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Monday, July 16, 2012

Because I've promised her.


Yesterday it was my 34th day according to my confinement period. But I had to do something which was not advisable for a woman who is still in the confinement period.

I went to see my youngest sister in Kolej Mara Banting because I made a promise to visit her once she has settled down. She looked happy to be able to study there even though the place is situated in a remote area. I'm glad that the place is in a remote area since the temptations to go out for loitering or wasting time and money is very slim. All she can do is concentrating on her study and excel in her study.

We arrived there by 12 p.m. When we were there, we could see that the place was quite huge. The first building we saw was a huge-3 storey building of classes. Then we saw the small mosque and the food court. We waited for my sister at the food court because the guard told us to wait there and we couldn't really go into the hostel. My sister was so excited to see us and she was more excited to meet and hold Husna for the first time.

The small mosque

My sister and my elder daughters

My sister, Awin and my youngest daughter.

My sister, Awin wanted to go out and bought some stuffs. So, we took her out to the nearest town which was not so near. The town was about 5 km away from the school. We brought her to "The Store" in the town and also had lunch there. My sister bought some dried food and some clothes before we asked her to quickly choose and pay for the clothes after Husna made some noise. She started to feel uncomfortable since the weather was quite hot and stuffy even though we walked under the shade.

We went back to KMB and had a good rest in the mosque. I changed Husna's diaper and freshen her up before I asked Awin to take care of her for a while. There was one middle age woman thought Husna was Awin's baby because she asked Awin "How old is the baby?".

After Zuhr prayer (by 3 p.m.), we left Awin and promised to see her again next time. Maybe not during Ramadhan since we are going to see each other during Eid.

 Our last photos before we said goodbye.


Nadiah Sidek said...

muka adik-beradik kak nur lain-lain ye? ke..dalam gambar je nampak lain. macam mak nadiah, muka sesama adik-beradik perempuan memang lain

Eliss Mie said...

ni yang pergi rumah yati dulu tu kan? kalau orang tua byk pantang la, kalau boleh 44 hari suh duk rumah kan :)

yatie chomeyl said...

patut pun minyok molek muko belako hahaha

transformed housewife said...

Nadiah: aah muka kami lain2 sikit sbb knur ikut muka arwah ma. Adik bongsu tu lebih ke muka sebelah abah. Muka adik tu nak sama dgn nenek sebelah abah.

transformed housewife said...

Eliss: aah. adik yg nilah yg ikut Yatie ke Jepun.

transformed housewife said...

Tie: tubik tgh panah tghr.

Izan Ishak said...

ohhh... adik kak nur bljr kat KMB rupa2nya. kg izan dah tak jauh dah dari situ. kampung jenjarom, jalan nak ke klang.