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Monday, March 24, 2014

Human's mind is AMAZING!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

One of its kind!

There's this one boy who joined our kindy in January this year. He's really one of its kind. WHY? Well, to begin with, he's quite rough. I thought that's normal for a boy. But NO...His only way to play with other kids is by punching, beating, kicking or even worst biting! We've tried all sorts of methods to explain to him that those are not acceptable in school. His problem don't just stop there. He has another BIG problem. He doesn't know how to tell when he already pooped! He can play as usual and continue to play until the stool become sticky in his underwear. Again, we've tried all sorts of things to encourage him to tell us as it's really tiring just to wash him until 6X each day. He won't finish his 'business' all at once that's why he'll do so many times. His father asked us to check on him and ask him every hour! We don't have to luxury to do that as we have to attend to other kids as well. Plus he's already 5 years old not a toddler anymore!

For those who have sons, if you have encountered any of those problems before, would you be kind enough to share with me your tips? I'm quite desperate to do anything possible to help this boy.