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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Without kids VS With kids.


Let's see these pictures and then tell me if you agree with those situations.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A non-qualified psychologist?


Have you ever give or share your thoughts when other people ask your opinion on their problem? Have you been a good listener to your friends? What about giving some suggestions on how to solve some problems?
If your answer to all of those questions is YES, then you are actually a non-qualified psychologist.

Most of us think that we always know how or what to say when our family members or friends ask us to share our opinion. Sometimes we think if we have the same problem, we would this and that. However, how many of us realize each problem in life is unique. Although there might be some similarities with some problems, we can't just suggest one way of dealing with them. When our friends make some mistakes in solving their problems, we turn our back and think that they deserve to suffer.

I've been one of the non-qualified psychologist too. I've learned my mistake several times now. It's better to lend our ears to the problems and then maybe suggest some possible solutions. But at the end, the person need to weigh the pros and cons of their own decision. There's no such thing as THE BEST solution in life. We learn the part and parcel of life through our own decision and like or not, we have to deal with the consequences every day. 

SO, if next time you want to give advice, don't forget to say that, "Your own decision is the best for you".

Thursday, October 25, 2012

7 dangerous acts after meal.



1. Don’t smoke —- Experiments from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking 10 cigarettes (chances of cancer is higher)

2. Don’t eat fruits immediately — Immediately eating fruits after meals will cause stomach to be bloated with air. Therefore take fruits 1 -2 hours after meal or 1 hour before meal.

3. Don’t drink tea—— Because tea leaves contain a high content of acid. This substance will cause the protein content in the food we consume to be hundred thus difficult to digest.

4. Don’t loosen your belt———- Loosening the belt after meal will easily cause the intestine to be twisted and blocked.

5. Don’t bathe———- ——- Bathing after meal will cause the increase of blood flow to the hands, legs and body thus the amount of blood around the stomach will therefore decrease, this will weaken the digestive system in our stomach.

6. Don’t walk about———- — People always say that after a meal walk a hundred steps and you will live till 99. In actual fact this is not true. Walking will cause the digestive system to be unable to absorb the nutrition from the food we intake.

7. Don’t sleep immediately—- ——– The food we intake will not be to digest properly. Thus will lead to gastric and infection in our intestine.

Have you ever done some of the acts before? Have you ever heard some warnings about those before? I have to admit that I've done some of the acts before and didn't realize how dangerous the acts can be. I reckon after this, we better avoid doing those acts. 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From Curve NX to The Curve,IPC & IKEA.


Do you hate exercise? But you love shopping or doing window shopping? THEN.......................a perfect place to go is MUTIARA DAMANSARA. WHY?'s simple. You can walk to those places as they are just next to each other while you are doing your window shopping. As walking is one of the best exercise, you won't realize that you are burning the fat while doing your favourite activity during weekend. 

Last Sunday, we didn't really plan our walkathon trip. My SIL was the one who asked us to drop Fathini & Hafizah at Kidzania in Curve NX so that they can accompany their cousin to play there. In order to fill up our time waiting for our daughters, we decided to walk and check out the other buildings near Curve NX. I've been to The Curve & eCurve before but I've never enter IKEA. That's why I asked my hubby to go there and see what's so great about that place. It was quite convenience to walk around there because they have built the bridges that connect the buildings around the area.

We began our walkathon from Curve NX to The Curve. A lot of shop lots were not opened yet and there were not so many people too. We spent some time in The Curve before my hubby decided to sit down and have some tea. Then, we went to RASA food court. We wanted to check out the stalls at the street in front of eCurve but then most of them were not opened yet. So, we proceeded to IPC. 

In IPC, there were a sale from Popular Book Store. They are selling books at a very crazy prices. I checked out some books but I didn't buy any. I love buying books but right now we don't have enough space to store our books. We also checked out other shops before we proceeded to IKEA.

There were so many people in IKEA. We can't really walk without the stroller bumping into other people's feet. Some people dropped their kids at the play area with a guardian so that they can shop peacefully. Most people are just stealing some ideas for their homes. Some love the furniture or other stuffs. We walked around to be inspired too. By 1 o'clock, we were starving and decided to eat in IKEA's food court. However, it was so crowded that we couldn't find any empty seat.

At last we had our lunch in RASA food court before we went back to Curve NX. By 2 o'clock, we were so tired and thought that Fathini and Hafizah were ready to go home. But when I called my SIL, she said that they were still waiting to go into some rooms in Kidzania. She asked us to go home and she would sent our daughters home.

Our walkathon was a kind of something that we haven't done for such a long time. We were there for 4 hours and we only stop walking when we had a drink and also our lunch. Maybe we should do this more often. my

Friday, October 19, 2012

Cabaran 36 Jam. (BM entry)


Sempena hari Jumaat yang mulia ini, saya nak berkongsi peluang untuk kita semua bersedekah setakat yang termampu. Rasanya ramai yang sudah terbaca tentang penderitaan seorang bekas pemain bila sepak Ezmi Md. Jan yang menderita penyakit barah hidung tahap 4. (kritikal) Kalau tidak silap, malam semalam pun ada kisah Ezmi ni di TV3.

Ini yang saya dapat daripada FB:

Jika inginj menderma, anda boleh masukkan ke akaun ini:
1222 7000 0646 100

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I admire her: Tawakul Karman


I admire this woman for her bravery and boldness when people asked her about her hijab. This is what the best answer so far to the question "Why do Muslim women need to wear hijab?"

Another baby in the family!


I received a good news this morning. There's another baby in our family. Whose baby is it? Nope, definitely not mine because I just delivered Husna 4 months ago. It's my second nephew. My younger sister, Yatie delivered her second baby this morning at 10 something in one of the private hospital in Kota Bharu. The labour process was quite quick considering that she had the contractions at 3 a.m. and by 8 a.m. she went to the hospital. So, this is the photo of the new baby:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's exam season!


It's almost at the end of the year. How time flies! (yup, quite a cliche' to say that). As UPSR & PMR were over, SPM & STPM  candidates are waiting for their exams to start. My daughter, Fathini is also having her final year exam this week.

Yesterday, when we asked her "How was the exam?". She smiled and said, "It was easy peasy, mama". I was relieved to hear that. My hubby and I have decided even before she went to primary school that we don't want to force her to study or expect her to excel by giving her the high expectation. We don't want to feel stressed as it's better if she wants to do things on her own will. It also can boost her self confidence when she excel at her own expectations. We are trying (very hard sometimes) not to be so KIASU. It's not really good to compare our kids with other people's kids as they unique and they must have their own sense of accomplishments even though it might not be as great as others.

I used to feel so stressed up whenever I had to sit for any exam. I wanted to achieved excellent result but I forgot that it wasn't just in my hand. Thus, I felt so frustrated when I wasn't able to achieve my target. I blamed myself and at the end I couldn't change a thing after that. That's why I don't want my kids to feel what I've gone through. I know that they need to learn the ups and downs in life. However, if we can reduce the unnecessary stress, it will be better for them.

How did you feel when you had to sit for an exam when you were small?

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Fathini's latest art piece.


Here's Fathini's latest art piece. My daughters love to use "Paint" program on the laptop to create their own masterpiece. I love to see their imagination and creativity. It's also a better program rather letting them to play other computer games the whole day.

My lovely family

Friday, October 12, 2012

Sedekah yang paling mudah . (BM entry)


Sekarang saya suka melihat Husna yang sudah pandai tersenyum bila ada orang bercakap dengannya. Bangun pagi-pagi pun dah senyum dan tak menangis. Memang senyum boleh membuatkan kita lebih tenang dan gembira. Ianya juga sedekah yang paling mudah untuk kita lakukan.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 ginger benefits.


Who love ginger? I normally use ginger in most of dishes I cook everyday. But sometimes I can't stand if there's too much ginger in a dish.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Should I blame GPS?


Last Saturday we were lost on the way to my cousin's wedding. It was somewhere in Ampang. As we are not so familiar with the place and we seldom drive into KL, we depended solely on our GPS to lead the way. We started off the journey at 12.30 p.m. However after about almost 3 hours of touring around Ampang, we still couldn't find the place. I called my sister, Yati to enquire about the location and she told me to find Tesco Hypermarket. We found Tesco but not one but two Tesco hypermarket. I regretted my decision of not following the others earlier but it was too late then. It was very hard when there was one hard-headed person who refused to get some help. So, by 3.30 p.m. I decided to call the searching off because we were starving. I asked my hubby to stop at Tesco Extra (I think it's in Cheras or hmmm). Instead of having good food from a wedding, we had some food in the food court in Tesco.

Have you ever lost even when you used GPS? Is it so reliable or you still need to have a rough idea about the location?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Silence is golden BUT....


Do you agree with this?

Right now I don't have to worry yet because Husna is just 4 months old. She just learned roll side to side. When Fathini and Hafizah were small, I remember that I couldn't let them out of my sight. Once Fathini drew and scribbled on some of the books that we borrowed from the local library when she was out of my sight. We had to purchased those books. Hafizah was always fascinated with food. If she was left alone in the kitchen, she would be found near the fridge. She also loved to help with the laundry. I had to redo the folding job or when I had to sort the laundry before they were put into the washing machine.

What about your kids? 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What children need most....


So, let's give them more of those because they need to be nurtured as good human being not a robot! If we really love them, we will try our best to provide and give them what they really need.
What say you?

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Karnival Ko-kurikulum & Hari keluarga SKKJ1 (BM entry)


Ahd lepas sekolah Fathini menganjurkan Karnival Ko-kurikulum & Hari Keluarga. Karnival berlansung dari pukul 8-1 petang. Tetapi Fathini bersunggu-sungguh bagitahu kami yang budak-budak perlu ada di sekolah pukul 7.30 pagi. Terpaksalah papa Fathini bawa dia ke sekolah pagi-pagi lagi. Saya dan Hafizah pergi pukul 9 pagi. Husna ditinggalkan di rumah sebab hari tu nampak macam panas terik. Takut demam pulak kalau bawa dia ke tengah padang.

Acara pagi bermula dengan senamrobik. Fathini selalu cakap "senamrombik". hehe. Bila saya sampai memang saya nampak Fathini dan budak-budak darjah satu yang lain yang buat senamrobik tu. Papa Fathini pun ikut sama. Ada beberapa ibubapa yang lain pun ikut serta bersenamrobik. Saya tengok je sebab Hafizah asyik tarik baju saya dan suruh cari kakaknya.

Bila tamat senamrobik, Fathini sibuk ajak nak naik kuda. Sebelum Fathini dah ada beberapa orang budak menunggu giliran. Nak naik kuda kena bayar guna kupon RM5. Rupa-rupanya kupom RM20 yang dibeli sebelum karnival tu tak akan cukup kalau budak-budak nak main permainan dan beli makanan hari tu. Saya bagilah Fathini naik kuda sebab dia tak pernah merasa naik kuda. Memang seronok sangat bila dia dapat naik kuda tu. Bila orang yang pegang kuda suruh duduk tegak, bukan main tegak dia duduk. Hafizah pula, tak tahu kenapa takut sangat dan tak nak naik kuda.

Semasa Fathini sedang menaiki kuda, ada satu pertunjukan silat. Tak berapa pasti silat apa sebab sibuk perhatikan Fathini. Sempat jugak saya ambik gambar pertunjukan silat tu. Seronok jugak tengok demonstrasi silat tu. Teringat pulak demonstrasi taekwondo yang saya sendiri pernah sertai dulu masa belajar di PPP/ITM.

Kami sempat juga membeli beberapa jenis makanan dan minuman yang dijual di gerai-gerai yang ada. Kami beli laksa, dadih dan air kelapa. Tak banyak sangat gerai yang ada. Ada satu gerai yang menjual burger, ramai yang beratur nak membeli burger. Kemudian Fathini dan Hafizah mahu melihat pameran di dalam bas Pusat Sains Negara. Nasib baik pameran tu percuma je. Kalau tak kena guna  kupon lagi.

Ada satu lagi pameran yang anak-anak nak tengok iaitu Mini Zoo. Pameran tu di buat dalam salah sebuah kelas. Untuk masuk ke pameran tu kena bayar RM4 seorang. Jadi saya dan suami tunggu di luar kelas je. Saya ambik gambar anak-anak melalui celah-celah tingkap. Ada binatang kecik-kecik je macam ular, landak dan tikus belanda.

Kami tak tunggu sampai habis karnival sebab saya risaukan Husna yang ditinggalkan di rumah. Fathini merengek nak cuba naik "flying fox" tapi tak dapatlah dia nak merasa hari tu. Paintball pun ada dan barisan orang-orang beratur pun agak panjang. Mungkin kalau ada rezeki, lain kali anak-anak boleh mencuba aktiviti-aktiviti lasak tu.

Monday, October 1, 2012

A & N academic & scientific editing service


My hubby and I have established a new website to advertise our services to public. This is one of our projects. We've been editing, proof reading and translating some academic papers for our friends and family members for few years. That's why we reckon it's best to establish a legal and proper service. We've registered this service under the enterprise company. So, if any of you out there need help with academic paper or any kind of translating job from BM to English or vice versa, we're happy to help with reasonable price for the service.

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