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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Even the-not-so-experts can help autistic kid.

Before this I've shared about an autistic kid (mild autism) in our kindy. The parents were quite desperate and didn't know where else to send the boy while they are busy managing 2 school canteens. He is the last child in his family and the other siblings are either working or attending school. I didn't have the confidence to teach the special need child but the other teachers asked me to take up the challenge. So the rest was already history.

Now he's been with us for more than 6 months. He has started to utter some words like,  "clever, good" and also sing some songs like "Happy birthday", "Rasa Sayang". Even his parents have noticed the progress and they are so excited about it.

We (the teachers) are also amazed to see his progress and hope to help him more. School environment has helped him to learn (a bit) about socialization even though he might not understand the whole concept. Seriously we are not sure how we've helped him. But one for sure, we never give him any "special" treatment. We treat him like the other kids and tell him to follow all the school rules.

Hopefully if he's going to stay in our school for another 2 years (he's 4 now), he' going to show some more improvements.


yatie chomeyl said...

molek la dio capor dgn budok2 lain so dio pon x raso dio 'lain' dari ore lain

Puan Kutu said...

oklah tu.harapnya byk improvment yg ditunjukkan.