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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Stop Child Abuse (before more and more children suffer)


   Children are the valuable gifts to parents. They need the basic life necessities, love, nurturing and protection. They shouldn't the object that we can use to let out our anger and frustrations. They shouldn't be the sex object or our unpaid servants. They have their rights that we should never denied. Just look at their innocent faces and think what will happen to their future when we rip off, steal and destroy their childhood!

   Here I want to declare my 110% of supports to the STOP CHILD ABUSE Campaign by UNICEF. If you haven't show your supports yet, please go to THIS website.

  And here is the UNICEF banner:

  I really condemn the act of abusing children sexually, physically and mentally. Thus the act of hitting, caning, poking, slapping, kicking, punching and verbal harassing are not acceptable at all. AND We can do something about this before we ourselves are destroying our own future when we don't address this serious issues.

Last but not least, I want to share a video from UNICEF:


kakyong said...

org yg niaya buadak2 ni memang mental betul lah.. xde hati perut...

Nur Misnan said...

salam my dear Nur
manusia sekarang semakin kejam
tiada perimanusia..
akal semua letak bawah tapak kaki...
manusia mcm nih kena harus di beri

p.s. Nur.. masuklah contest dari nuffnang
tentang stop child abuse.....
mana tau rezeki menang...

transformed housewife said...

kyong: mmg biasa yg mendera budak ada psychological problem.

transformed housewife said...

NM: entry ni mmg utk contest tu dan mmg tujuan utama ialah nak menyokong usaha UNICEF tu.