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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Having maid= spoiling your kids?

Hi, how's everybody?

I've been thinking about sharing this thought for a while. It's what I've seen and also heard from others. I'll also share my own experience in having maid around the house when we were growing up.

My own experience when I was small

We had some maids or my late mum referred as our helpers. Basically a maid/a helper just helps to do the household chores except for cooking. My late mum loved cooking. She would try her best to prepare the
meal for us even though she's busy with her job. We were told to do our own chores like washing our own uniforms and school shoes. My mum would scold us if we asked our helper to do what we were supposed to do. We treated all our helpers like our own family members and we appreciated them so much for helping us.

My own experience NOW

As I'm staying with my in-laws, I always ask my in-laws's maid to help out to take care of Husna. But I still pay her some money because she is doing so much work around the house. Most of the time, I try to help her out with some simple chores. I also love to prepare the meal for my family. I always tell my daughters not to be so demanding and they must do their own chores too like tidying up their toys, bringing the dirty plates into the sink and other simple tasks. I don't want my daughters to behave like "princess" who can order people around and treat a maid like a slave!

What I've heard and seen (somewhere)

Some people are treating their maids like slaves. Yes! It's TRUE. They expect so much and don't have the respect to the maid but want the maid to do work 24-7. They forget that the maid is also a human being who needs to rest and entitled to be respected. Then they let their kids to have the same kind of attitude. No wonder when their kids grow up, they never have the respect to others. They always have somebody who will do all the chores for them and they'll never learn even how to wash their own dishes. Why should they worry as when they get married, they'll ask their husband or they ask their wives to be their maid!

Why people were so angry at Indonesian government?

We have so many spoiled people who have grown up thinking that maids are the SLAVES. They think by paying RM500 per month, the maid should do all the chores without even having the rest and receiving other benefits. BUT when their bosses at work ask them to do extra work without paying extra, they'll be furious and refuse to do it. Why am I voicing out about this? Well.....I can't help but feeling like one of the maids too these days. I just hope that more people realize about what they've done and what they are doing now.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. is to be earned not to be expected.


Puan Kutu said...

baca entri ni teringat pulak semanis kurma tajuk bibik oh bibik..:)

setuju sgt,maid bukan hamba abdi.kita gunakan mereka utk membantu meringakan beban bukannya menyerahkan sepenuh tanggungjawab..

sgt setuju bab memasak sebaiknya kita sendiri yg msk..air tgn tu tak sama..macam ur mum..:)

transformed housewife said...

Puan Kutu: tulah ramai yg tak layan bibik dgn baik. Bila diaorg lari mula marah2.

Izan Ishak said...

betul kak... ada maid bukan dijadikan hamba. buat kerja itu ini sampai tak menang tgn. mereka pun manusia biasa mcm kita jugakan.

mama maman aka yana said...

yer... setuju sesangat.. mama kesian kat bibik biras.. anak2 buah (sepupu maman) agak suka memerintah.. mengarah mcm2 dan selalunya nak sesuatu benda dan-dan tuh la jugak.. sian kan.. dia pun org wlpun selalu org pelekehkan bibik... harap sgt mrk berubah..