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Friday, April 5, 2013

Yellow line.

Yesterday I brought Husna for the regular check-up at the Pusat Kesihatan in Kelana Jaya. She is turning 10 months this month but her weight is just slightly above the yellow line. At almost 10 months, her weight is only 7 kg. The nurse asked if she is eating well and the kind of food she eats. So I told her that she loves to eat variety of food and she's quite active.

I always wonder about the graph that they use to measure the weight of a child as my elder kids also had to history of being slightly above the YELLOW LINE. When I was in New Zealand, the midwife was so understanding by telling me that it's not fair to refer to the as it's more for European size not for Asian. Maybe what we have here is for Asian but still in some cases, it's not applicable if the child has small frame.

I would be happy if others can shed some light about this YELLOW LINE. Is it applicable for our children? Do you think that we should worry if our child is almost underweight according to the graph?

1 comment:

Fadilah Aziz said...

salam kak long as husna is growing normally u no need to worry,but i'll ask my paeds collegue about this matter and get back to u k