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Saturday, February 19, 2011

We are so perfectly imperfect.


I love to write something to challenge my thinking and it shows that I'm a very serious person. BUT....I'm not timid as if you really know me, we can have conversations from morning until night non-stop! I'm also not trying to be so philosophical here. It's just that I always can't help myself to think about what's happening around us.

Something to be ponder upon:

  • If we always think that we are so perfect, why are there some people who would think otherwise? 
  • Why can't we consider other people's feelings while we speak,  when we our self don't want to get hurt.  
  • Why must we choose a life partner that's perfectly imperfect?
  • How can we claim that we are a perfectionist when most of the time, things can get out of our hands?
  • Why do we want to scrutinize other people so much that we forget people can do the same on us?
  • Why can't we accept the fact that "We are in fact perfectly imperfect human being"?

Now......What do you reckon? Any opinion on this? Would you like to share your imperfect opinion? :)


dbalkis said...

Tak berani la komen.sangat mendalam maksudnya.

transformed housewife said...

hehehe. no harm in trying to interpret it.

kakyong said...

kdg2 apa yg kita rasa sempurna, tdk sempurna pada org lain..

apa yg kita rasa mcm tak best, tapi best jer pada orang lain..

jd kena belajar menerima seadanya, tapi tak bermakna 'seadanya itu', kita tak buat yg terbaik.. kdg2 mudah kita mengata org tu tak cukup berusaha, & mungkin diri kita juga.. tp how far kita nak 'push' diri kita.. lain la kalo tak pernah berusaha, harus la semua jadi imperfect kan... hahhaha... apa kah ini, tulis berbelit2..

transformed housewife said...

takpe K.Yong. Nur rasa Nur boleh faham apa yg K.Yong tulis tu.

yatie chomeyl said...

coz everybody is seeking for perfectness, so we tend to forget that we aren't perfect :D