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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Double celebration: Hafizah's 6th & Husna's 1st birthday.

I've been meaning to share about this celebration since last week but I've been busy. (cliche right?). So here, in a brief entry here, I want to share how we celebrated Hafizah and Husna's birthday on 16th of June. Husna turned 1 year old on 10th of June and Hafizah turned 6 years old last Saturday. We decided to celebrate both birthdays right in the middle.

I made all the simple preparations with the help from Fathini and Hafizah. We didn't invite so many guests as it was mean to be just a simple bbq- family event. Hafizah just wanted to invite her friends and her cousins who can join us that weekend. I made a banner using our printer, prepared party packs and also some games for the kids. The food? My hubby acted as the head chef that day when he and his brother, cooked the lamb, chicken, sausages and chicken balls on the bbq set. I prepared some other food like mashed potato, fried maggi and tomato rice. My sister-in law brought apple salad.

We started the party at 12 by asking the children to eat something first. When the guests arrived, I asked all of the children to make their own party hats by decorating the cardboard that I prepared. Then, we played the first game which was passing the mystery present. They listened to some music and had to passed the present until the music stopped. The last person who was holding the present had to open the first layer of the present. The cycle went on until they could open the present and shared the goodies. Next, the second game was being a statue. They danced freely until the music stopped and they had to be a statue. When somebody moved, he was out of the game. Lastly, finding treasure in a basin that was full with colored balls. I reckon that was their favourite as they had to be quick to find some jelly hidden under some colored balls.

The highlight of the party was of course the cake! Since Hafizah was really into having "rainbow theme" in everything, I ordered a rainbow cake for her and Husna. The cake tasted wonderful and the icing was not too sweet too. I thought after the cake, the children won't be eating anything else. But they were happily nodded their heads when I asked, "Does anybody want rainbow ice-cream?". So, their last treat was of course the Paddle Pop Rainbow Ice cream. Some even asked for second servings!

We had so much fun and the adults had their fair share of excitement by catching up and swapping stories. I always love a simple party where we prepared everything (of course with the help from our family members too). It can be tiring to prepare everything but we can save a lot  of money and also getting our family members to lend some hands too. (most of the time they are willing to help- Alhamdulillah).


yatie chomeyl said...

ramai ore tulong ok la, klu ti keno wat sore2 sambil jago nazran lagi, pengsannn. maso nazhan sore dulu buleh la organize sendiri

happy belated bestday husna & fizah ;)

Puan Kutu said...

seronoknya smbutan besday..ada bbq,ada kek,ada aiskrim,ada hadiah ln game lg..

smbutan nmpk meriah

transformed housewife said...

Tie: alhamdulillah sini ramai hok bulih tolong. Takpola thn depey maybe bulih organize sediri doh bday Nazhan & Nazran.

transformed housewife said...

PK: seronok bila tgk anak2 happy.

ddfirdaus said...

happy belated bday girls..