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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Oreo Brownies- Fathini's first baking adventure (on her own)!

Photo: Oreo Brownies hasil buah tgn anak dara-Fathini

Thanks to one of my blogger friend (Ida Rahayu) for the recipe. My eldest daughter wanted to try making it on her own after she copied the recipe last night. This morning, she woke up and took out all the ingredients needed. She followed the recipe to the book. The only difficult part for her was to break the eggs into the batter. So, I helped her at that stage before she could continue with the other steps. I also helped her to set the oven before she out the tray in. After 25 minutes, the brownies was ready and the moment of seeing her so happy with her first baking adventure was- PRICELESS.


Puan Kutu said...

well done fathini..seronok la dpt baking sendiri.1st experience plak tu kan...:)

transformed housewife said...

mmg dia seronok sgt. Siap nak buat kek lain pulak.