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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pray for Kuantan & help them.

We all know the flood situation in the east coast especially in Kuantan is really bad now. Some have got some helps but most are still waiting for some assistance as they are so desperate with the situation. My own brother who lives in Gambang (quite near to Kuantan) said that they are still a lot of people who needs food, water, clean clothes, blankets, diapers and toiletries. He and some of his colleagues from UMP (Universiti Malaysia Pahang) have delivered some food to some affected areas by focusing at the place where the authorities are not aware of their evacuation centre. There are some so called "illegal evacuation centre" because most evacuation centres are too crowded. My family members and I have made some small contributions by donating some amount of money to my brother so that he can go out and buy some supplies for the other flood victims. At least our small contributions can ease their burden during this tough time.

For those of you who wants to contribute too, you can also make some donations through my FB friend:

Hopefully the situation will improve soon. Let's pray for all of the flood victims.

1 comment:

Puan Kutu said...

mmg teruk keadaan disana..harap banjir cepat surut.kita doakan yg terbaik buat mangsa banjir