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Monday, October 28, 2013

You want to spoil your kids, be my guest BUT......

Lately Fathini who just finished sitting for her exams for both Primary School and her Religious School always shares with me some stories. The stories were about how some of the other parents promised to buy some presents like Ipad, handphone or remote control helicopter if their kids managed to achieve excellent result. When I asked Fathini, does it mean that she wants it too? She just shrugged her shoulders and told me she didn't mind.

I don't mind when other parents want to spoil their own kids. My only concern is when other unfortunate kids from poor families feel jealous and demand the same thing from their parents. Knowing kids, they like to brag about what they have and if possible would like to show off whenever they can. I have to admit that right now, we are also having some financial constraint. We don't really have the budget to spend lavishly on buying presents to our kids. I know that giving presents can be a good incentive to the kids BUT how far will we go into giving this incentive? Would we buy whatever our kids wish for just to encourage them to achieve excellent result?

My parents used to give this kind of incentive too but they never specified what kind of presents we would get. After we got the excellent result then only they would brought us for a special dinner treat or sometimes bought some not-so-expensive presents.

We are really hoping that not only Fathini but Hafizah and Husna will always try to achieve excellent result because they want to succeed and not because we have to promise them 1001 material stuffs that wouldn't even last that long.

Do you encourage your kids to get excellent result by making some promises too?


yatie chomeyl said...

klu ikut ti meme nk beli jah belako yg nazhan mitok, mujur solah jenis payoh turut ere anok sikit.
raso nyo ok la buat mace ma abah buat dulu, klu dpt no 1 baru beli, tu pon teddy bear jah la sokmo yg ti mitok hehehe

Puan Kutu said...

Bagi sy hadiah utk anak atas kecemerlangan tu perlu,tp tak semestinya mahal.macam kaknur kata belanja mkn tu pun hadiah gak.lgpun kita sebagai mak msti la nk penuhi segala keinginan ank,tp jgn la terlalu dimanjakan..

Tp klu parents mampun ok je,cums tak yah la bercerita dgn kawan2 bkn apa takut ank kita terpengaruh,pastu yg tak mampu tu kesian

transformed housewife said...

Tie: jange turut ere sbb punoh anok nanti.

transformed housewife said...

tulah. kami pun ada jugak beli hadiah tp yg biasa2 jelah. selalu tak de janji pun. lps Fathini dah dpt no 1 ke baru bg.