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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Crisis in Libya & Yemen- How does it affect our students?


Since the protests started in Libya & Yemen, some of our Libyan and Yemeni students have been so worried about their family and friends back in their countries. Some even came to class and shared some sad stories. Some have had some financial problems since they couldn't ask their family to send some money in order for them to continue their study in our center.

I really pity them and can't help myself thinking that if it's happen here (Nauzubillah), we'll have the same problems like them. Right now, all means of communications have been cut off and they are unable to contact their family and friends. Until everything is settled (don't know when or for how long), somehow our job is also might be jeopardized by the riots. We might have less students and less students means that some of us might get less hour to teach that can lead to less salary! huhu. Thus, I'm praying so hard now that Muammar Gaddafi & Ali Abdullah Saleh will follow Hosni Mobarak's step to give back the power to his people. I might sound so selfish when I make this statement but I reckon, if their people are protesting, there must be something wrong somewhere and they just can't be oppress anymore. Cronyism and Nepotism should never be part of any government if that government wants to rule a country in a peaceful manner.

Now, what say you? What do you reckon about this? Is it possible that one day some of us might also protest against our government? If so, what's going to happen?


yatie chomeyl said...

if msian govt masih buat pernagai yg rakyat x suko, mesti jd gitu jugop one day. hope not...hope govt amik pengajare dari yg jadi kat mesir, libya, yemen, turki

ICA said...

I do agree that Msia ni dijauhkan dari jadi benda2 mcm ni. But not sure whether things like this boleh jadi tak kat sini coz in my opinion la the people's voice here in Msia tak sekuat if in Thailand, Filipina or Indonesia...there protest against government ni dah jadi biasa dah kan.

Diyana said...

bab merusuh2 macam ni kak..sebetulnya, pihak yang planning nak merusuh ni..kena siapkan dengan plan untuk back up rakyat dan sistem ekonomi..jangan semberono..nanti baliknya pada rakyat jugak. tgk mcm mesir skrg, itu ntahla berapa lama tentera akan pegang..silap2 trus menerus tentera pegang.dah jadi negara komunis pulak. :|. kat malaysia mcm skrg ni, saya harap pd sesiapa yang nak mengambil alih,harapnya get ready dengan satu pelan pemerintahan yang kukuh. *saya dah siap bagitau suami,kalau jadi apa2 dgn malaysia..saya nak ajak dia balik brunei,kampung halaman dia.^^