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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nervous about the wedding.

It's been a long time since I posted the last entry. My laptop had to be repaired by my hubby as the screen became blank after it's been turned on for few minutes. This month, I'm busy with the preparation of our kindy Graduation & Concert 2013. So much work to do and things to be done. At the meantime, my brother Rashdan is also busy. This brother of mine is not like other so called 'normal' brother. (OKU) I've shared about his story before in other entries.

Alhamdulillah, at last he has found his soul mate. He's getting married next month! His soul mate is quite young (19 years old which is about the age like our youngest sister) but she looks matured. They have done most of the preparation and they are just waiting for the DAY. I'm a bit unhappy since I can't do so much to help them as it's so hard for me to go back to Kelantan. Even though I don't have to apply any leave but it's hard to leave our kindy unattended. Yes, I do have the staffs but if there's any problems, they'll call me and at the end I have to step in to solve it.

Hopefully, everything is really been settled by the others who can help us out. I can only call and discuss with other relatives to help us out. I reckon I'm more nervous about my brother's wedding more than mine 10 years ago.


Puan Kutu said...

abg kak nur ekk?tak pernah baca pun kisahnya..mungkin dedulu kot sebelum sy selalu dtg komen sini..apa pun semoga beliau berbahagia.selamat pengantin baru..:)

transformed housewife said...

bukan abg. Adik slps knur. Knur anak sulung. Ni yg no 2. No 3 & 4 dah kawin lebih kurang 5 & 3 thn.