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Friday, November 30, 2012

Simple Rules of Happiness.


Jumaah mubarakah to all. Just want to share this today:

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nothing special for our Anniversary.


Yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary and also my hubby's birthday. We didn't celebrate it. WHY? Right now we are still busy with our biggest project this year. This project is not an easy project and it requires a lot of money, energy, time and our focus.

In Shaa Allah when everything is ready, our special project is going to be the perfect present for our anniversary this year. Hopefully we can do our best to realizing our dream.

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Do you always have something special?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ask Mr. Google.


Nowadays if you don't know about things what do you do?

Ask Mr. Google

If you forget some recipes, what do you do?

Ask Mr. Google

If you don't know some places, what do you do?

Ask Mr. Google

If your children ask some tough questions, what do you do?

Ask Mr. Google too?

We depend so much on technology that we tend to forget what do we do before Google was invented. We used to be fine and happily find the answers from other resources and we survive.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Role play: being princesses


Today we did a simple art of making crowns using cardboard. Then we decorated the crowns using coloured pens. We enjoyed telling stories of princesses and acted like them. What an enjoyable activity!

Princess Fathini &Princess Husna

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Keajaiban di Gaza. (BM entry)


Kita semua memang sedih apabila melihat kesengsaraan rakyat Palestin yang tidak habis-habis diserang oleh Israel yg-tak-de-hati-perut tu. Tapi hari ni saya nak berkongsi peristiwa-peristiwa aneh yang berlaku di Gaza yang boleh dikatakan ajaib. Bagi saya semua peristiwa itu adalah tanda adanya pertolongan dari Allah S.W.T. Kita jangan berhenti berdoa dan menderma untuk mereka. Semoga mereka akan memperolehi kemenangan yang besar dan moga-moga hancurlah negara Israel yang tidak patut diiktiraf itu.

Al-Kisah yang telah diceritakan oleh al-fadhil Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahma, Pengerusi Ekskutif Aman Palestin dan juga merangkap Presiden Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia yang telah pergi ke Gaza pada 20-31 Januari yang lalu.Berikut adalah beberapa kisah benar dan pengalaman beliau di Gaza:

Peristiwa 1

Seorang Ketua Mujahid Gaza berkata pada Ustaz Zaik bahawa, ketika satu pertempuran, komander mujahidin menyuruh pejuang tidak menembak kereta kebal Yahudi yang memasuki kawasan mereka. Dengan berbekalkan baki 6 RPG, tiba-tiba senjata ini menembak ke arah kereta kebal tersebut dan
memusnahkan ia. Komander itu menjerit agar tidak menembak dan para pejuang berkata mereka tidak melakukannya. Mereka berkata tiba-tiba senjata mereka berfungsi dan menembak sasaran. Setelah habis adegan aneh itu, para pejuang mendapati baki 6 RPG itu masih tidak digunakan! Dan siapakah
yang menembak tentera laknatullah itu??? Allahu Akhbar!

Peristiwa 2

Temuramah bersama tentera Yahudi laknatullah oleh TV Israel yang cedera mengatakan bahawa mereka melihat pejuang Gaza kesemuanya berpakaian putih sedangakan uniform pejuang Hamas bewarna hijau! Siapakah yang berbaju putih itu???

Peristiwa 3

Tentera Yahudi yang buta setelah serangan berkata mereka tiba-tiba dibaling pasir ke mata mereka dan tidak tahu siapakah yang melakukannya.

Peristiwa 4

Peluru berpandu yang pertama di lancarkan oleh Israel ke Gaza mengenai sasarannya iaitu anggota tentera mereka sendiri! Ia berpatah balik!
Allahu Akhbar!

Peristiwa 5

Pada permulaan perang, roket-roket Hamas yang hendak dilancarkan, tiba-tiba salah satu roket itu meluncur laju ke udara tanpa ada sesiapa yang mengaktifkan ia. Dan roket itu mengenai sasaran di Israel !

Peristiwa 6

Yang paling menakjubkan, seorang ulama Syria telah bermimpi bertemu dengan Rasulullah SAW dan kelihatan baginda sedang mengeluarkan pedang dari sarungnya. Ulama itu berkata, "Wahai Rasulullah, ke mana kamu mahu pergi?", lalu baginda menjawab, "Aku mahu berperang di Gaza !!!".
MasyaAllah, Rasulullah sendiri mahu berperang di Gaza , di manakah kita?

Itulah serba sedikit dari kisah takjub yang sempat diceritakan oleh al-fadhil Ustaz Abdullah Zaik setelah berada lebih seminggu di Gaza atas misi kemanusiaan. Ia kisah benar yang perlu umat Islam ketahui.
Allahu Akbar!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Homemade Puppet Theater


Are your kids feeling bored staying at home and just watch tv all day? Do they complain and keep bothering you? If your answer is YES, then I would like to suggest a simple solution for it.

Yesterday, my daughters and their cousin had a simple project of making our own Puppet Theater. Of course I helped them when we had to use a knife to cut things but most of the jobs were done by the kids.

Here are the things that we used to make the Puppet Theater:
A big box
Some coloured papers
White tape
Black tape
A piece of shawl

How did we do it?
1- Draw a rectangular shape to make the screen. Make sure it is only taking 1/4 of the whole box.
2- Cut the the shape and you can see that you have the screen.
3- Draw a simple door at the back to have an easy access.
4- Decorate the front with some coloured paper. You can use your imagination to decorate it. My daughters decorated the theater with a house, some tall grass, the sky, some clouds, flowers and the sun.
5- Tape a shawl at both sides to cover the screen.



Please excuse the other things behind the box.

There's a dinasour walking to find some food.

When there's a theater, my kids and their cousin had an endless fun and they used their imagination to tell their stories using their soft toys and some figurines. Why don't you try this with your kids.

Friday, November 16, 2012

A quick visit to see baby Muhammad.


Have you ever made any decision to go somewhere without a proper planning? What happened then? Was your journey a smooth one?

Two days ago, we decided to go to Balok, Pahang to visit my brother and his wife who just delivered a newborn baby boy. We decided to go there only at 10 a.m. and by 11, we went out. I didn't pack that much since we it was only a day trip. Normally we would stay for few days there but this time we didn't want to bother my brother that much. We had our lunch in the rest stop area at Temerloh before we arrived at our destination by 3 p.m.

My brother and his wife were so happy to see us even though they both looked so tired. Their elder daughter was also happy to see her cousins even though she was a bit shy at first. My brother went out to buy some food like fried bananas for us even after I told him not to.

Here are some photos of us at his in-laws house:

Husna was so excited and there were many times she tried to touch the newborn baby. She made so much noise. Luckily the baby was not disturbed by Husna's noise. The baby is her second cousin who is born in the same year. By next year, I bet they are going to run around need to be carefully watched.

Fathini and Hafizah were busy playing with Hana (the elder sister for the baby). Hana was the boss when Fathini and Hafizah took turn to push her on her rider.

By 5.30  after my daughters took a bath, we had to leave the house and went back to KJ. Fathini and Hafizah wanted to stay but we told them that we would spend the night some other time. Before we left, I took a photo with baby Muhammad. (supposedly the baby will have another name after Muhammad but my brother didn't want to reveal yet). I secretly prayed that one day I will have a baby boy too when I held my nephew.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

No concert for Hafizah this year.


At the end of school term most kindergarten will organize a concert & graduation for their students. Reading some of the other blogs where they shared the sweet moments of their kids during their concert, has made me feeling sad for Hafizah. She's 5 and she was supposed to have a concert too if her kindy didn't have problems. I can't really share what really happened to Hafizah's kindy. All I can tell is they have to close the kindy due to financial restraints since October. We decided not to send her to other kindergarten because there were only about 5 weeks left for schooling days this year. So, I stayed at home teaching her by using lots of books. Yes, I haven't gone back to work since I gave birth to Husna.

Teaching your own kid is really different from teaching other people's kids. Sometimes I find it so hard to use the reinforcement and become so firm with your kid. Maybe it's just me. I can be quite lenient when it comes to my kids. My hubby is firmer in teaching our kids.

Ok, getting back to the topic, I'm sharing this because I reckon a concert is a good way to promote self-confidence in kids. They will feel proud to be able to present something and showcase their hidden talents to their parents and others. That's why I reckon most kindergarten like to organize this event as a yearly event.

Hopefully next year, she'll be able to graduate as she's going to 6 years old and finishing her kindergarten's level.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Doa lembutkan hati anak. (BM entry)


Kita selalu mengeluh bila anak2 tidak mendengar cakap dan kadang-kadang mereka memberontak kan? Selalunya kita akan mudah naik angin dan akan memarahi anak2. Saya sendiri pun selalu juga hilang sabar dengan karenah anak2. Bila mereka sudah tak mendengar nasihat kita, apa yang kita akan buat?

Hari ni saya nak berkongsi doa yang boleh kita amalkan untuk melembutkan hati anak. Jom sama-sama kita amalkan. Harap-harap lepas ni, lebih mudah anak2 nak mendengar cakap kita.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gaining weight = accumulating information?


Read this and tell me what do you think about it.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Excited with the new project.


This is just a very short entry to share my excitement about our new project. Right now, we (my hubby and I) are doing some paperwork and also some other work before we can realize our dream. Yesterday, I've started to attend a course which is related to our project. I can't reveal what's the project yet but hopefully by Dec, we are going to get some clients and by January it'll be fully operated.

Please pray for us. This project means a lot to us and it's part of my dream.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Bila hujan: Contoh-contoh macammana kita kurang bersyukur. (BM entry)


Sekarang memang hampir setiap hari hujan akan turun. Memang kebiasaannya di akhir tahun, hujan lebat yang kadang-kadang membawa bersama banjir. Apa yang saya nak kongsi hari ni ialah apa yang selalu terlintas di fikiran kita dan mungkin juga kita akan cakap BILA HUJAN.

Alamak hujan pulak. Habislah baju di jemuran tak kering-kering lagi. Dah banyak hari ni.

Kuatnya matahari hari ni. Habislah pudar warna baju kalau sidai lama-lama.

Macammana nak keluar ke pasar malam ni? Hujan lebat sangat. Mesti tak banyak pun gerai kat pasar malam.

 Susah jugak nak buat aktiviti kat luar kalau panas terik sangat. Nanti budak-budak demam pulak.

Tak sukanya bila hujan sebab mesti jalan akan sesak sangat-sangat. Orang akan pandu kereta perlahan sebab jalan jadi licin.

Hoi...tak nampak orang ke. Main nak langgar je. Ni yang susah kalau matahari terik sangat, jadi silau pulak.

Kat kampung sebelah air dah naik. Kita kena simpan barang-barang. Kot-kot nanti kat sini pun naik air. Habislah sayur-sayur yang baru ditanam tu. Mesti rosak.

Kering sangatlah sekarang. Bilalah hujan nak turun. Tanam apa pun tak subur ni.

Susah kan untuk kita betul-betul menerima semua keadaan dan bersyukur? Ada saja yang fikiran negatif yang kita terfikir. Cuba kita tukar semua yang negatif tu dan tengok dari sudut positif. Saya bukan cakap pasal orang lain, saya merujuk pada diri sendiri juga sebab kadang-kadang saya pun sama selalu terfikir perkara-perkara negatif saja bila asyik hujan. 

P/S: hujan-hujan ni teringat dulu-dulu arwah nenek suka rebus ubi kayu dan jering lepas tu makan cicah dengan kelapa parut. Ermmm sedapnya.