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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Searching for sponsorships.

Right now, the teachers and I are busy searching for some sponsorships for our Graduation cum Concert 2013. The Graduation will be held on 27th October. We've managed to get some companies which have agreed to sponsor some drinks, food and decorations. The companies are Malaysian Milk Bhd, Tutti Frutti and Contra Enterprise. 2 of my friends were also so generous when they've agreed to help. One of them has transfered some money so that I can buy some food for our students. Another one has agreed to bake some cookies and brownies. Baking is her passion and also part time job, so she's so glad to donate some.

We'll keep trying our luck to get some more sponsorships as the date is drawing closer. If any of you is generous enough, you are most welcomed to pitch in too. Just PM me at

1 comment:

Puan Kutu said...

byk juga sponser ye..semoga anak2 kecil ni dimurahkan rezeki lagi ye