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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Respect the school properties PLEASE!!!


Every day I have the HUGE challenge of reminding and teaching the kids in our kindy on how to respect school properties especially the educational toys that we've bought. It's only after 2+ months and some of school toys had been broken. Most of the kids especially the boys, play so rough and have to be reminded that they shouldn't throw or step on the toys.

I realize and fully aware that they are just kids. They have to be reminded every day about our expectations on them. The teaching and coaching happens every day and I always believe that they can be trained. It's just the matter of teaching the morals on how to behave as respect is one of the quality that one should have.

By tomorrow, maybe I should change the approach by taking away the privilege of playing with toys until they can learn to respect. hmmm. Not a bad idea.


yatie chomeyl said...

jolo doh, ado budok hok jenis x syg ko toys...keno peringat sokmo

transformed housewife said...

tulah. gere jah tgk, bilo puok2 dio lepar. tohok toys.