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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Miss Rubbish.

One of my ex-course mates wrote something on his FB status yesterday that can cause a controversial issue. Well, it's kind of controversial only for those who know who was he referring to. He wrote something about as a teacher, he sometimes say "rubbish" to his students when he is really mad and he remembers one of his ex-teachers used to say the same word over and over again. For his safety and confidential reason, I'm not going to put up his status here nor the comments that his friends i.e. his ex-course mates(including me) had written.

My concern here is just that no matter who you are; a teacher, an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, a magistrate, eh mcm dlm filem P.Ramlee pulak, you shouldn't say something negatives to other people. WHY? Based on what most of us (my ex-course mates and I) have had experienced, other people tend to remember you according to the negative remarks or even worse is the label that you gave. We remember about one of our lecturers who love to use the word "rubbish" every time we make some mistakes. She even gave an unforgettable remark to me about my grammar by saying "Your grammar is atrocious". It really gave a huge impact on me. mungkin juga sbb sy ni kdg2 jd sensitif Most of us remember that particular lecturer as "Miss Rubbish".

I admit that we (my ex-course mates and I) were kind of cheeky and naughty too. We also gave some names or label some other lecturers with special names. However most of the labels are quite nice as we love most of our ex-lecturers. Unfortunately I can't really recall other nick names that we gave to other ex-lecturers. yelah dah habis belajar 9 thn yg lalu Maybe only one particular lecturer in UKM who love to tell stories about him being so active in taekwondo- we called him "Mr Taekwondo".  In other case, we had a senior who loved to say "Shit"(tahi) every time he was angry at us. So, we called him , "Brother Shit!"(Abg Tahi) just because we couldn't take his torturing word

My point here is not to prove anything but this is just a gentle reminder for all of us. When we give certain names or call people with some nick names and they don't like the nick names (especially if the names are bad names), someday other people will give us or call us with bad nick names TOO. It's kind of retribution.

What's your comments on this? Have you had any teachers/lecturers that called/gave bad nick names to his/her students? Or you and your course mates gave the bad nick names to other people?

Which one is the best pocket size external hard drive?


Lately when I've uploaded a lot photos into my net book, there's a warning that keep appears on the screen saying "Your disc capacity is running low. You need to delete some files". (well something like that). Since I'm not really expert in understanding the terminologies in computer/technology, I asked my hubby's opinion. He's asked me to buy a pocket size external hard drive.

Now.......................the problem is..............................I'm not so confident in choosing the right kind of external hard drive as I'm not sure which one is the best for me. I only need the expansion in storing more photos, personal videos and maybe some songs too. I don't think I want to upload any movies as I rather go out with my family members to a cinema to watch movies. tu pun bukan selalu gi tengok 


(I've complied these info from GOOGLE)

The Canvio is a small HDD with up to 1TB of storage space that is sized for the user to be able to carry in a pocket. The drive is offered in five different colors and four different capacities from 500GB to 1TB. The HDD connects to the computer via USB.
It ships with backup software installed called NTI BackupNow EZ that offers step-by-step restore functionality of data on the drive in the event of a computer crash.


Technical Details

  • Built-in, retractable USB 2.0 cable; powered by your computer so you don't need a separate power supply
  • Hot-pluggable USB 2.0 interface enables data transfer up to 480 Mbps
  • 3,600 rpm drive with 2 MB cache consistently delivers the high performance you need
  • Worry-free 1-year warranty, plus free technical advice even after your warranty ends
  • Comes complete with built-in, retractable 2.0 cable, quick connect guide, and utilities CD

Available in 500GB and 1TB capacities, the Rikiki USB 3.0  is the world's smallest USB 3.0 mobile hard drive at 2.9" x 4.6" x 0.52". The cheapest Rikiki USB 3.0 is priced at $99.99. Coming to the slightly bigger Minimus USB 3.0 desktop hard drive, it is available in 1TB and 2TB capacities, with the former priced at $129.99.


Buffalo MiniStation TurboUSB 500GB Features:
  • Buffalo’s proprietary TurboUSB technology for super-speedy file transfer.
  • Wrap-around cable for neat and easy storage.
  • Tough armoured outer case and shock-absorbent internal design.
  • Supports USB 2.0/1.1.
  • Memeo AutoBackup Software for improved backup options, including regular system backup, scheduled backup and password protection.
  • Buffalo’s exclusive Secure Lock Ware Encryption software for Windows.
  • Support for backup program Time Machine.



Monday, September 27, 2010

Counting in different languages.


One of my passions is learning other languages since I was small. I started to love pick up some words whenever  I watch movies or dramas in other languages. I've learnt Arabic for 3 years when I studied in Arabic school, I've learnt Thai from one of my neighbours in Kubang Kerian, Kelantan, Hindi from watching too many Hindi movies (with the subtitles but after a while I can even understand without the subtitle), a little bit Spanish and Tagalog from watching soap operas from those countries.

When I was in NZ for 3 1/2 years, I've learnt some words in Maori too as the language share some similarities with Bahasa Melayu. I make sure at least I know some basic words that I can use daily. From time to time, I love to learn more languages as we wouldn't know when do we might need to use them.

So, in this entry, I would like to share how to count from 1- 10 in different languages:


Notice that Spanish and French share a lot of similarities. Even BM and Maori share some common words as the originality of both languages come from the same root. I know that those who are reading this entry have more knowledge in other languages as well. I would love to hear what are the languages that you know and maybe why you love to learn those languages.

If you ask me why do I love to learn different languages, my answer is simple. I love to hear the different pronunciations and also learn different grammatical rules. In short, my hubby is a scientist who loves to deal with bacterias but I love to dissect languages and do experiments using different languages. 

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Story Telling Session by Opah. (Grandma)


I remember when I was small, I really like to listen to stories from my late grandma whom we called "mek" and also my late great grandma whom we called "mok". Both of them have had big influences on me and my childhood's learning experiences.  My late great grandma taught me about Islamic teachings and also how to recite Quran. While my late grandma shared some history stories during Japanese occupations and also in 1950's & 60's. I remember that I used to admire her tight kebaya and sarung as they were made of beautiful materials. She liked to tell me the stories when my late mum was small and how proud she was on my late mum's achievements.

However, right now my daughters wouldn't be able to have the same experiences with my own mum as she passes away 2 years ago. I'm thankful that they still have their opah (grandma) on their papa's side. My MIL like to entertain them by sharing some oral stories before they go to bed at night. Their favourite story now is "A Cat Named Chombi". The cat was a real cat that used to be the favourite cat in my MIL's house. When my MIL wants my daughters to be as hardworking and good, she'll tell and retell the story over and over again. Surprisingly they never get bored with the same story and always ask for more.

I reckon those examples show that any involvements from other members of their family can help to shape up the learning process and also strengthen the relationships. I always appreciate those sweet memories with my late great grandma and late grandma. I know my daughters will have the same feelings as well.

The oral story telling session is better than letting our children just sit and watch tv or play computer games. Plus it's also a good approach of teaching our children about morals.

Let's share your own experiences with your grandma or other family members. Do your mum or MIL also share the same bonding with your children? How about grandpas? Do they have the same involvements too?

P/S: Here is a photo of my MIL with her grandaughters and a grandson.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Paying the debts.


Paying debts? What kind of debts am I talking about? Is it about money? No,no, no, no.

I owe some bloggers something in blogging would be as valuable as money. It's not the so much about the value too but the thoughts that count. I've been putting off this task for quite sometime now. Please forgive me K.Yong, Mommy Yen and some other bloggers who had generously

HERE IS THE ...................
FIRST AWARD FROM.............
Thank you so much ;)

And this one.....
from Mommy Yen a.k.a Sati
This award comes with some tagged questions....
1) Suka tak dapat award ni? Bagi ucapan sikit.. - (How do you feel after receiving this award? Give some comments please)
   Of course I'm happy and thrilled. Thanks to those who like to visit my blog and give some valuable comments.
2) Bintang itu cantik di mata kamu? Suka bintang? -  (Do you think that stars are beautiful? Do you like looking at stars?
   Yup stars are beautiful. I love looking at them and also sing "Twinkle2 Little Star" with my daughters. hehehe
3) Dua blog yang kamu selalu jenguk dan baca entry terbarunya? -(Can you mention two blogs that you always visit and read the latest entry?)

   For this question I have to say that it's a must for me to visit my younger's sis- Yatie Chomeyl's blog whenever she updates her blog. She's also the one who introduced me to blogging world. Then, I love to read most of the blogs  in my list.

4) Bagi award ini kepada 3 blogger yang lain. - (Give this award to 3 other bloggers)

   This is not easy as I reckon most of the bloggers that I know have received these awards. So, whoever likes these awards too, you are most welcome to get these as the small token of appreciations from me. :D

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bila org kata kami semua "gila belajar". (BM entry)


Pernah dengar mengenai ungkapan "gila belajar" tak? Rasanya yg selalu di dengar ialah gila judi, gila talak, gila meroyan, gila laki org dan macam2 lagi gila yg kesemuanya gila yg negatif. Jadi bila kami adik beradik dikatakan "gila belajar" sewaktu berkunjung, beramah mesra semasa minggu pertama hari raya, kami agak terkejut. Tetapi, sy amat tidak kisah diberikan gelaran tersebutt kerana apa yg kami gilakan tu adalah perkara yg dituntut dalam islam. "Tuntutlah Ilmu hingga ke negara China" dan "Menuntut Ilmu itu wajib ke atas setiaap Muslim".

Kenapa kami adik beradik dikatakan "gila belajar"? Dalam adik-beradik kami, ada seorang yg sedang melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat PHD (Yatie Chomeyl), suaminya juga sama2 melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat PHD di universiti yg sama di Jepun. Sy pula insya allah bercadang untuk melanjutkan pelajaran ke peringkat sarjana (Masters) apabila suami sy dpt menghabiskan PHD nya. Yg lain2 , ada 2 orang adik (Epit & Aeji) yg masih mengambil Diploma dan mereka bercadang untuk menyambung pelajaran ke peringkat tertinggi juga. (Insya Allah). Adik lelaki sy ,Pein pula bekerja dulu selepas menghabiskan ijazah muda. Menurutnya dia akan mengizinkan isterinya meyambung ke peringkat PHD juga selepas keadaan mengizinkan. (isterinya sedang sarat menganndung skrg). Awin dan Asul insya Allah  ada cita2 juga untuk mengikut jejak langkah abg2 dan kakak2.

Sy cuma tak faham kenapa kami diberi gelaran tersebut yg semacam berbau negatif walaupun hakikatnya tidak. Kami adik-beradik tiada harta untuk kami menunjuk2 terutama sewaktu hari raya. Tak seperti yg lain2 ada saja kereta baru, rumah baru, peralatan rumah baru dan mcm2 lagi benda yg baru. Kami semua nak menyambung pelajaran pun bukan kerana nak menunjuk2 tetapi atas minat masing2 dan juga oleh kerana tuntutan tugas kami.

Bukan semua saudara-mara yg melabelkan kami. Cuma segelintir sahaja yg memberikan gelaran demikian. Sy hanya tersenyum dan dlm hati hanya berdoa agar kami adik-beradik akan dpt mencapai impian kami masing2.

Apa pendapat anda semua? Kenapa kami diberikan gelaran sedemikian? Adakah gelaran itu berupa PHD perasaan hasad dengki atau ia sebagai doa utk kami?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Playgroup- How to set up a simple and enjoyable playgroup. (based on my own experience)


I've been received some feedback lately by some bloggers and non-bloggers (most of them are from other countries) about my entries on playgroup that I used to organized when I was in NZ. Right now, I myself miss those times when I had the supporting groups of friends and also the luxury of time to organize playgroups that can be beneficial for our children.

Based on my experiences and from what I've learned (thanks to Peachgrove playcentre), before we  can set up a playgroup, we need to think and consider about these things:
  • who are the children and how many children that will join the playgroup?
  • what are the activities for the children? (it's better be somehow some structures)
  • how long will we conduct the playgroup?
  • who are the parents that voluntarily in charged? 
The simplest way to create a mini playgroup is just to find some parents who share the same interests and then we have to sit together with those parents to discuss the other details. Having a preliminary session for maybe 1/2 hour to see how well the children can interact with each other. It is also advisable to find make sure that the children are about the same age or at least the age gap is just between 2-3 years.

Hopefully this short entry could help those who are interested to know more about playgroup. I myself are thinking about conducting a talk or a sharing session with other parents about this. Insyaallah maybe in the near future I would love to do that. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Raya's photos (Part 2)


I reckon this weekend there are still a lot of open houses everywhere. Even in my neighbourhood area, there's one open house today. But since today is the only day for me to have a nice rest, I think it's better to stay at home and do the household chores that I need to like washing, ironing and spending time with my daughters.

All right, I just want to upload some more raya photos in this entry since I'm not really in the mood of typing other serious issues. Please enjoy the photos.

Second day of Raya
We received some guests as early as 11 and then my aunt, my SIL and I prepared "rendang, nasi minyak and gulai daging" as there were no more special raya food on the table. Then we had a nice photo shoot with our big family. The next agenda was to visit other relatives until dusk.

Third day of Raya

 We had our lunch at my abah's house (where he stays with my step-mom). My SM prepared Chicken Rice for us. Though my abah said that the dish was as good as my late's mom dish, I couldn't help myself but to disagree with his opinion. I didn't say anything in front of him bcs I don't want to hurt his or my SM's feeling. bukan tak hargai penat lelah ummi memasak tapi mmg tak bolehla nak  dibandingkan dgn masakan arwah ma sbb arwah mmg tukang masak Right after that, we went to few more houses before we called it a day for us.

4th day of Raya- BBQ night

Mohd. Rashdan
 My younger brother, Rashdan is really a generous person. He doesn't mind spending his money to buy food for his family members. He was so excited to be able to celebrate raya with his siblings especially me as for the last 4 years, my family and I were in NZ. So, on the fourth day of raya, he suggested that we should have a BBQ night with all the relatives that live nearby. In the beginning, he told us that he wanted to buy about 12 chickens! We jokingly said that if he did that, we could have had his wedding! At last he bought 6 chickens. tu pun banyak sampai tak habis2 nak mkn dan dah bahagi2 pd jiran2 terdekat It was a blast BBQ party. My aunt ( Mokcik Salmah) prepared coleslaw, mushrooms soup and fries as the side dishes. dgn pertolongan kami adik-beradikla Catching up with our cousins during the BBQ was a good excuse to have a nice feast. 
The last two days (Tuesday and Wednesday), I spent some time to go to Wakaf Bharu and bought some souvenirs to be brought home. Plus, after the tiring 4 days, I could only spent some time at my late grandpa's house and prepared some simple dish like Laksa Penang and Bihun Singapore. 

How was your raya eexperiences this year? Was it fun and tiring too?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raya (Eid)'s photos with my family members. (part 1)

I had to go to work this morning kena ganti kelas. huhu and I went to the office walking like a zombie. By the time I left, my daughters were still asleep. Luckily we only had to follow Friday timetable which meant that we only had classes until 12.35 p.m.

Today's entry is kind of boring as I'm still in the mood of celebrating Eid.(raya). As my younger sis- Yatie Chomeyl (that's her blogger nickname) requested to see some of our raya photos, I decided to put up some photos here. Hopefully by tomorrow, I can write something that is more meaningful and it can also be a sensitive issue for some people. apa dia? kena tunggu....

For now, just enjoy these photos:
The night before raya
There was "upacara melanggah" (tak tahu betul ke perkataan tu). It means that some men from the neighbourhood go from one house to another to say prayers as the we show our thankful to Allah. After each session, they will have some supper. We prepared sushi diaorg panggil lemang jepun. hehe, some cookies, muffins, Arabic Tea and Coffee.

In the morning of first day raya
I still went to Al-Hidayah mosque in KJ eventhough I'm not supposed to. (Puan P dtg) I just didn't want to miss the sermon after the Eid prayer and I wanted my daughters to have the real experience of raya in Malaysia. 

In the evening of first day raya
We took a flight to KBR at 6 p.m. So, somehow we also celebrated our raya with the others in Subang Airport. There were quite a number of other people who only managed to go back to Kelantan on the first day of raya too. My daughters were excited as they knew that they were going to see their relatives in Kelantan. My other siblings were waiting for me and my brother, Aeji when we arrived in KBR.
I reckon I better upload other photos tomorrow as I don't want this entry to be so long and it might make you feel bored.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Just doing a spring cleaning here.

 It's been a while since I last posted my last entry. (raya sakan slps 4 thn) I went back to Kelantan on the first day of raya (10 Sept.) after at least spent few hours in Kelana Jaya with my in-laws family. (yelah kesiankan diaorg sbb anak diaorg (my hubby) tak dpt beraya kat Msia) So, from 10 - 15 Sept. my schedule was full with activities with my family and relatives. My daughters really enjoyed their time in Kelantan as they got the chance to meet their relatives on my side. (duit raya diaorg pun banyak dpt)

Basically my schedule was like this:
10th Sept. - Celebrating raya (Eid) in Kelana Jaya. I took the flight at 6 p.m. to KBR.

11th Sept. - Received some guests in my grandparents house before we went out to visit my grandma (on my father's side)

12th Sept. - Visiting the graveyard as the day before we received guests early in the morning.Visiting my father and his wife (my step-mom) and had Chicken Rice for our lunch. Then, we visited other relatives.

13th Sept. - Went to some open houses. At night, we had a BBQ with all the cousins and aunties and uncles on my late mom's side.

14th Sept. - Went out to Pasar Besar Wakaf Bharu to buy some items for my in MIL. (beli cili kering siam, gula melaka dan mangga siam) Then I went to a saloon to get a haircut.

15th Sept. - Washing clothes and doing some household chores before I left. (tak nak menyusahkan my auntie yg duduk kat rumah atuk. kenala tolong dia kemaskan balik rumah besar tu) At 7.30 p.m., we took the FireFly flight to go back to Subang Airport.

I really enjoyed my long holiday for Raya this year as I could spent my time with both sides. (my hubby's and my side) My daughters enjoyed spending quality time with their uncles, aunties, grand uncles, grand aunties, great grandma, grandpa & step grandma, cousins and the other relatives. tapi diaorg paling seronok dpt duit raya yg banyak. At least when I was in Kelantan, I didn't feel so sad even when we couldn't celebrate raya with my hubby this year.

p/s: there's no pictures here as I'm waiting for my brother, Pein to upload some photos first. He was our official photographer during raya.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rayo ni teringin nok make mknan tradisional dibuat dr pulut. (BM & Kelantanese dialect entry)


Sebenarnyo ambo ingat tok se tulih entri baru doh, tapi bilo lps 4 thn tok berayo di Malaysia (raya di NZ) tambah2 tok berayo di Kelate, meme dok teringak thn nio nok balah dende. dendam ko sapo tok tahula :P Dulu, tiap2 thn dr thn 2007 hingga 2009, tiap kali rayo nok make Ketupat Pulut kosong, Ketupat Pulut Sambal Daging, Ketupat Pulut Hite, Tapai Pulut dan Pulut Dakap.

Rhajin dengar dop namo2 tu? Kalu asal dr Kelate, mesti tahu. Utk yg tok tahu, silalah tengok gambar2 yg diambik dr Mr. Google. (balik rayo nanti, baru ambo ambik gambar2 hok asli ok)

Ketupat Pulut Kosong & Ketupat Pulut Hite (Hitam) & Ketupat Pulut Sambal Daging
Dari luar napok samo tapi yg bezonyo kat dle. Kalu kosong maknonyo ado pulut biaso dgn kace.
Kalu pulut hite, adola pulut warno hite tu. Kalu hok ado sambal daging (serunding), lagi sedap sbb ado 
pulut dgn inti dio. Meme kenyangla kalu make sebutir duo tupat pulut ni.

Tapai Pulut
Kalu make tape pulut ni ado pate tau. Gapo dio? Jge make tapai pulut ni, lps tu minum air oren dgn make 
sekut2 campur dgn kek lps tu make lg nasi dage ko. Huhu. Kalu campur mace2, alamatnyo jdla penunggu dle bilik air. Ambo royak sbb banyok kali rayo doh ambo keno tau. Tapi tapai pulut ni, mmg nyum nyum.....

Pulut Dakap 
Bakpo namo dio Pulut Dakap? Tengokla gambar tu. Pulut tu keno ikat pahtu mace berdakap. Dle pulut tu ado inti pise. Raso dio manis. biasala kuih2 kelate mesti manis sokmo mace cek2 mek dio :p Ni buke sokmo ado maso rayo, tapi ambo dok teringat kalu boleh cari bilo balik nanti. 

Hishh......teruknya rasa puloak sbb esok ada satu lg puasa tapi ambo dok cerita pasal hal2 mknan di sini. Harap maaflah ambo yg mengidam walaupun tak mengandung ni ye :P setelah bertahun2 beraya di perantauan. Mungkin ada yg nak berkongsi mknann2 tradisional yg anda suka sewaktu raya? Silakanlah. (ore kelate kato selakkan buke selak kain deh)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Semua org dah ucap Selamat Hari Raya....jadi teringin juga. (BM entry)


Oleh kerana hampir semua org dah mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, kami sekeluarga pun
ingin mengambil kesempatan untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua umat islam. 
Sekiranya ada salah dan silap yang tidak disengajakan atau ada perkara2 yg menyinggung perasaan mana2 pihak, saya ingin meyusun jari memohon kemaafan.

Terimalah juga lagu raya yang menjadi kegemaran saya di hari raya:
Satu Hari Di Hari Raya 
oleh: M.Nasir

P/S: blog ini mungkin akan sunyi sepi mulai esok sampaila 16 hb. Sept. Rasanya kebanyakan org pun sibuk bercuti raya kan ;)

If only I could be in two places......


This is just again a spur-of-the-moment poem to describe my feeling now. After almost 4 years celebrating Eidul Fitr in Hamilton, NZ, my family members (especially my siblings) are so happy that we can celebrate Eid with them this year. However, I feel so incomplete without my darling hubby who is now battling and trying so hard to finish his phd in Waikato Uni. in NZ. For those who have the same experiences or have been in the same boat before, I reckon you can relate to how I feel right now.

If only I could be in two places

If only I could be in two places,
I would be happy to,
I would try my best to,
I wouldn't feel so torn,
I wouldn't feel so down,

I would love to be with you- my darling,
So I could kiss your hand and ask forgiveness,
I could prepare your favourite meal,
I could share your ups and downs with your experiments,

At the same time,

I would love to be there for my beloved siblings,
To share our happiness and sadness,
To experience Eid without our mum,
To still be grateful that we have each other,

And I..........
Could only wish,
Could only say If,
the fact is.........
This is just a small test from Allah,
For only HE KNOWS,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sakit hati dgn iklan raya TV3 thn ni-2010/1431H! (BM entry)

 Dlm 5 hr lg, insya Allah kita akan menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri. (maknanya ada 5 mlm juga lg utk merebut pahala di bulan Ramadhan ni!). Seperti biasa saban tahun, pelbagai iklan raya disiarkan di tv. Salah satu iklan raya yg sudah ditayangkan sejak akhir ini ialah iklan raya di TV3 yg diberi tagline "Sinari Lebaran". Sebelum sy komen lebih2 mengenai iklan tersebut, jom tengok dulu:

Kenapa sy tulis "Sakit Hati Dgn Iklan ni"(di bhgn tajuk)? 
  • Apa kena mengena raya dgn Krismas sehingga perlu ada santa claus dgn sleigh tu yg bawa budak2 tu?
  • Apa bengong sgt tunjuk bunga teratai yg sebenarnya simbol Buddha untuk iklan raya?
  • Kenapa perlu iklan raya pun nak tunjukkan sifat 1Malaysia sehingga boleh memesongkan akidah org2 Islam?
  • Hari Raya Aidilfitri bukan perayaan budaya tetapi perayaan yg disambut kerana meraikan kejayaan org2 Islam berpuasa dan menentang hawa nafsu selama sebulan. Jadi, sememangnya iklan tersebut begitu tersasar dari maksud sebenar perayaan ini.
Sy tahu yg ramai lg yg tidak bersetuju dan membenci iklan TV3 ini. Kalau boleh, minta2lah pihak TV3 menarik balik iklan yg tak semenggah ini sblm ramai lg org2 Islam terpesong akidah dan org2 yg beragama lain menyalah tafsirkan makna HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI. INI ADALAH PERKARA YG AMAT SERIUS KERANA MESEJ YG DIBAWA BOLEH MEMBAWA KEKELIRUAN.  

Friday, September 3, 2010

Rezeki tudung baru dr. Mrs. Nik a.k.a Meah. (BM Entry)


Smlm masa BW, sy ternampak satu entry menarik di mrs. nik blog. Apa yg menariknya? Alhamdulillah sy menang sehelai tudung baru sempena Raya Giveaway di blog tersebut. Ni dia pengumuman tu:

Merujuk kepada entry sy yang terdahulu, peserta..wah..peserta perlu mendaftar sebagai follower dan menulis komen di mana2 entry saya.(entry, bukan shout box)..jd sy ingin mengumumkan pemenangnya ialah ..
Transformed Housewife!!!!!!!!

Apa yang perlu anda lakukan ialah :
  • bagi alamat
  • emailkan kepada sy warna tudung yang anda mahu(tp x jamin ada stok yer)
  • postkan kemenangan anda di blog anda yer

 Suka sgt2 sbb dpt hadiah tudung. Pasal warna tu tak kisahla warna apa pun. Sekurang-kurangnya tak payah dah beli tudung baru untuk raya ni. hehe. Oh...yea. Kepada yg lain yg dah buntu dan tak de idea nk masak apa untuk berbuka nanti, jengah2lah kat blog Meah ni sbb banyak idea2 yg mungkin boleh membantu anda. Sy pun suka pergi ke situ sbb nak tengok mcm2 idea masakan dan air minuman yg tak biasa kita buat. 
Nak tengok selanjutnya, silalah ke blog ini.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Being patient and having a passion.


Few days ago, I wrote in one of my entries saying that I was losing my patient and passion towards teaching. As a teacher, I shouldn't blame the others but myself  for feeling so down. BUT now I've fully recovered it's nothing to do with the shopping therapy after I reminded myself to go back to WHY DID I CHOSE TEACHING AS A PROFESSION!

So, these are the reasons:
  • I like to impart and share knowledge.
  • I'd been brought up watching my late mum, my aunts and even my late grandpa (my father's side) really love being teachers.
  • It's one of the noble jobs to do. (insya allah banyak pahalanya bila ajar ilmu yg bermanfaat)
  • I love when I also learn something new from my students. (esp. because I'm teaching adults)
  • I love getting the satisfaction of knowing my students are able to use what I've taught them.
 I reckon, we need to be patient and have a passion in any kinds of job. This is because, when we don't have the passion and we are not so patient, we won't be able to succeed in anything. These two main factors are in fact the deciding factors when it comes to having a meaningful and successful career.

Now, what do you reckon? Do you have these two main factors? How and what do you do when you think you're losing them? Is there any other factors in helping us to succeed in our career?