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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Boys need to be BOYS

I know I shouldn't really share about this here BUT....sometimes I just have to let this out of my mind. It's about some parents who are so concern about their kids to the extend that they want us to make sure nobody can really touch their kids. What I mean here is, they listen so much to their kids' complaining about their friends that hit or kick them in kindy. BUT they never know the real situation. Dealing with 80% boys in our kindy is so challenging when they get so excited physically. Most of the time, they are only playing or pretending to be super heroes and started to kick, punch or hit each other. I can't always stop them or observing how they play every seconds. The problem with some parents nowadays, they always think their kids are ANGEL. They don't know that in school they totally turn everything upside down. They won't really listen to teachers and always testing our patience. We are doing our best to guide them to become behave but it's not easy when parents won't trust us to do the job and they themselves never try to guide their own kids too.

For now, our solution is just to try our best and if the parents are not happy, they are most welcome to send their kids to other school and see if other school can really change their "challenging kids".

1 comment:

cinta said...

absolutely. boys need to be boys. sometimes the challenge is not just about the kids but the parents.