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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cerita Mak yang terlalu berkira.

Cerita ni cerita benar ye. Baru je terjadi semalam di sebuah pasaraya.

Al-kisah seorang mak yang baru balik dari kerja, terus mengangkut anak-anaknya seramai 3 orang untuk membeli beberapa barang keperluan. Anak-anak macam biasa ada jelah barang-barang yang diaorg perlu. Mak ni melayan yang mana patut jelah kan.

Bila sampai kat tempat aiskrim, anak-anak nak aiskrim. Ok, maknya melayan lagi. Tapi tiba-tiba salah seorang anak nak pulak aiskrim goreng. Harga sekotak aiskrim goreng tu dalam RM10 lebih. Sekotak ada 6 ketul je. Mesti beli sekotak tak cukup kan. Jadi, mak yang berkira ni pun bagitahu anak-anak, "Lebih baik kita buat sendiri aiskrim goreng ni". "Mama tahu macammana nak buat sebab ada resipi kat internet untuk buat aiskrim goreng sendiri".

Dengan tak disangka-sangka ada seorang pekerja di pasaraya tu sibuk pasang telinga. Dia cakap pada mak yang berkira ni,"Alah puan bukannya aiskrim tu harga ratus-ratus pun." "Kesian kat budak-budak". Mak yang berkira ni apa lagi, naiklah darah bila ada orang yang sibuk masuk campur hal dia dengan anak-anak.
Mak ni pun terus cakap,"Awak nak tolong bayar ke? Kalau tak jangan sibuk. Bukan saya tak beli apa2 untuk diaorg. Ni dah banyak barang dah dlm troli ni. Kalau tak nak tolong bayar, tolong jangan sibuk masuk campur ye."

Terdiam terus pekerja tu. Berani nak masuk campur hal orang. Memang mak berkira ni berkira sebab kalau tak berkira, alamatnya hujung bulan, anak-anak makan maggi jelah kan. Ayah diaorg dah byk bayar benda2 lain.

Pernah tak sesiapa yang sakit hati bila ada orang lain yang sibuk2 bagi pendapat percuma bila kita tak perlu pun?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to survive the water crisis.

Those who are living in the Klang Valley have been experiencing the water crisis for quite sometime now. Most of us are prepared but when there are so many people living under the same roof, it's quite tough. Even with the schedule, we need always need to expect the worse. According to the schedule, each area is supposed to have the water cut for 2 days. However, sometime it drags on until the third day.

So.....what can we do? Surely many people have their own ways to overcome this crisis. As for us, there are some methods we use to help us survive the water crisis:

  • Buy wet tissues to be used for easy cleaning and wiping. They are not just for cleaning after changing diapers.
  • Buy a lot of paper plates, cups, forks and spoons. I know that most of us will be thinking of eating out but seriously it's really expensive to eat out for 2 days in a row during breakfast,lunch and dinner especially when you have a lot of children. 
  •  Use the same pot to cook for lunch and dinner (We don't have to wash the pot as we can just wipe it with wet tissue). Better still, cook only once a day.
  • Make a rule of taking a bath using only water from a small pail for each person in your family.  For small children, the mother can bath them all at once.
  • Keep all the dirty clothes for few days and then bring them to a self-service laundry. It cost roughly about RM7 to wash 14 kg clothes and RM4 to dry them.
Those are the things that we practice when we experience the water cut. Maybe others have more to add?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Must be cruel to be kind.

I have a confession today. I'm being quite cruel as I've made a drastic decision. I've to reject a kid to my kindy just because he's such a handful and brings bad influence to others. The father accused me of being inexperienced and giving up on an innocent child. He can label and criticized me and my staffs but by all means we just can't cope with his "special" child anymore.

I told him nicely that his son needs better teachers and school as the son needs special attention with his special needs of having uncontrollable bowel, disruptive in class and playing too rough with others. We've tried so many approaches and methods within 3 months but nothing seems work. In fact, his son is becoming worse every single day. Within those 3 months, he bit one of his classmates twice, hurt other kids couple of times and never show any improvements in toilet training at all.

So, before things really get out of hand, yes I've to let go of the child for the sake of other children and also our peace of mind for not having to worry on how to train or discipline him anymore.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One of its kind!

There's this one boy who joined our kindy in January this year. He's really one of its kind. WHY? Well, to begin with, he's quite rough. I thought that's normal for a boy. But NO...His only way to play with other kids is by punching, beating, kicking or even worst biting! We've tried all sorts of methods to explain to him that those are not acceptable in school. His problem don't just stop there. He has another BIG problem. He doesn't know how to tell when he already pooped! He can play as usual and continue to play until the stool become sticky in his underwear. Again, we've tried all sorts of things to encourage him to tell us as it's really tiring just to wash him until 6X each day. He won't finish his 'business' all at once that's why he'll do so many times. His father asked us to check on him and ask him every hour! We don't have to luxury to do that as we have to attend to other kids as well. Plus he's already 5 years old not a toddler anymore!

For those who have sons, if you have encountered any of those problems before, would you be kind enough to share with me your tips? I'm quite desperate to do anything possible to help this boy.