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Friday, November 1, 2013

Graduation 2013 @ Aspiring Kids Kindy (Part 1)

Last Sunday we had our Graduation 2013 to celebrate our students. As a new kindy which just started the operation early this year, our event was a small event. There were only 6 years old students who graduated from our kindy.

The event started on time as most of the kids arrived before 9 a.m. The parents looked so excited and most of them also arrived early with their kids. As the emcee for that day (thought of getting other emcee but we didn't have the budget-hehe), I was nervous before I started my duty. It's been a long time since I became the emcee.

Photos before the event started

By 9.10 a.m. the event started with everybody had to stand up to show their respect to the national anthem "Negaraku". Most parents sang along too. After that, I briefly shared with the audience about our kindy. Next, it was time for a short speech by my MIL as one of the directors of the kindy. She also gave the plaque and presents to our graduate students after her speech.

2 of the students gave a speech in English and Bahasa Malaysia right after the prize giving ceremony. If 2 years ago, my eldest daughter, Fathini gave the speech in English but this year, Hafizah didn't have the confidence like her elder sister. So that's why the teachers had chosen Alif and Sofea to give the speeches.

TO BE CONTINUED..................


Aleyn said...

I had my 1st kindergarten convocation as well last Sunday....maybe we can each other share tips next year...hehe..

Puan Kutu said...

walau students tak ramai nmpk meriah jugak..mesti comel bebudak tu bagi speech..suka tgok

transformed housewife said...

Aleyn: I see. Sure we can always share the tips.

transformed housewife said...

PK: parents diaorg tak sangka anak2 diaorg boleh bg speech.