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Friday, November 26, 2010

Special graduation in conjunction of ELS 20th Anniversary in JW Marriot Hotel.


    ELS Malaysia is celebrating their 20th Anniversary this year. For the special graduation ceremony this morning, a of the bosses, teachers, staffs and students from 4 different centres; KL, PJ, SJ BB centres had to attend it in JW Marriot. Though I've been living in Klang Valley for few years, I've never been to Bukit Bintang area. So, I was not really sure how to find JW Marriot this morning. I just asked around how to go from Dang Wangi LRT station to Bukit Nanas Monorail station before I could proceed to Bukit Bintang station. I managed to arrive in JW Marriot quarter to nine and I was very glad that I could make it just before the time.

   The ceremony started by 10 (originally it supposed to start by 9). There were a lot speeches from the Deputy Minister of High Education, The President of ELS from US and other VVIPs. There were even some speeches delivered by some chosen students from the 4 centres. The most interesting part was the musical interlude. Some teachers from performed two songs; one in group and another one was a solo performance by a talented teacher from PJ centre. By the time two more ex-students who passed the highest level- 109 gave their speeches, most of other students were so restless as they were hungry and sleepy. They were also anxious to get their Progress Report (their result for this session). By the time they received their result, some of them were happy and some were still unsatisfied though they managed to get CREDIT (score 80 and above) for some off the components. It was quite hard to explain why they didn't get the high mark as they expected. I guess I will have to face them again next Monday. huhu

After the Progress Report had been given away, all the teachers went to a nice place called "Eddy's Restaurant" (if I'm not mistaken) to have a nice lunch. It was a buffet and we really helped ourselves with the food as we were starving by 12 p.m. All of us had to leave the house so early and didn't had the chance to get a proper breakfast this morning. We ate and chatted until 2 before we made a move.

Tonight ELS is going to have a 20th Anniversary dinner but I'm not going to attend it because there's no one who can take care of my daughters and also I'm afraid to drive alone at night to go to JW Marriot in the heart of KL. Most of my colleagues will be there and I have heard that they are going to make sure to have a small party after the formal dinner ends at 10 p.m.(sebenarnya ada satu lg sbb, sy rasa tak selesa bila dinner tu diaorg akan bg minuman beralkohol dan bos siap bg amaran jgn minum banyak2 takut diaorg tak boleh nak ballik rumah mlm ni kalau mabuk sgt. isk3x)

P/S: Please forgive me for the bad quality photos as I only have a BRAND X camera and not one of the DSLR. And, I have one question: If you were me, would you go to the dinner?


isabelle said...

if it is just for the sake of socializing & meeting old frens, go ahead la.
anyway, biasanya diorg concern psl kita boleh/xboleh mkn itu ini

transformed housewife said...

it's already too late Belle. Sebenarnya ada je halangan utk knur attend. the biggest issue is bcs my hubby is not here.

kakyong said...

memang sellau jd berbelah hati bila melibatkan anak2.. actaully boleh jer g makan, pastu balik awal.. dulu kakyong selalu la bertaki dgn kwn2 yg x suka dok lelama.. kat ipoh ni depa memang suka buat yamseng di hjg2 majlis.. so sblm benda tu jadi.. kita cabut la awal2..

transformed housewife said...

kyong: dulu pun pernah pegi dan blah awal. tapi kali ini, immediate bos mcm nak sgt kami tunggu sampai habis majlis. tu yg lg senang tak payah pergi.