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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

It's exam season!


It's almost at the end of the year. How time flies! (yup, quite a cliche' to say that). As UPSR & PMR were over, SPM & STPM  candidates are waiting for their exams to start. My daughter, Fathini is also having her final year exam this week.

Yesterday, when we asked her "How was the exam?". She smiled and said, "It was easy peasy, mama". I was relieved to hear that. My hubby and I have decided even before she went to primary school that we don't want to force her to study or expect her to excel by giving her the high expectation. We don't want to feel stressed as it's better if she wants to do things on her own will. It also can boost her self confidence when she excel at her own expectations. We are trying (very hard sometimes) not to be so KIASU. It's not really good to compare our kids with other people's kids as they unique and they must have their own sense of accomplishments even though it might not be as great as others.

I used to feel so stressed up whenever I had to sit for any exam. I wanted to achieved excellent result but I forgot that it wasn't just in my hand. Thus, I felt so frustrated when I wasn't able to achieve my target. I blamed myself and at the end I couldn't change a thing after that. That's why I don't want my kids to feel what I've gone through. I know that they need to learn the ups and downs in life. However, if we can reduce the unnecessary stress, it will be better for them.

How did you feel when you had to sit for an exam when you were small?


Izan Ishak said...

minggu exam anak2 buat ummi pun jadi risau sama. kalau izan dulu2 nak exam... mmg tak boleh nak baca last minit. makin tak ingat jadinya.

sbb tu pesan dekat anak2 ni, selagi kita dah cuba yg terbaik... kalau dpt result yg kurang cemerlang.. jgn sedih. kita bukan dijadikan terus pandai. byk lagi benda kena belajar.

yatie chomeyl said...

I love exams when I was smal, kalu dpt no 1-3..buleh dpt hadioh hehehe


kak .. nak komen benda lain. ila suka penulisan english akak. bahasa bukan over bombastik pun tapi amat tersusun dan sgt mudah difahami. ada sesetengah tulisan sama ada di fb atau blog over bombastik bahasanya tapi terasa haru biru.. erkk kuar dari tajuk.. peksa fail kalau gini..

Qaseh Suhaida said...

hope they will be success....

transformed housewife said...

Izan: betul tu. byk lg yg kena belajar.

transformed housewife said...

Tie: memelah. Tgk kalu ado rezeki Tini, thn depe dpt hadioh kot.

transformed housewife said...

Ila: thanks. Akk suka tulis yg simple je sbb kalau tulis utk research baru sesuai guna "bombastic jargon".