English for 13 years is a huge puzzle even to our DPM. Some academicians have written some articles on newspapers about this issue. They shared their views on how to rectify this problem.

I'm just an English teacher who has been teaching undergraduates for more than 5 years in USM and 2 years in an international English centre in KL. I admit that I'm not so knowledgeable in teaching English nor am I an expert. BUT based on my own experience in learning English in normal daily school and 2 years in a residential school, I can share my own conclusion on what have gone so wrong.

Here is my own conclusion:
  • 13 years of learning but only 40 minutes, 3 days per week. (is it more now?)
  •  the teacher can only discuss mostly comprehension questions in 30 minutes, 10 minutes for other things not related to the subject. (checking attendance etc)
  • for writing essays, the teacher will spoon feed students on which topics that might come out in the exam. (be it UPSR, PMR or SPM)
  • not enough practice on conversation in class.
  • most students view English like other subjects that can be scored if they memorized, do more practice or study more on past years' exam paper.
  • students depend so much on teachers  that they don't have their own initiative to learn English and master the language using other methods.
  • we focus too much on English grammar per say that we are afraid to converse in English just because we don't want to make any mistakes. 
  • not enough support from parents, peers and the society for people who want to master English.   
 In our public universities, you can see that even our under graduates in the field related to English like TESL or ESL are not given enough support or they are viewed as people who are not patriotic just because they use English more than BM. My friends and I experienced a lot of bad experience in UKM because whenever we conversed in English, there were some people who looked at us and said, "HUH! They like to show off because they can speak in English". However, ironically when they needed our help to translate some articles from English to BM, they would come and asked for our help.

Thus, we need to change our attitude towards learning English first. In fact, learning any language requires a lot effort and hard work from us before we can use it. How many of us really know about BM? How many of us can really converse in perfect BM without any mistakes in grammar? Why haven't we worry so much about that?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Nak menegur secara berhikmah tapi tak pasti. (BM entry)


Saya nak meminta pendapat sesiapa yang sudi baca entri ini. Ini bukan bertujuan mengumpat rakan sekerja (walaupun mungkin nampak begitu. huhu) tetapi saya teringin nak mengajak rakan2 saudara semuslim ni ke arah kebaikan. Kenapa saya tak tegur je secara terang-terangan? Saya dah ada banyak pengalaman yang agak pahit berkenaan menegur rakan2 saudara semuslim ni. Jadi saya macam agak serik sedikit walaupun saya tahu tak sepatutnya saya ada perasaan sedemikian.

Ok, kita namakan rakan sekerja saya ini Cik A. Cik A ni masih muda dan cantik orangnya. Dia jenis yang ramah dan ramai yang suka dengannya. Saya tahu Cik A ini merokok kerana sudah beberapa kali ternampak Cik A ni merokok. Yang menjadi masalah sekarang ialah, di bulan Ramadhan ini, sudah beberapa  kali saya nampak Cik A ni dengan selambanya makan bersama2 rakan sekerja bukan Islam yang lain secara terang-terangan. Walaupun di tempat kerja kami ni, bilangan pekerja Islam hanyalah sedikit, saya agak terkejut dengan sifat Cik A yang tidak menghormati yang lain yg berpuasa walaupun dia uzur syarie. Selain itu, Cik A juga tanpa segan silu keluar membeli rokok bersama2 dengan rakan2 bukan Islam.

Saya berasa malu dengan rakan2 bukan Islam yang lain yang lebih menghormati kita. Ada rakan2 bukan Islam yang meminta maaf di depan saya jika mereka ingin minum di depan saya. Ramai juga yang makan secara senyap2 saja di meja masing2. Seorang rakan yg berasal dari Amerika tetapi berbangsa Korea, apabila tidak faham kenapa orang2 Islam perlu berpuasa, bertanyakan sebabnya pada saya. Sekurang-kurangnya dia ada inisiatif untuk memahami.

Jadi, kalau sesiapa ada cara terbaik untuk saya menegur secara berhikmah rakan sekerja saudara seislam ini, silalah kemukakan cadangan di kotak komen. Saya memang tidak bersetuju dengan tingkah lakunya dan saya juga ingin menegur tetapi iya memang saya kurang arif untuk menegur perbuatan orang kerana takut dikatakan cuba menunjuk alim pula.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Snow in Hamilton: What will I do if we are still there?


It was quite shocking to learn that it has been snowing in Hamilton. For about 80 years, Hamilton and the other places nearby had never received any snow. We used to stay in Hamilton, New Zealand for 4 years from 2006-2010. During those years, the lowest temperature during winter was at -4 degree Celsius. Even with that temperature, I was already frozen. I wore 3 layers of clothes in the house with huge, comfy slippers. The biggest problem was with the old house we rented. It was not properly insulated and the windows were not from the double glazed windows.

So, I just can't imagine when the temperature plummet into -0.8 degree Celsius. How can Hamiltonians deal with that condition. It's worse with most houses are old wooden houses with no proper insulation. Using heaters can help to warm up their houses but then the electrical bill will go up.

Here is a video on the snow in Hamilton CBD:

Now, let's go back to the thing that I wanted to discuss here-

"What will we do if we are still there?"
  • at first we might also make a video to record the rare incident. 
  • then, we will have to think the best way to heat up our house.
  • next, we will have to be strong physically and mentally because this year the fasting month is during winter.
  • of course I might have to cook a lot since that is also the best way to heat up. 
 I reckon for most of us who have never seen snow, we think that it's something wonderful and exciting. BUT if you ask people who are living in the 4 season countries, it's not something fun anymore especially if it can cause frost bite. Playing in the snow for few hours maybe fun but to live there and experience it for at least 3 months or so is not exciting anymore. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

How many of you would still forgive after something really bad happened to you?


He became a victim to some unscrupulous teenagers in London. He also became popular when the video of the assault has become a hit on YOU TUBE. He was attacked and then mugged by those who first looked like helping him. He suffered from broken jaw. 

What I want to highlight today is not about the assault anymore. I want to share how this boy can forgive those who had assaulted and mugged him. He doesn't hold any grudge at all. How many of us would still forgive after something bad really happened to you? Somehow we can learn this lesson from Mod Asyraf Haziq.

To read more about the news, just spend some time to read the article and then you can share your views on this:

A Quiet Lesson of Forgiveness

Mohd Asyraf Haziq Rossli says he is saddened that even children were involved in the riots

WHO has not heard of the Malaysian student who was mugged in an attack and then robbed by the very people who had initially helped him up to his feet?
Twenty-year-old Mohd Asyraf Haziq Rossli's life has changed into one that he never dreamt would have been possible.

"Poor boy," said a cab driver, who had seen the 75-second video on YouTube several times.

He even read a local newspaper in Urdu about the press conference where Asyraf had expressed sadness for the people who did the dastardly act, for there were some young ones involved, too.
"He is very matured to forgive his attackers," said the nurse at my friend's hospital bedside, when I visited him.

"The people of the Netherlands would like to show their sympathy and we would like to interview him, if you can help us," said a man with a Dutch accent at the end of the line, coaxing me to give him contact numbers that would help him get an exclusive angle of the story.

Unbeknown to him, other press had also contacted me to gain access to the boy who had gained celebrity status, albeit with a broken lower jaw. There was nothing I could do as I wanted an exclusive myself.

On his hospital bed at the Royal London Hospital in East London, while awaiting surgery, he was unaware of a group of journalists waiting at the lobby for a chance to talk to anyone who knew him.

Failing to get him, the Western media
resorted to the only source they could get online -- another YouTube clip of his interview and conversation from his hospital bedside.

There were interpretations to his answers in an attempt to sensationalise his answers.

When he said he thought they were carrying knives, it was reported that they threatened to stab him.

Asyraf, a quiet and unassuming 20-year-old who looks much younger than his age, did not court this attention but he has become an iconic image that emerged after four days of serious rioting in London and several cities in Britain.

The attack had prompted the Britain prime minister to say, "When we see the disgusting sight of a young man with people pretending to help him while they are robbing him, it is clear that there are things badly wrong with our society."

His misfortune had sparked off Tweeterers and Facebookers to start campaigns, from finding his attackers to collecting donations to replace his lost belongings; a STG60 (RM300) bicycle, a handphone and a PlayStation portable. An owner of a bicycle shop had offered to give him a free bicycle, but Asyraf jokingly said, "No, no more bikes. I will take the bus from now on."

During a press conference at the Malaysian High Commission in Belgrave Square, Asyraf, although in pain after the surgery, tried to answer questions fielded by the international media. But one answer resonated loud and clear and summed up the problem of the London riots.

"I feel sorry for them. But it was really sad because amongst them there were children. It was very sad. It was quite shocking."

Images of the riots showing young people, some as young as 11 years, destroying properties and looting had triggered debates about what had gone wrong with the young generation, and who was to be blamed -- the government, the education system or the parents.

For someone so young to just arrive in a country and see people his age roaming in the streets late into the night causing destruction to public properties, was indeed shocking.

Asyraf''s quote resounded everywhere and was quoted by all. And something should be done about it.

Read more: A quiet lesson in forgiveness

Friday, August 12, 2011

Everyone must watch this video.


I found the link to this video posted by my friends on FB. In the beginning of the video, I didn't understand what is the message they want to share. However, after half way through, I can see the connection between the signage of the fast food chains and the man on a trishaw. I shed some tears when I watched what was happening. It really gives a wake up call to me about not wasting food and we should always think about other needy people who starve almost everyday while we greedily eat and waste our food.

Why don't you watch the video and then tell me what do you think about it.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

I almost turned myself into HULK.


It's been two days since I shared something here. During Ramadhan, I can't really find time to sit in front of my netbook and type an entry. There's always something else that I need to do. However, I've decided to share an incident in my office this morning. I almost turned myself to be HULK. Who's HULK? Do you still remember the character in a tv series, cartoon and there was also an motion picture called HULK? He's just a normal guy BUT when other people make him angry, he turns himself into somebody else with a top-to-toe green person. He becomes so strong that he can run amok to those people who piss him off.

Now, let me tell what actually happened:

This morning, I arrived at my workplace as usual at 8 a.m.When I sat at my desk, I checked out my lesson plans for the day. Then, I photocopied some exercises for my students. 20 minutes later, I realized that I couldn't the CD for the Structure subject. I was panicking while I went through my stuff to find the CD. I asked some of colleagues if they happened to see it, but nobody seemed to know about it. So, I decided to write a little note on the board where everyone could see. I was hoping that someone might accidentally take it. I didn't pay attention to what I wrote on the board since I was worried if I lost the CD, I had to pay to replace the CD from my own money. Few minutes later, SHE came with her usual vocal and loud voice. She didn't greet me but instead she said, "Nura, there's a grammar mistake in your sentence there". She left and I was too stupefied to even uttered a word. I felt humiliated and I tried to control my temper. I stood out and erased the note there. When I returned to my desk, I threw my marker pen on the floor. Some of my colleagues who also listened to Miss B**** were shocked at my reaction. I just told them that I had to calm down and I reckoned they understood that. It was not the first time for me having a problem with that particular person. Last time, she showed her uncomfortable face just because I prayed near her place and not in the prayer room. I reckon I still have this irk feeling towards her. She normally irritates almost everybody there with her vocal comments and particularly her insensitive comments towards other people.

Fuhhh.......Now I'm feeling better because I can let it go now. Hopefully, I don't have to face that person's unkind remarks anymore. I might not be able to even look at her face for the time being. I know that I shouldn't do that but I just can't help myself. Thanks for reading this. I don't really mind about any comments here as what I'm sharing is just one of my flaws as a normal human being.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Lagi pasal iklan ramadhan. Kali ini di TV9. (BM entry)


Smlm saya berkongsi mengenai satu iklan di TV8. Bila dibuka hari ini, video iklan yang mencetuskan kontroversi itu sudah dipadamkan dari YOU TUBE. Hari ini pula ada dua iklan dalam Bahasa Melayu pula yang disiarkan di TV9 pula yang saya nak kongsikan. Kedua2 iklan ni ada mesej yg bagus tetapi seperti biasa, masih ada yang memandang serong pada iklan2 ini. Bagi saya, sekali lagi, iklan2 yang di buat adalah karya kreatif mereka yang terbabit dalam bidang penngiklanan. Kadang2 dalam berkarya, mereka boleh tersalah langkah kerana mereka lebih mementingkan cara terbaik untuk menyampaikan apa yang perlu mereka sampaikan. Jika kita ambil apa yang positif dari apa yang mereka nak sampaikan, (selagi mereka tak menggunakan isu2 sensitif) tiada apa yang salah.

Saya dah tak nak komen panjang2. Sekali lagi terserah pada pendapat sesiapa yang sudi membaca entri ini.

Iklan pertama

Iklan kedua


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Another controversial commercial ads? Really??


Maybe most of you have watched this commercial ads about the meaning and significance of ramadhan on 8TV. It has become a controversial ads due to the armpit issue. Armpit? Yes, believe or not Malays (I'm also one of them) have become so sensitive even though I don't think it's a big issue as even some Malays who are Muslims show more than that everyday. Media Prima apologized for airing the commercial ads but this time (compared to last year's controversial commercial ads on TV3) they don't have to apologized. I reckon I better let you be the judge to and decide your stand. SO.................why don't you pay attention to this commercial ads:

Friday, August 5, 2011

Such a WASTE.

Such a WASTE

When you buy too much food,
Just because you are greedy,
It's such a WASTE.

When you spend too much time,
Sleeping or resting,
Just because you feel so tired,
It's such a WASTE.

When you talk about other people,
Pointing at their mistake,
Just because you think you are so perfect,
It's such a WASTE.

When you worry about insignificant things,
Just because you don't want to be left behind,
It's such a WASTE.

There are so many things,
Too much WASTE,
When we only have so little time,
The clock is always ticking,
BUT we sometimes fail to see,
Let's reduce the WASTE.

P/S: I hope this can be a little reminder to all of us. Read between the lines.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Puasa Yang Yok. (BM entry)


Bukan mudah nak melatih kanak2 berpuasa di bulan Ramadhan ni. Tahun ini, Fathini (anak sulung saya) dah masuk 6 tahun. Jadi memang kami nak melatih  dia berpuasa sikit2. Tahun lps pun dah mula tapi sempat bertahan 5 hari (puasa setengah hari) je. Hr ini, Fathini bangun bersahur sama2 dan dapat bertahan sampai makan tengahari di nurseri. Esok, dia masih bersemangat nak mencuba lagi sbb kawan2 sebayanya pun ada yg cuba berpuasa juga.

Teringat sewaktu kecil, sy pun mula berlatih puasa yang yok ni seawal usia 5 tahun. Tetapi hanya pada usia 7 tahun, barulah dapat berpuasa satu hari penuh dan dalam sebulan tu sempat berpuasa 27 hari. 3 hari lagi tu tak tahan dugaan membantu menyediakan biskut raya jadi berbuka sblm masuk waktu. hehe. Bila masuk umur 8 tahun barulah dapat berpuasa penuh sebulan.

Pernah dengar ni?:
Puasa Yang Yok, Bangun pagi buka periuk.

Apa kenangan puasa yang yok anda semua?