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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mrs Fabulous.


I don't know why I was so attracted to the campaign above. So, I tried my hands on The Parent Pop Quiz by Drypers. The result says that I'm "Mrs Fabulous".

What does it mean with Mrs Fabulous? Well, here's what it says:
"You've got style, that's what all your friends say. Even when baby plays with her food and you get it all over your face, even when you're all wet and soapy from baby splashing you during bath time, even when you're sweaty from running around the park chasing after your bundle of joy, you must make it look So good."

My reaction?
Thank you Drypers for the compliment. (let me be smug this time.hehe). I love the title of Mrs Fabulous and I hope that my kids can see me that way too.

Why don't you try the quiz and find out "What kind of parent are you?".


yatie chomeyl said...

hahah jadi koya la klu buat kuiz ni ekekeke

transformed housewife said...

takpola koya sekali sekalo hehehe

Izan Ishak said...

hehe... ibu2 tetap nampak comel n fabulous walau dlm apa juga keadaan kan kak nur...

Syigim said...

no need to do the quiz la.. i know what kind already hihi... mrs cubit n jerit kot! :P

Lizan said...

maloo la nak try.. nanti dia cakap k ijan ni selalu membebel macam mak nenek.. hehee

transformed housewife said...

Izan: tambah comel bila ibu2 mengamuk jd incredible HULK kan. hehe

transformed housewife said...

Syigim: my late great grandma pun jenis suka mencubit.

transformed housewife said...

K.Ijan: sy cuba hanya utk suka2 je. Mcm tak percaya pun apa yg diaorg cakap tu. hehe