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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A to Z Kiasu Philosophy.


I found this from this LINK.
It's an amusing take on the subject of "Kiasu". Don't know what is Kiasu?
Read this explanation from WIKIPEDIA.

Kiasu (traditional Chinese: 驚輸; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: kiaⁿ-su) is a Hokkien (a Chinese spoken variant) word that literally means 'fear of losing' (Mandarin Chinese: 怕输). However its actual usage would imply a meaning more approaching that of "dog in a manger", and yet not quite (Landon Mossburg). Examples of kiasu behaviour includes accumulating too much food on one's plate during a buffet lunch in case there is no more later, or joining a queue many days in advance just to ensure that one successfully gets hold of the limited free tickets to events, promotions and shows such as Singapore's annual National Day Parade.
This word is so widely used by Singaporeans and Malaysians that it is incorporated into their English vocabulary (in the form of Singlish and Manglish). It is often used in describing the social attitudes of people, especially about South East Asian society and its values. Its widespread use is often because these attitudes are common—to not lose out in a highly competitive society (e.g. by above-cited examples), or to the extent of parents imposing heavy study labour on their children in their wish to make them at the very top of all other students. Growing up with this attitude, these students often become ambitious businesspeople[citation needed], with the desire to be on top in wealth and prestige regardless of whether the most prestigious careers are aligned with their true capabilities.

 Here is the A-Z Kiasu Philosophy:




Always must win   Never mind what they   think
Borrow but never return   Outdo everyone you know
Cheap is good Pay only when necessary
Don't trust anyone Quit while you are ahead
Everything also must grab! Rushing and pushing wins the race
Free! Free! Free! Sample are always welcome
Grab first talk later Take but don't give
Help yourself to everything Unless it's free forget it
I first, I want, I everything Vow to be number one
Jump queue Winner takes it ALL! ALL! ALL!
Keep coming back for more Yell if necessary to get what you want
Look for discount Zebras are kiasu because they want to
Must not lose face be both black and white at the same time




.m.u.n.i.r.a. said...

word ni selalu di sebut oleh ustaz ridhuan tee dalam artikel beliau di utusan!
terkadang betul apa yang dia kata..
bangsanya adalah kiasu!

transformed housewife said...

skrg ni bukan bangsa Ustaz Ridhuan je yg Kiasu. Melayu pun dah sama tau Munira.

Nur Misnan said...

kiasu nih lebih
lembut dan teratur..

aku separuh kiasu kot. hu3

AlohaMolly said...

hi Kak Nura,

I feel most ppl are kiasu in certain ways..but I still prefer the gentlemen friendliness ;)

Btw, I hav receive the keychain for my consolation prize! Thanks:)

Idayu said...

dulu masa kija kilang, kwn2 cina slalu ckp kiasu..lbh kurang mcm tamak n mementingkan diri la, itu yg sy rasa kalu ikut pada keadaan dia bercakap n pemahaman sy masa tuh.

p/s: gelang dah sampai, mak sy kata cantik! thanks..

sugar*spice*salt said...

Good info about kiasu...xpecially A-Z Kiasu Philosophy..;)

yatie chomeyl said...

dlmdunio ni, oghe ch ya nun alif paling kiasuu sekali rasonyo

mama_iris said...

masih tgh cuba memahami apa itu kiasu....

CuppyCakeMommy said...

betul..skang ni sama je kekiasuan kan diri sendiri je..

btw..theres educational toys for ian at my cekidout it ok

transformed housewife said...

Nur misnan- oh ye ke.

molly- I guess you're right.

Idayu- kalau dah terlebih had mmg tak elok.

sugar,spice,salt- thanks.

tie- ore2 kito pong start doh jd Kiasu.

Nurul- baca lg kalau nak faham.

cuppy cake mommy- I'll check it out.