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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Phew...McGyver's idea was brilliant!

Just a short entry for today.

This afternoon, 2 of our kids in kindy were locked inside a room. They were playing with the door knob until it was jammed. My helper and I were panicked and we quickly tried everything on our hands to open the door. At the back of my mind, all of Mc Gyver's idea popped out. So, we tried using scissors, screw driver, hammer and the combination of other tools. The other kids especially boys were busy trying to lend their hands too even though they are still too young (4- 6 years old boys). Maybe they want to show that they can be heroes. After few trials, we managed to unlock and saved the kids. Both of them received a short lecture from me and a reminder not to play with any door knob again.

Have you experienced any terrifying incident involving your children?

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