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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Graduation 2013 - Aspring Kids Kindy (Part 2)

The continuation from PART ONE

Right after the speeches, the first performance took place. Our Muslims kids from the age of 10 to 4 (from the transit children to our kindy children) performed Nasyid "25 Rasul". I trained them to sing the song since last month and alhamdulillah they were able to perform it so well. 4 of them held tambourines as the instruments to be played along the song. The next item on the program was "It's a small world" sang by our 4,5 and 6 years old. They sang and also did some movements along with the music. The youngest children in our kindy were also given the chance to shine during the event. However only Danial who was so chirpy and excited to dance in front of the crowd. The other one, Zahra held her mummy's hand and asked her mummy to join in the dance. 

My hubby was our photographer (and he took some videos too) on that day. He carried 2 types of cameras and was so busy taking photos and making videos. That's why I could only include some photos here. Okay getting back to the event. Our 4, 5 years old were so awesome when they performed "Shakey,Shakey" dance. Based on the song from The Wiggles, the next item was also a dance using their song. All of the students performed another outstanding performance on "Hot Potato" song.

Our transit children had their own slot when they performed "Oh My English" scenes. They acted out three scenes; "Chop", "Repeat again" and "Borrow me". The parents laughed at the punched lines and we could see some acting talents from the 10,9 and 8 year-old kids. If only we had more time to practice, they would have done more scenes. We only practiced about 3 weeks before the event and we did it during their free time I.E. before they went off to their Religious School or before their parents fetched them in the evening. The 6 years old did a marvelous Indian Dance for us. The song called "Made In India" really took us to India for a while as we were entertained by their smooth dancing moves. The last songs were "Rasa Sayang" and "So Long Farewell" sang by all of the children including the transit children.

The event ended by 10. 30 a.m. After the event, we invited all of our guests to have some light refreshments. Most of them stayed until 12 as they chatted and got to know other parents as well. Some took photos with us-the teachers. Most of them said that the event was short, sweet and successful. I could see that they were happy and excited after they saw their children's performance. I'm glad that everything went well and really hope that we can organize a bigger event for next year.


Puan Kutu said...

berbakat semua anak2 ni ye...serobok tgok derang enjoy buat persembahan

Sidratul Muntaha said...

salam kak
terima kaish dgn tq card tu
dah selamat sampai
kalau ade lagi tuk event mendatang..
insyaa Allah ayu boleh penuhkan