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Thursday, February 18, 2010

To do or not to do? At last I have to...

Salam to all,
             At first I was a bit hesitated to do this tagging game. In January, my sis Yatie did this tagging game and tagged everybody who read the entry. I thought that since she already knew most of my personal secrets, (dah adik-beradik kan kami mmg simpan rahsia masing2) I didn't have to do this.
And today thanks to my "itchy" index finger, I have to do this tagging game after I read what Jiji from salahkan jari pulak. kalau dah mmg nak baca tu tak yah salahkan jari ye tak :p
Our antique photos taken from friends' FB. 

  1. Where and when did you first meet your hubby?
          At Pulau Pangkor during the Taekwondo Club (PPP/ITM) trip in 1997.I was 19 and
          he was 18. aah my hubby lg muda tapi I pun awet muda.heheheh
          bila tulis tarikh baru sedar dah lama giler kenal dan kami dah tua. huhu
   2. Love at first sight?
       Maybe and yeap. We had a long conversation during the cooking sessions since we were
       in the same group. But before that, I heard from the other girls that hubby was a bit shy and 
       didn't like to talk to girls. kira tererla I boleh bual lama2 dgn dia lps tu dia pun layan je. hehe

   3. Who is he when the first time you met him?
       My junior and all of his coursemates called me "Kakak". He's the only one who refused to call 
       me "kakak". dah dia dah berkenan kot takkan nak panggil I kakak. haha

   4. How long did he take to ask you out?

      Hmmmm. It would be never bcs I asked him out first. Why? Refer to the next question.

  5. First place dating?
      @ KFC Seksyen 18, Shah Alam. It was not really a date bcs my real intention asking him out
      was to ask him a favour. We were due to go to the grading test the next day and I was still 
      clueless about the patterns. He was better than me so I asked him to teach me.
      (tak percaya? betul2 labu. SUMPAH! I tak de niat nak keluar date sbb mula2 siap ajak kwn 
      teman tapi my friend pulak canceled last minute.)

   6. How did he proposed?
      It was not him who proposed! It was his uncle who went to my aunt's house in Kulim. 
     (tu pun lps dengar ada ramai my sedara mara yg merisik I masa balik raya. dia pun 
      takut I melepas ke tgn org lain. hahah.)

   7. Special dates with your hubby?
      Too many: First time we met: 20 Sept. 1997.
                      Engagement date: 12 Feb. 2002.
                      Wedding date: 28 Nov. 2003.
                      (tarikh yg lain2 tu dah tak ingat sgt sbb yelah 13 thn yg dulu. rasa zmn tok kadok lak)
   8. Changes that he asked you to do?
       Less sulking and more cooking. 
      (sulking tu tak leh nak buat apa sbb nka merajuk dgn siapa lg kalau tak dgn hubby)

   9. What's about him that you love so much?

       @ his extensive knowledge, his nerdness (I mmg minat mat nerd ok) and basically he 
        has some similar personalities to my abah.

  10. What's abt him you wish he would change?

       I wish he could be more romantic. 
       (yelah nak juga kdg2 dpt surprise. ni my birthday present pun I have to tell him what I want.
        hubby tak nak bazir kalau dia beli hadiah yg I tak suka)

  11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he....

        Urge me to hurry up when we want to go out, or speed up my conversation with my friends
         as we need to leave esp at other people's house. 
        (geram betul asyik bak cepat! cepat! cepat! jer)

  12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he.....

        Agree to bring us out to visit some interesting places here in NZ. 
       (banyak lg tempat yg tak sempat nak lawat.huhu)

   13. Complete the sentence below.
         "My love towards my hubby is as big as".....

          my heart! 
         (maksudnya sepenuh hati, jiwa raga, bakul , tong, bekas2 besar dll lg yg sewaktu dgnnya)

To those who would like to share some of their personal stories, you can do this too. I don't want to
choose anyone bcs it's your choice. But if you do this, I would definitely go to your blog to read. Just tell me if you decide to do this ;)




UstazCahaya said...

Salam Kak Nura..

In 1997 i was in form 4. Coz i still bujang, so tak rasa tua and memang sy awet muda;D

Seronok juga baca ni, buat merehatkan minda;-)

Jiji said...


nurulhudaresad said...

nurul dah buat tag nih...
so just have a look and share ok..
your story sounds interesting!

Nadiah Sidek said...

hehe..kelakar baca entry ni. terkenang zmn dulu2 ek :D

temp. housewife said...

salam ustaz,
jd ustaz ni sebaya adik saya Yatie la.

temp. housewife said...

ye Jiji!!!!!!

temp. housewife said...

ok Nurul nanti akk pergi baca.
Nadiah: buat le juga nak baca yg Nadiah punya pulak.

mommyYen said...

seronok baca ni..hihi

paij188 said...

hahaha.... best sekali sekala baca kesah chenta orang nih! hehehe...

temp. housewife said...

Mommy Yen & Fairus: buat la tag ni sbb I nak baca ur love stories too ;)

kakyong said...

suami kakyong muda dr kakyong 3 1/2 tahun... hmm, age is just a number... btw, sonok gak errr baca n3 ni.. ;)

sirna said...

wah,tersenyum2 saya baca entri ni, harusku buat juga ni kak nur=)

temp. housewife said...

betul. Age is just a number.

temp. housewife said...

silala buat Sirna :D

Fid said...

1997 saya baru masuk matriks kat MLA taman suria jaya cheras...

tak abis2 KFC ja portnya!!!
tapi saya dating kat KFC Kamunting tahun 1996 hahaha habis SPM tuh!!!

temp. housewife said...

ooo Fid kira sebaya my hubby la.

AlohaMolly said...

hi check out my entry here:
menyahut entry Kak Nura :)