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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Standard One 2014

 My smart but weepy baby

The day after tomorrow marks a new milestone for my second daughter, Hafizah. She's going to embark on another journey by joining her sister in the primary school, SKKJ 1. She did well for her test during the Orientation Day last Saturday. That's why she's joining the first class, 1 Budi.(alhamdulillah).

I'm not so worried about her since she has got she some friends in her class. I just hope that she won't be so weepy anymore especially in the class. She's quite sensitive emotionally. Hopefully no one in her class will try to bully her. Based on Fathini's experience when she was in Standard One, there were some kids who love to bully other kids by asking for pocket money or borrowing stationery and not returning back what they borrowed.

We have to let her learn to be independent from day one as she really needs to be more matured. I've no doubt that she'll be good in her class and make friends as soon as possible. Let's hope that she'll know how to choose the friends that will teach her or encourage her with the positive attitudes.

My baby and me


Rai Ourkizuna said...

insya allah..anak anak boleh bawa diri..kita pun kena perhatikan setiap perubahan supaya tak jadi kes memendam rasa kena buli teruk di sekolah kan kak..

yatie chomeyl said...

Enjoy your new school fizah

Puan Kutu said...

sebaya aiman hafizah ni..Insyaallah budak bijak takaan kena buli..:)

good girl hafizah dpt first class..aiman kena ikut program transisi dulu pastu baru cikgu adjust semula kelas..

Eliss Mie said...

turn my nuha lak next year. hopefully dia ok2 saja. biasa mak2 yg terlebih risau ni.hehehe