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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another 13 days...........................


There are another 13 days before I choose the winners for my first ever contest. I realize that there are not so many bloggers who are aware of the "Suggest a new name" contest as I didn't promote the contest in any of the giveaways blogs. Well, I know that this might sound cliche but I'm still busy in adapting to my new life arrangements. I can only hope that there'll be more participants soon. If not everybody who has drop any comments or suggestions for the "Suggest a new Name" entry will definitely get something. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ENTRY.

On another note, everyday on my way to work, I always come across some selfish people who don't care about others. Like in the LRT, they just sit on the designated seats for elderly people, pregnant women and disable people. When they see an old lady (for example), they choose to ignore. I'm not saying I'm a noble person but I always pity those people and I never think twice to give away my seat. AREN'T WE SUPPOSE TO BE COURTEOUS? (that's what written on the LRT's wall anyway). Another example is when I and the other people who want to cross the road in front of AM BANK building, (Jln Yap Kwang Seng), there'll some motorists who choose to ignore the red light and keep going on even though they can see there are some people who are trying to cross the road. I understand if everybody is in a hurry but THAT DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN JUST IGNORE THE RED LIGHT!!! nak marah ni dgn org2 yg tak reti bahasa.

All right, let's not forget the main reason I'm writing this entry. All of you are invited to give me a suggestion for the new name for this blog. PLEASE HELP ME ON THIS. I'm kind of stuck with good ideas now.


Nur said...


i think ""

just for u... =)

temp. housewife said...

thanka Nur. that's interesting.

Anonymous said...

i nak join tp kurang idea bernas la...