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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Not good in English? How to be good or improve your English? (PART 2)


This is the continuation from yesterday's entry. If any of you wonder why am I promoting English here? Well, it's definitely because I totally ignore or don't like to use Bahasa Melayu. It's just that I feel it's my responsibility to share my knowledge and my experiences as an English teacher. I also want to see more Malaysians to use the standard English so that the native speakers of English would respect us more. It's true that Japanese don't have to master English to be a successful country BUT even then, they still need to learn English if they want to communicate with other people. Some of my students always tell me that they don't like to learn English BUT they still need to learn it for communication, education and business purposes.

Let's get back to the suggestions:

4.           Make a habit to use English in writing messages in your mobile phone and also write some 
              entries in English if you have a blog.

   Some of you might say that you are not good in English. BUT if you never try, how do you know that you
   are not good and how can you improve if you seldom use it? Start of with something simple when you want
  to write in your blog. For the messages through mobile phone or even writing your status in FB,FS, TWITTER or others, just share your thoughts in simple sentences.

5.           Enroll yourself in a language center like ELS language center.

    This is kind of free promotion for the company that I'm now attached to. (LOL). However, on a more serious note, if you need to sit for TOEFL,IELTS or A LEVEL examination, the best way is to learn from English instructors. The fee is quite high but at the end, you'll get a lot of help and guidance from the instructors. The positive environment can also help you to be fluent in English.

6.          Teach the correct English to your children, younger siblings or even your friends.

    You might think how can you teach other people when you yourself are not so good RIGHT? In my humble opinion, you might know something that other people don't know so it's not wrong to teach people what you really know. "Sharing is caring"- so why do you need to hesitate further? For Parents- you are the best teachers to your children. They'll appreciate more when they can learn from YOU!

7.          Last but not least, change the negative of attitude of "I can't" to "I can"!

    It's never too late to start and your positive attitude can affect those around you too! REMEMBER- Don't use any excuses anymore because you won't be able to achieve anything when you have 1001 excuses.


mamamuaz said...

totally agreed with the no.7...;)

transformed housewife said...

only positive attitude can bring you closer to success.

SyidaGorjes said...

i have the no.7: -ve attitide.
i know i can blog in english but i also know that my grammar is not so good.but i can talk, write letters or report in english.

what exactly is my problem? =)

Syigim said...

when we're younger, my mak used to get funny roleplays or comics and all of us girls berlakon using the roleplays & script and mak will tape us. this is really fun, bole gelak2 when we pronounce wrongly, then we can tape again to improve. bila dengar balk pun seronok. try it!

support from parents pun very very important - in terms of emotional (jgn gelak2 je bila anak silap ckp BI, lepas gelak2 tu betulkan le hihi) monetary (jgn lokek bila anak nk beli buku BI or mintak nk gi library) ;)

enjoyed these 2 articles. maybe next k nur bole put a list on YOUR personal effort to instill the love of english in your kids :)

AlohaMolly said...

I have been thinking about this as well asking around my other chinese literate frens..

And I think i can use ur guide to pick up Mandarin since I hope to assist my child in her homework from school 2 yrs from now.

Time to pick up..and stay tune for my blog post in Chinese :D

mama_iris said...

some people say i may good in writing but not in speaking....

i hope i can be good in both..=)

Umi said...

tq, sis... i can!! but i not confident.. LOL.. hehehe

Hamizah said...

i'm really not confident to write in English at blog..

transformed housewife said...

syida- just try Syida whenever you can.

transformed housewife said...

Syigim- interesting approach your mom. Will try to list out what I've done to teach English to my kids.

transformed housewife said...

Molly- It's a good idea. But will you give us the translation as well :D

transformed housewife said...

mama iris- you'll never know how good you are unless you keep using it.

transformed housewife said...

umi & Hamizah- it won't hurt to try one day ;D

Nia said...

we have to think in english too..hehe

isabelle said...

dulu i blogged fully in english.
tapi dah skrg ni rasa lebih expressive lak in malay.hehe

yatie chomeyl said...

u should add these also

* it's an advantage is your abah is so particular about grammar and pronounciation mistake 24-7 in the house

* another advantage when your mum and your eldest sis is english teacher LOL