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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boys need to be BOYS

I know I shouldn't really share about this here BUT....sometimes I just have to let this out of my mind. It's about some parents who are so concern about their kids to the extend that they want us to make sure nobody can really touch their kids. What I mean here is, they listen so much to their kids' complaining about their friends that hit or kick them in kindy. BUT they never know the real situation. Dealing with 80% boys in our kindy is so challenging when they get so excited physically. Most of the time, they are only playing or pretending to be super heroes and started to kick, punch or hit each other. I can't always stop them or observing how they play every seconds. The problem with some parents nowadays, they always think their kids are ANGEL. They don't know that in school they totally turn everything upside down. They won't really listen to teachers and always testing our patience. We are doing our best to guide them to become behave but it's not easy when parents won't trust us to do the job and they themselves never try to guide their own kids too.

For now, our solution is just to try our best and if the parents are not happy, they are most welcome to send their kids to other school and see if other school can really change their "challenging kids".

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Colder weather

Have you noticed that it's been a bit colder nowadays? When we wake up in the morning, we can't help but to turn on the water heater before we can take a bath. We also turn the fan at a slower speed at night. Our kids are having the on and off flu and fever. 

Today, I've read that one part of highland in Indonesia received some snow! Most of us would like to  experience a colder weather right? Trust me, it's not FUN at all. If it's like in Winter, it's too cold that you need to wear at least 2,3 layers of clothing, turn on the heaters at home, go to the laundromat to use the dryer for your clothes and prepare a lot of food to feed the hungry stomach. Maybe the idea of playing in the snow by making snowman, having snow-fight or making the snow angels look exciting. If you are just playing for 1-2 hours, you'll feel the fun. Just imagine having to put up with the weather for 3 months. It's fun anymore especially if it get so extreme like the blizzard.

Actually it's nice to have the colder weather now. I just pray that it won't get to the extreme as we are not so prepared to face it. I won't be happy to see any snow falling from the sky in Malaysia anytime soon as it means that it's too cold for us to handle.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Jangan main-main dgn KANGKUNG! (BM entry)

Perkataan terhangat di alam maya sekarang adalah "K.A.N.G.K.U.N.G." Kenapa? Ramai yang dah tahu bila PM kita mengumumkan bahawa harga kangkung turun dah turun di sebalik kenaikan harga barang-barang yang lain. Ramai juga yang masih tak tahu cerita sebenar di sebalik lawak-lawak yang dibuat menggunakan perkataan kangkung.


Kangkung ada zat vitamin A, B1, C, protein, kalsium, fosforus, zat besi dan lain-lain lagi. Ia juga berserat tinggi jadi kalau ada sembelit, memang elok kalau makan kangkung.

Ada banyak lagi kelebihan-kelebihan kangkung yang lain seperti:

  • Menajamkan penglihatan
  • Menghilangkan mual untuk ibu mengandung
  • Membantu dalam mengatasi masalah insomnia
  •  Menenangkan otak
  • Menghantikan pendarahan   

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crying/Wailing New Kids in kindy.

This the second week of schooling in 2014. Alhamdulillah we are receiving more new students in our kindy. New kids need a lot of attention since some of them come crying/wailing/shouting in the morning as they are still not used to the new environment. I've got a lot support from my staffs i.e. the teachers and my helper to calm them and use different kinds of techniques or tactics on the stressful children.

What do we do to calm a stressful child?

Here are some tips to calm a crying child (might be useful for parents too):

  • Give him/her a hug without saying anything.
  • Distract the child by offering him/her a drink or a snack.
  • Offer some other useful activities like helping to keep the toys, putting away books etc.
  • Reassure that the parents will fetch him/her once he/she have finished learning. (applies in school)
  • Give him/her a responsibility like telling teacher the time to go home.
  • Quickly respond to the child before the crying gets worse.
  •  If all tactics fail, ignore the crying and tell him/her that "A good boy/girl smile to teachers when he/she in school". Ask he/she to give you a huge smile.
  • Sometimes it's best to let them decide when to stop crying and carry out some interesting activity near the child. So, let the child see the benefit of joining in the activity in school.

 I hope that tomorrow some of my stressful kids won't be so stressful anymore. At least today, I managed to make them smile when the parents fetched them.