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Monday, February 28, 2011

Men & Hobbies.


I might sound so bias towards women when we discuss this topic. I've been thinking about writing this because I've observed the men in family; from my hubby, father, father-in-law, brothers,, brother-in-law and male cousins and I've noticed that they have their own hobbies that can make them spending a lot of time and also money on their hobbies.

I want to try to list down the hobbies that I normally see and heard from my family members and friends. If you can add on to the list, you are most welcome to.  

1. Playing computer games/PSP/ video games. 
    My hubby and my brothers are among those who are really crazy about playing computer games/psp/video games. Their excuse is simple; it's better for them to spend time playing the games rather than spending time and money to entertain themselves outside. Huh?

2. Fishing
    When we were in New Zealand, some of the our male friends invited my hubby to join in their fishing expedition as it could be quite exciting and rewarding. However, my hubby is so sensitive with the fish smell. So, he turned the offers nicely. Some of them still gave us some of their catch and I must say, this hobby can be a rewarding one provided that you have the passion and patience!

3. Playing futsal (street soccer)
   Actually one of my brothers is really into this sports. He was a very active athlete when he was in secondary school. He has had suffered some injuries but he never feels enough is enough. Right now he is just playing to be healthy and to avoid having a post-marital-tummy. (perut boroi.hehehe)

4. Shooting
    This is a special hobby for my father (my abah) since he was young. He owns a rifle and his targets are always the wild birds during the monsoon season. We were so used to helping him in plucking the birds' feathers before my late mum cooked the birds. I was not so crazy about eating the wild birds meat but the experience and the fun of plucking the feathers are among the special moments with my siblings.

5. Fishing during the monsoon season
    This is very seasonal since my brothers (there are 5 of them) always take the opportunity to go fishing at the end of the year when the water is filling up in the paddy fields behind our grandparents' house. I'm not the expect in naming the species but those little fish end up to be our lunch or dinner. The best way to cook them is by deep frying them.

6. Buying the latest electronic gadgets.
    This can be an expensive hobby since the latest hype is always expensive. Buying the gadgets just because other people have them is not helping either. My hubby and I don't always see eye to eye about this. For example, he loves to buy new digital camera and video camera even though now we already have 2 digital cameras, 3 video cameras! However, I have to thank him for buying this net book and subscribing the internet access that has enable me to continue my blogging hobby. hehehe

All right.........Now, it's your turn to share your opinion on this topic. What about the men in your family? 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A to Z Kiasu Philosophy.


I found this from this LINK.
It's an amusing take on the subject of "Kiasu". Don't know what is Kiasu?
Read this explanation from WIKIPEDIA.

Kiasu (traditional Chinese: 驚輸; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: kiaⁿ-su) is a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing' (Mandarin Chinese: 怕输). However its actual usage would imply a meaning more approaching that of "dog in a manger", and yet not quite (Landon Mossburg). Examples of kiasu behaviour includes accumulating too much food on one's plate during a buffet lunch in case there is no more later, or joining a queue many days in advance just to ensure that one successfully gets hold of the limited free tickets to events, promotions and shows such as Singapore's annual National Day Parade.
This word is so widely used by Singaporeans and Malaysians that it is incorporated into their English vocabulary (in the form of Singlish and Manglish). It is often used in describing the social attitudes of people, especially about South East Asian society and its values. Its widespread use is often because these attitudes are common—to not lose out in a highly competitive society (e.g. by above-cited examples), or to the extent of parents imposing heavy study labour on their children in their wish to make them at the very top of all other students. Growing up with this attitude, these students often become ambitious businesspeople[citation needed], with the desire to be on top in wealth and prestige regardless of whether the most prestigious careers are aligned with their true capabilities.

 Here is the A-Z Kiasu Philosophy:




Always must win   Never mind what they   think
Borrow but never return   Outdo everyone you know
Cheap is good Pay only when necessary
Don't trust anyone Quit while you are ahead
Everything also must grab! Rushing and pushing wins the race
Free! Free! Free! Sample are always welcome
Grab first talk later Take but don't give
Help yourself to everything Unless it's free forget it
I first, I want, I everything Vow to be number one
Jump queue Winner takes it ALL! ALL! ALL!
Keep coming back for more Yell if necessary to get what you want
Look for discount Zebras are kiasu because they want to
Must not lose face be both black and white at the same time



Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bloglist Anastasyea Bulan Mac 2011 (BM Entry)


Hati ini bagai terpanggil-panggil untuk memasukkan blog yang tak seberapa ini dalam Bloglist Anastasyea Bulan Mac 2011. Sebenarnya dalam bulan lepas lagi, ada keinginan tapi dek kerana terlalu sibuk dengan beberapa perkara lain, saya sudah terlepas peluang bulan lepas. Jadi, untuk bulan Mac, saya tak nak ketinggalan lagi. Sajalah kan nak kenal lagi ramai bloggerdi luar sana yang semakin memeriahkan dunia blogging ni.

Cakap banyak-banyak tak guna sebab kalau ada yang lain berminat juga, ada 3 syarat mudah je. Nak tahu apakah syarat-syaratnya? MESTILAH? hehe. Tengok banner cantik ni dan silalah tekan link di bawah banner tu. Jangan segan silu ye.

Tekan SINI


Friday, February 25, 2011

Lucky - Glee VS Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat?


I'm not a big fan of Glee (the musical soap opera) on Starworld Channel but after watching the episode where they had to do duet, I've felt in love with this particular song. The original song is sang by Jason Mraz and C......but in Glee it was sang by Quinn and Sam-the two characters in the drama (They are so like Barbie and Ken, right? heheh).

Now, I want you to be addicted like me to this song too as I just can't stop singing this song since yesterday. I actually watched the episode after I came back from work.. I want you to judge with version do you like the best.



This song reminds me of the time when we (my hubby and I) were forced to sing duet in our last dinner party with PPP/ITM Taekwondo Club way back in 1999. During that time, we chose to sing (or rather I chose bcs he was clueless about the latest song) Truly Madly Deeply by Savage Garden. We don't really have wonderful voice but our friends were purposely tried to set us up. So, we just had fun and tried our best. Somehow it was one of the best moment for us! *wink *wink.  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crisis in Libya & Yemen- How does it affect our students?


Since the protests started in Libya & Yemen, some of our Libyan and Yemeni students have been so worried about their family and friends back in their countries. Some even came to class and shared some sad stories. Some have had some financial problems since they couldn't ask their family to send some money in order for them to continue their study in our center.

I really pity them and can't help myself thinking that if it's happen here (Nauzubillah), we'll have the same problems like them. Right now, all means of communications have been cut off and they are unable to contact their family and friends. Until everything is settled (don't know when or for how long), somehow our job is also might be jeopardized by the riots. We might have less students and less students means that some of us might get less hour to teach that can lead to less salary! huhu. Thus, I'm praying so hard now that Muammar Gaddafi & Ali Abdullah Saleh will follow Hosni Mobarak's step to give back the power to his people. I might sound so selfish when I make this statement but I reckon, if their people are protesting, there must be something wrong somewhere and they just can't be oppress anymore. Cronyism and Nepotism should never be part of any government if that government wants to rule a country in a peaceful manner.

Now, what say you? What do you reckon about this? Is it possible that one day some of us might also protest against our government? If so, what's going to happen?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have you noticed about Faceblog?


See more HERE

Not Happy On My Birthday.


It's supposed to be a fine day today as it's my birthday. I just turned 33 this year and I've accepted the fact that all of us are not going to be younger as we are growing older every year. My students sang "Happy Birthday" song for me in the beginning of the lesson. My colleagues also wished and sang "Happy Birthday" song too. I was so overwhelmed with the wishes. didn't last so long when my students spoiled the day! They were having their listening test when I caught most of them cheating by sharing the answers. I warned them before I gave the test paper and I also restated the exam rules but those reminders fell into deaf ears. At some point when I totally lost my patience, I shouted on top of my lung "Don't share the answers because you're not supposed to help your friends that way!". Some of them said "Sorry" but the rest just either being so stubborn or just didn't get the message at all!

Tomorrow I'm not sure what to tell them because I don't think I want to check their test papers. I know they didn't really attempt to answer or guess those answers on their own. May be I should just cool down first and think about this matter. Hmmmm......

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The prizes have been posted.


This is just an announcement to the winners of "My hardworking child/children Contest". I've posted the prizes late in the afternoon today. Hopefully by the day after tomorrow or by Friday, all of you will receive the token of appreciations from me. Thank you.

Keeping up with the updates when you join Contests/Giveaways.


How many of you love and so addicted to joining as many contests and giveaways as possible? Please raise-up your hands (even though I can't see you. hehe) How do you keep make sure that you are not going to miss the announcement of the result? Have you ever missed any result announcement before?

I've missed some announcements of the contests/giveaways result. I've missed out one or two prizes too due to that. BUT for me, I just think that if it's not meant to be mine, it's okay. It was my mistake too when I was not able to keep checking the updates when I was too busy with work and family matters. It's just that, I reckon sometimes the organizers can help to notify the winners personally because many bloggers have their own personal life and it's hard to keep up with the updates when most of the time, the result will be dragged to few days or even a week or two after the due date, then only the final result is announced. 

I personally have helped to notify two personally two of the winners from the previous contest that I organized just because I don't want them to miss out the opportunity to win something. Now.............what do you reckon about this issue?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Affect & Effect (Simple English Grammar Tutorial)


Many bloggers normally share tutorials on blogging tips and secrets. BUT....I'm so suck in blogging because I always learn from the other bloggers as well. It's also because I'm hopeless in IT especially in the HTML coding etc. So, I've decided to share what I know the best- that is to share some tutorials in Simple English Grammar.

To kick start the series, I just want to share The Differences between Affect & Effect. I've noticed that many of us always use the word "Effect" for both verb and noun.Now let's see how we actually should use these two words.

1. Affect (verb)- use to show the consequence of any processes or actions.

Example: Smoking can affect our health.
                 Scoring low mark in the exam can affect your final result.

2. Effect (noun)-  it is the outcome or the consequence itself. 


The effects of smoking are mainly on the various health related problems, speeding up the aging process, can cause the birth defect on babies (for pregnant women) and also reducing the life span. 

You have to think about the effects of your action before you decide to go on with it.

Okay. This is just a short and sweet tutorial just to help those who are always confuse in the usage of these two words. If any of you would like to know about other things or you need to clarify anything, I would love to hear from you as well. You can either drop the comment here or send me your questions to my e-mail



Sunday, February 20, 2011

Perarakan Maulidur Rasul & Hadiah2 pemenang. (BM entry)


Sejak akhir2 ni selalu juga saya buat entri bercampur2. Dah kebetulan ada banyak benda yg hendak dikongsikan dan takut2 selalunya susah juga saya nak duduk mengadap depan net book ni. Entri ini pun entri yang caca merba. Alah.....takpela kan sebab hari ni pun Ahad. Hari orang2 bekerja bersantai2.

Mula2, saya nak berkongsi pasal Perarakan Maulidur rasul yang diadakan di jalan depan rumah ni. Petang Jumaat lepas, dalam pukul 5.30, saya terlihat ada satu kumpulan perarakan dari Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya (tak pasti SKKJ 1 atau 2) berarak sambil berselawat ke atas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. Ada beberapa orang guru juga mengiringi perarakan tersebut. Mereka berjalan dari sekolah dan mengelilingi jalan ditepi sekolah hingga cukup satu pusingan. Kanak2 yg terlibat, rasanya dalam linkungan umur 7 hingga 12 tahun. Seronok saya tengok perarakan tersebut sehingga saya pun sibuk2 ambil kamera dan dapatla ambil beberapa keping gambar. Cuma ada kedengaran dari sebuah rumah jiran yang tidak suka dengan perarakan tersebut dan menjerit "Hoi(3x) memekak je".  Entah apa masalah orang tu. Kalau tak suka, patutnya tutupla pintu dan tingkap dan tak payah dengarla. Kanak2 boleh berselawat macam tu ada orang dewasa yang tak reti bahasa pula yang marah.

Ini ada beberapa keping gambar yg sempat ditangkap:

Gambar ditangkap dari tingkap bilik. Nampak tak cikgu yg naik motorsikal tu?

Ada beberapa orang cikgu wanita yang turut serta.

Gambar terakhir yang sempat ditangkap. Meraka ada bawa kain rentang juga.

Perkara kedua ialah berkenaan hadiah2 pemenang "My Hardworking Child/Children Contest". Saya dah dapat kesemua alamat pemenang dan insyaallah saya akan poskan hadiah2 lusa sbb esok saya ada banyak urusan bank. Mintak maaf kalau terpaksa menunggu. Harap2 anda semua akan berkenan dengan hadiah2 yang tak seberapa ni. 

Untuk pemenang hadiah pertama hingga keempat:

Hadiah2 saguhati pula akan mendapat rantai kunci KLCC. Nanti saya akan letakkan gambar
rantai kunci tu esok ye. Harap bersabar. hehe

Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are so perfectly imperfect.


I love to write something to challenge my thinking and it shows that I'm a very serious person. BUT....I'm not timid as if you really know me, we can have conversations from morning until night non-stop! I'm also not trying to be so philosophical here. It's just that I always can't help myself to think about what's happening around us.

Something to be ponder upon:

  • If we always think that we are so perfect, why are there some people who would think otherwise? 
  • Why can't we consider other people's feelings while we speak,  when we our self don't want to get hurt.  
  • Why must we choose a life partner that's perfectly imperfect?
  • How can we claim that we are a perfectionist when most of the time, things can get out of our hands?
  • Why do we want to scrutinize other people so much that we forget people can do the same on us?
  • Why can't we accept the fact that "We are in fact perfectly imperfect human being"?

Now......What do you reckon? Any opinion on this? Would you like to share your imperfect opinion? :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Z.U.M.B.A. & 2 more address needed.


Fuhhhh.......I had a terrific time at my work place after the ZUMBA session conducted by one of my colleagues. Since every Friday we only have classes until 12.30, some of us decided that it would be nice if we could have a nice session of exercising. So starting from this week, we will have 1/2 hour session of Z.U.M.B.A. The session is only limited to women as we don't want to have any male spectators and it's in a secluded place.

At the beginning, there were supposed to be 10 of us. But at the end. only 7 people joined. We used the third floor where the were only the female cleaners as our spectators. We even locked the door to the third floor because even the boss had given his permission for us to conduct the session. As most of us today were the beginners, my colleagues (our two instructors) only taught the basic steps. After 15 minutes, we had enjoyed the session and started to sweat. The music that we used was quite fast but I guess that's part of ZUMBA. All of us didn't really care if missed any steps or if any of us needed to pause the movement as long as we tried. If we were to join the ZUMBA class, it would cost us a fortune! That's why I reckon, if you have friends who share the same interest, why don't you organize some ZUMBA sessions together and you can make it exclusive only for women in a secured place or even in someone' house. By the way, there's no photos of us since I was busy trying to cope with the steps and I also treat the session as our private moment with the lovely women at work. hehe

On the other note, I would like Izan from and Lya from to contact me at because I need to have their full name, address and phone number. If any of you know them, please tell them about this. I'll try to visit their blogs and try to alert them about this too. Thanks.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Presenting...............AND THE WINNERS ARE.................


First of all, I would like to apologize because I didn't have time to type and announce the winners for "My Hardworking Child/Children Contest" yesterday. There were so many errands that I had to run and by the time I want to type the entry, I was already exhausted.

Well..........enough about that. Now............I want to present to you THE WINNERS.....................







Congratulations to all winners. Thank you again to all of the participants. To the winners, please e-mail me your name, address and phone no. at I'll try to update about the prizes this evening or at night. Hopefully I'll be able to organize another contest in the future because I had so much fun looking at the photos and asking the judges to pick the winners.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Salam Maulidur Rasul and THE TOP 20.


First of all, Salam Maulidur Rasul as we are celebrating Prophet Muhammad's birthday (PBUH). Let's celebrate this in a moderate way so it won't become the "Bidaah". As for me, I love to tell and share about Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) history to my daughters and remind myself to emulate his actions and his way of life.

My second agenda is to announce THE TOP 20 in "My hardworking child/children Contest". After a long debate and series of disagreements, the judges have agreed on these TOP 20. Trust me when I say they had a tough time deciding these wonderful photos. To those who have been selected, thanks for participating and let's hope that I can organize another contest in the future.

SO.................WITHOUT FURTHER ADO.........................................


Monday, February 14, 2011

To Almiraz & Ummi Ai (Important!)


This is a message to Almiraz and Ummi Ai, the judges have viewed the photos of your children as well. The only problem is, I couldn't copy the photos to be included with the rest of the hardworking children's photos in the previous entries. So, please send me the copy of the photos via my e-mail: as soon as possible. THANKS.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ten years from now...........


It's Sunday and I don't want to write a serious entry as that should be done by tomorrow. Today as a very light entry, I just want to share some interesting facts about my daughters. This is just my own imagination based on their personality. If only I'm  able to do a superimpose photo, I would be able to see how they are going to look like when Fathini turn to 16 and Hafizah 14.

So, here are my predictions on my daughters about what's going to happen TEN YEARS FROM NOW......

  • Fathini is going to be so fussy about how she dresses, body weight and how her bedroom should look like.
  • Hafizah is going to always try to be like Fathini and love to borrow Fathini's things even though she doesn't really like to so girlish.
  • Fathini is going to be okay in her study and always try to make sure she do her homework and love to do extra homework if it's necessary.
  • Hafizah can score but sometimes she's just hate when people put the pressure on her. She prefers to do her own way and then only she can excel.
  • Fathini is going to be the interior designer and the decorator in our house and I don't really need to worry so much on her taste.
  • Hafizah will be the one who I can trust in the kitchen and can take over the my job in the kitchen with a breeze. 
Why am I doing this prediction? Well, one thing it's just for fun and also by these age; 6 & 4, their different personalities can give a slight hint about them in the future. I always see my daughters as the reflections of my younger sis, Yatie and me when we were small. We didn't always see eye to eye when we were small but we always know that we love each other so much. While Fathini's personality is somehow the reflection of mine and Hafizah's personality is somehow the reflection of Yatie's. 

To those who are reading this entry:
Would you like to make a predictions about your child/children? Or if you are not married, how about the prediction of our younger sister/brother?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

2 more Hardworking Children.


There are two more contestants that I just managed to get the photos. Their mums had submitted the entry before the due date but because of some technical problems, only by today I manage to get the copy of their photos. So, their photos are also taken into consideration.

Right now, the judges are having a tough time deciding and choosing the TOP 20. Let's hope they can choose the TOP 20 by Monday and then they can pick the winners the next day.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here are the Contestants for My Hardworking Child/Children Contest.


I've spent about 4 hours to go to each entries and get a copy of the hardworking children. They are so adorable and certainly hardworking. Fathini has enjoyed the photos too since she is going to be one of the judges. Okay...Now let's see the hardworking children. NOTE to all contestants: (to the mummies)- Please check out these photos and if I overlooked and missed your child's photo, please inform me in the comment box here a.s.a.p.

If you can't find your child's photo, please leave the link once again in the comment box of this entry. The judges will decide within 2-3 days. THUS, the result should be out by next week.

Diarrhea, Skipping a function & the CONTEST IS OFFICIALLY OVER.

Salam, Good morning,

It's been a while since I manage to post an entry so early. Today, I don't have to go to the office but actually I'm skipping or making an excuse from attending the CNY function in PJ centre. Well, I have a perfect excuse since both my daughters are having a terrible diarrhea since they woke up this morning. At the moment, they are so tired of going to the toilets so many times. I've given them the salty water and burnt toasts to make them feel better. If they are getting worse, I'm going to call my hubby to take them to the clinic after the Friday prayer today.

Regarding the contest-"My Hardworking Child/Children Contest", it is officially over yesterday. Today, I'll spend my time to check some more entries and compile all the hardworking children's photos and post 2 separate entries later during the day. By Monday 14th Feb, I'll announce the lucky winners with the photos of the prizes. So................................stay tune for the announcement!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Hardworking Child/Children Contest


This is the very first time I'm organizing a contest here in my blog. I'm quite nervous about this since I have never succeeded in doing a sticky post. Hopefully this time it'll work. Since Fathini's birthday (my eldest daughter) is on 10th Jan., I feel so generous to share the happiness with you guys out there. Now, she's a "jangok" 6-year-old girl who is always so hardworking. That's why I want to see a photo of your hardworking child/children too!

 (*some amendments for the TC)

1-  You have to be my follower in "Transformed Housewife" and "Crazy Abt Contests " blogs. 
2-  This is open to all Malaysian bloggers. If you are currently residing in other country, please provide an address in Malaysia if you are named one of the winners.
3-   Please put up the banner at the sidebar and in your entry with the link to this entry. 
4-   Choose the best photo of your child/children/nephew/niece/younger brother/younger sister that is/are doing something or busy helping you doing any tasks at home (if you have more than one, submit only one photo that include them all or just choose one of them).
5-    Your child/children/nephew/niece/younger brother/younger sister must be in the range of 0- 6 years old. 
5-    You are encouraged to tag 2 or more of your friends. (this is OPTIONAL)
6-    Leave the permanent link to your contest entry here in the comment box after you have published your entry.

There'll be 3 winners. Fathini will be helped me to choose the prizes and also the winners as she's the BIRTHDAY GIRL. Hopefully this contest will get some responses from those who love entering and trying their luck in contests. 

P/S: I'll be posting the entry about the prizes soon...................

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

No suck up policy here now! THAT'S SOOOOO GOOOOOOD


Are you familiar with office politics? Do you  always aware of what's happening in your office or workplace? Have you ever suck up your boss just to get what you want? Or have you seen other people in your workplace do that? What do you feel about those who love to suck up just to get a raise, to be noticed and appreciated and also to get a promotion?

I always HATE this kind of sucking up manner. WHY? It's SIMPLE. Those who love to suck up are normally those who are lazy to do their work properly but want to be rewarded quickly without doing so much work. AGREE? NOT AGREE? I've been working under 5 different immediate bosses now and some of them can be influenced by those opportunists. Maybe sometimes they don't realized the fact that the opportunists managed to influenced them because well, no one can be a perfect boss like we can't really be a perfect worker right?

Right now, I feel so happy that our new boss is the type that don't really entertain those opportunists. For him, as long as we do our work properly and we just need to go and see him to discuss our problems, he is fine with us. I can see that some who used to suck up to the previous boss are kind of lost now as they can't even try to influence this new boss. HAHA. So, at the end, we are going to be assessed and audited according to our performance and not based on-if-we-really-now-how-to-suck-up anymore.

What about in your workplace? Do you also face this kind of office politics? Do you dislike the opportunists too(not personally but maybe bcs of their behaviour)? What do you do to deal with the opportunists?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kisah 2 orang pemandu teksi yg peramah. (BM entry)


Kami hanya ada sebuah kereta je. Tu pun Kancil je. Kami mmg bercadang nak beli kereta kedua sbb kami berdua kerja di tempat yg berlainan; saya kerja dekat2 KLCC dan suami pula kerja kat kwsn Serdang. Sy sebenarnya pergi kerja naik LRT tiap2 hari. Cuma pagi2 sblm pegi kerja, sy perlu hantar anak2 ke Tadika (dan nursery) yg berdekatan dgn rumah. Sejak smlm, pg2 suami hantar saya dan anak2 dan kemudian baru dia akan bertolak ke tempat kerjanya. Bila petang, saya yg habis kerja awal, dalam  pukul 4.30 ptg saya dah boleh ambil anak2.

Saya nak berkongsi Kisah 2 orang pemandu teksi yang peramah ni kerana seorang peramah tapi cara dia bertanyakan soalan2 buat saya tak selesa dan seorang lagi memang peramah yang menyenangkan.
Kita namakan Pemandu A ni Abg Dollah dan Pemandu B ni Pakcik Mamat.

sumber: pakcik GOOGLE. (tak sempatnye nak ambik gambar sebenar Abg Dollah & Pakcik Mamat tu.

Perbualan dengan Abg Dollah:

Saya:           Nak pergi *Tmn Wangi Semacam (rekaan semata) ye. Nanti nak ambik anak2 di tadika.

Abg Dollah: Ok. Cepat ye balik. Kerja apa dik?

Saya          : Kerja part-time je. Balik awal.

Abg Dollah:  Kerja supermarket ke?

Saya          :  Iye. (walaupun sebenarnya saya guru BI sambilan di sebuah pusat bhs tapi malas nak bagitahu)

Abg Dollah:  Anak2 pergi Tadika mana?

Saya          : Tak jauh dari rumah. Sebenarnya nak sampai dah, kat depan tu je. Boleh tunggu kejap?
                    (cepat2 saya turun nak ambik anak2)

Abg Dollah: Kat sini dah tak de Tadika Islam ke?

Saya          : Ada tapi kami nak hantar yg paling dekat dengan rumah dan kat situ pun ada Ustazah yg ajar
                   tiap2 minggu. (masa ni saya dah bengang sikit dgn soalan dia sbb tak tahu apa motifnya)

Abg Dollah: Tadika Islam ada ajar Bahasa Arab dan ajar sembahyang.

Saya          : Memang betul tapi nanti bila masuk sekolah rendah kami nak hantar anak2 ke KAFA dan kat
                   rumah pun saya dah lama ajar anak sembahyang dan Bahasa Arab tu, saya pun boleh ajar sikit2
                   sebab saya sekolah Arab 3 tahun lebih.

Abg Dollah: Kat mana ni rumah?

Saya          : Dah tak jauh. Lps 2 buah rumah lg tu. Berapa ye?

Abg Dollah : RM7.

Sekarang cuba bandingkan dengan Pemandu teksi B yg saya namakan Pakcik Mamat.

Perbualan dengan Pakcik Mamat.

Saya        : Nak ke *Tmn Wangi Semacam.

Pak Mat  : Boleh. Belok ke kiri lps traffic light ni?

Saya        : Aah. Belok kiri, jumpa traffic light satu lg terus dan ada satu simpang belok kanan dan kemudian
                 masuk kanan. Nak ambik anak2 kat tadika jugak.

Pak Mat  : Tadika kat mana? Jauh?

Saya        : Tak jauh. Dekat je dari rumah.

Pak Mat   : Berapa umur anak2?

Saya         : 6 dengan 4 tahun.

Pak Mat   : Dah besar ye. Suami kerja mana?

Saya         : Dia kerja jauh sikit dan balik lambat.

Pak Mat   : Ooooo. Kat depan sana ke tadika nyer?

Saya         : Tak. Ada satu yg satu  lg tu. Yg ada budak2 tengah main kat luar tu. Pakcik tunggu kejap ye.

Pak Mat   : Boleh.

(Saya bergegas ambik anak2 dan beg anak2 dan kembali semula ke teksi)

Pak Mat    : Berapa bayar tadika tu? Mahal ke?

Saya          : Boleh tahan juga tapi tempat tu sekali dengan nurseri. Jd okla jugak dlm RM400 sorang.

Pak Mat    : Isteri pakcik ada jaga anak orang. Dia ambik upah RM250 je. Tapi jauhla sikit sbb pakcik
                   duduk KG. *Bunga Raya (bukan nama sebenar kg).

Saya          : Kat kwsn ni tak dptla nak cari harga tu. Baby pun diaorg ambik RM350. Lps tu kalau duduk
                   rumah org, budak makan dan tidur je. Kat nurseri diaorg ada main2 dan belajar sikit2.

Pak Mat    : Betul jugak tu. Tapi memangla ikut kwsn duduk kan. Kwsn pakcik masih kwsn kampung, sbb tu
                   masih murah. Sini rumah org2 kaya.

Saya          : Yg kaya bukan kami. Kami tak belil rumah lg. Kami tumpang lg rumah keluarga suami saya.

Pak Mat    : Oooo macam tu. takpela. Anak pun masih muda lagi. Pelan2 carila. Rumah yg mana satu ni?

Saya          : Tak jauh dah. Tu yg pagar hitam tu. Berapa pakcik?

Pak Mat    : RM7.

Apa pendapat korang? Kalau korangla, korang rasa Abg Dollah tu macam kurang ajar sikit tak? Ke saya ni yg cepat terasa dengan soalan2 dia?Pakcik Mamat pula, memang bagus tak cara dia tu? Ada lebih berbudi bahasa tak?

Monday, February 7, 2011

NIghtmares after meeting Dinos?


It has been about 2 nights since we visited Dinos in the National Science Centre. For those 2 nights in a row, Hafizah has been getting nightmares and keep refusing to sleep with her elder sister. Before this, Hafizah and Fathini have been sleeping on a separate bed and they were totally fine with the arrangement. But now, after the meeting the scary dinosaurs, Hafizah has regressed and refused to go back to her shared bed. She also has been waking up few times in the middle of night while crying and saying "I'm scared".

I just checked this definition of Nightmares from Wikipedia to make sure about the real explanation:

A nightmare is a dream that can cause a strong negative emotional response from the sleeper, typically fear and/or horror. The dream may contain situations of danger, discomfort, psychological or physical terror. Sufferers usually awaken in a state of distress and may be unable to return to sleep for a prolonged period of time.[1]

Source: HERE

I wonder have any of your children, niece, nephew experiencing any nightmares after they have watched or seen anything scary? How did you react? What did you do to reduce the stress on your child? 

FYI, Hafizah was quite terrified when we asked her to take a picture next to or in front of those Dinos. That's why some of the photos were so blurred because she was trying to run away or get away from the Dinos. You can see her reaction from this photo:


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Photos tell the story of National Science Centre & Dinos Alive. (PART 2)


This is a continuation of yesterday's entry. Let's see more photos and then I'll share my opinion about our trip to National Science Centre (PSN).

All in all, we had such a great fun exploring and learning lots of new things. It's a very nice place for your kids and I reckon even adults can enjoy lots of things too. We had the chance to explore the exhibition "Dinos Alive" and also the usual area in the main building, The Garden of Nature- watching butterflies, toads, iguanas and few other insects, Focal Point (with huge playground set), Pocket Garden, Water Plaza- where we were not supposed to swim but just get ourselves wet, Interactive Zone- where we can see Giant Physical Exhibits and the Aquatic House. We just didn't have time to explore Subterranean Journey building and the Pre-Historic Garden- outside of the main gate. It was really a worthwhile trip and I was glad to bring my children there. (ya...ayat yg sungguh skema.  hehe)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photos tell the story of National Science Centre & Dinos Alive. (PART 1)


We went to this place this morning and we spent about 3 hours there exploring and learning something new.

Can anyone guess what's the name of that place?  YUP.....It's our National Science Centre or what we call "Pusat Sains Negara". We had to pay RM25 for 2 adults and 2 children (a cheaper package). The usual ticket price is RM10 for an adult and RM5 for a child. The special exhibition has started from  December 2010 and will end by May 2011. 

Now, let's see what we did there:

TO BE CONTINUED...............

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sayu, pilu & tak mampu berkata2.


Semalam sebelum melelapkan mata, saya BW sekejap. Tengah2 BW tu, terjumpa satu entri menarik dr satu blog ni. Masalahnya terlupa nak simpan link ke blog tersebut. Apa yg nak saya kongsikan adalah video ini dari you tube. Saya hanya minta sesiapa yg terbaca entri ni, peruntukkan sedikit masa untuk menonton video ini dan kalau sudi, tinggalkan komen dan kongsikan apa perasaan anda. Saya? Saya hanya boleh katakan yg saya sayu, pilu dan tak mampu berkata2 kerana malu dengan apa yg berlaku skrg.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

4 more days to go.


This is just a reminder about "My hardworking child/children Contest" (please refer to the sticky post on top). There are just another 4 more days to go before the due date. For those who are still interested to join, you have 4 more days until 10th Feb. 2011. I'll accept the last contest entry until 11.59 p..m. on 10th Feb. Then, the judges (Fathini & my SIL) will decide the winners. Hopefully by 14th Feb. , I'll be able to announce the winners. To date, there are about 46 contestants. By next week, I'll publish a post about the prizes. I'm thinking about giving some consolation prizes to 5 contestants to appreciate their efforts.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stress Out!


Stress Out

Should I blame you,
Should I be so stress out,
Or maybe,
I just need to chill out,
If only I know,
How to go,
From teaching her so,
Being a diaper-less kid,
Is what she need,
With lots of encouragement and a promise of a treat,
Hopefully this episode will end pretty neat.

P/S: The poem is just a way to channel my frustration and stress in toilet-training Hafizah now. It has been her third day and she still pee at the kitchen every morning and poo in her training pant. huhu

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I don't want to be fat!


This little girl is growing taller and skinnier everyday. She is so worry about her weight and being so careful about her image. Whenever her family members comment on the fact that she is so skinny, she just smile. But she always tell her mummy, I don't want to be fat!". Her mommy reckons that it might be partly her fault of always watching the program "The Biggest Loser". She has been affected by the program. Her mommy has to now educate her correctly about the real healthy lifestyle and the fact that those contestants in the program are actually having lots f problems due to their excessive weight.

This is SHE

Fathini: Mama, do you want me to be fat like this?
Me: No that's not what I mean.

I'm in a dilemma sometimes when I talk about weight issue as I think I myself still have the issue especially after I gave birth to both Fathini and Hafizah. My hubby wants me to not be so skinny as I used to. But now, after going back to work (about 8 months since June 2010), I have lost some weight due to fatigue and the lost of appetite after a long day at work.  I'm afraid that Fathini pick up the bad habit of "make-so-much-fuss" about her body. I just want her to healthy and happy. Most mothers want that right?