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Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to survive the water crisis.

Those who are living in the Klang Valley have been experiencing the water crisis for quite sometime now. Most of us are prepared but when there are so many people living under the same roof, it's quite tough. Even with the schedule, we need always need to expect the worse. According to the schedule, each area is supposed to have the water cut for 2 days. However, sometime it drags on until the third day.

So.....what can we do? Surely many people have their own ways to overcome this crisis. As for us, there are some methods we use to help us survive the water crisis:

  • Buy wet tissues to be used for easy cleaning and wiping. They are not just for cleaning after changing diapers.
  • Buy a lot of paper plates, cups, forks and spoons. I know that most of us will be thinking of eating out but seriously it's really expensive to eat out for 2 days in a row during breakfast,lunch and dinner especially when you have a lot of children. 
  •  Use the same pot to cook for lunch and dinner (We don't have to wash the pot as we can just wipe it with wet tissue). Better still, cook only once a day.
  • Make a rule of taking a bath using only water from a small pail for each person in your family.  For small children, the mother can bath them all at once.
  • Keep all the dirty clothes for few days and then bring them to a self-service laundry. It cost roughly about RM7 to wash 14 kg clothes and RM4 to dry them.
Those are the things that we practice when we experience the water cut. Maybe others have more to add?

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