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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Must be cruel to be kind.

I have a confession today. I'm being quite cruel as I've made a drastic decision. I've to reject a kid to my kindy just because he's such a handful and brings bad influence to others. The father accused me of being inexperienced and giving up on an innocent child. He can label and criticized me and my staffs but by all means we just can't cope with his "special" child anymore.

I told him nicely that his son needs better teachers and school as the son needs special attention with his special needs of having uncontrollable bowel, disruptive in class and playing too rough with others. We've tried so many approaches and methods within 3 months but nothing seems work. In fact, his son is becoming worse every single day. Within those 3 months, he bit one of his classmates twice, hurt other kids couple of times and never show any improvements in toilet training at all.

So, before things really get out of hand, yes I've to let go of the child for the sake of other children and also our peace of mind for not having to worry on how to train or discipline him anymore.

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