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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Overloaded lorry = smashed front windshield

Yesterday on the way home from work, my hubby was given an unexpected "gift" from an overloaded lorry. The lorry came from the opposite direction. The "gift" was a huge brick that hit straight into the front windshield of our car. The result? Well, you better check put the photos first to see how far is the damage done.

The front windshield

The huge brick

The first impact

Alhamdulillah the huge brick missed my hubby few inches away. He just had some cuts on his right arm. The damage will be covered by the insurance. So, it was not so bad. We regard this like one of the unfortunate cases of being at a wrong place at a wrong time. This thing might have happened to other people before and will happen again to others. WHY? Most of the lorries on the highways or any roads in Malaysia are always being overloaded and the safety features like securing their load tightly is being the last thing they want to do.It is US who needs to be careful when we are driving near those irresponsible lorry drivers.

Has anyone experienced this before?


Puan Kutu said...

Ya Allah terkejut tgok.musibah time raya.nasib baik hubby akk tkde least insurance cover..undang2 tak berapa ketat tu lori ni semua bawak barang overload.

yatie chomeyl said...

nasib baik nothing bad happened to abg arif. teruk la lorry kat msia kan