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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Almost giving up on EBM.

Few days ago I noticed that the EBM stock is almost out of stock. So I had to start pumping again. Then as I tried to pump, it hurt so much that I wanted to give up. I told my hubby to consider buying Formula Milk to top up Breast Milk. He objected the idea and asked me to keep on pumping whenever I'm free in the morning. (I leave Husna at home to go to the kindy every morning). I even asked some opinion from my friends on FB. Some of them responded and encouraged me to keep on pumping.

Thanks to all the support and encouragement, at least I've tried to restock the EBM. I shall not give up until Husna is 2 years old. I failed to do it with Fathini but I managed to BF Hafizah until she was 2+. Hopefully with Husna, the BF journey will last long.


Fadilah Aziz said...

Chayok kak nur...betul cakap hubs kak nur try pump waktu pagi..biasa pagi production mmmg banyak, insyaAllah

yatie chomeyl said...

go knur go!

isabelle frankly said...

insyaAllah niat yg baik tu tercapai.
jgn give up

Wan Anie said...

InsyaaAllah I pray for you Nur