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Thursday, April 22, 2010

The downside of depending too much on modern communication tools.

Salam to all,

Have you ever felt cut-off from the outside world when something's wrong with your communication tools like mobile phone, internet or even telephone? You feel that you can't communicate to other people without the help of those tools? You also feel restless and having the mind-block?

Those are the things that happened to me yesterday. Just because the computer screen suddenly turned off (apparently broke down), I felt so restless and disconnected from the outside world. Haha. I made me reconsider about my own communication skills. Evidently, I depend so much on the technologies that I tend to forgot about the basic communication skills like talking to people around you.

So, what are the downsides of this that I figured out yesterday? Okay let's see:
  • I speak and spend less time with my own children. bad mommy. huhu
  • I forgot that I can just go to my friends houses instead of saying hi or hello through facebook. especially those who are living not far away
  • I felt awkward sometimes when I have to do the face-to-face communication. this is because sometimes I tend to say things that I would regret later. on the internet or sending message through mobile phone- I can erase.
  • I didn't realized that even my hubby felt left out in our conversation since I spent too much time on the computer. mintak maaf sayang
Right now, I'm using my hubby's laptop too write this entry. nasib baik hubby bg pakai. agaknya tak tahan tengok isteri yg mcm hilang arah bila tak boleh guna komp. huhu I wouldn't be able to visit your blogs today or tomorrow. So, I'm so sorry about that. If you would like to write what you think about this topic, you are most welcome.


yatie chomeyl said...

isk3x, bad mommy :p
*hahha , padahal solah & I pun samo jugopkalu xleh ngadap laptop, jd tak tentu arah* muaahahahaha

yushida03 said...


mine is a reversed case. i am by nature, an extremely introvert person who find face-to-face communication very difficult and at times, even stressful so virtual world seems like a better relative to speak out my mind..

paij188 said...

kak nur, been there, done that! memang hilang arah.

sirna said...

saya kalau takda laptop ok lagi, tapi kalau takda hp rasa hilang arah juga la, maklumla suka spot check hubby katmana, pastu kalau keluar mesti selalu nak call umah tanya pasal anak

Diyana Zulkifli said...

huhu.btul la kak.zaman skrg ni,manusia mmg macam terlalu bergantung dgn teknologi..esp intenet la kan termasuklah saye...:)

*halaman rumah saya besar tp pasu bunga ade le kot bley bilang ngan jari tangan je.sebab?lg byk tanam pokok dalam farmville...:P

temp. housewife said...

nampak gayanya mmg kebanyakan bloggers pun pernah alami atau mmg hilang arah bila tak boleh guna internet atau hp ye.

ummiluqman said...

pernah alami masa mula2 sampai abu dhabi.. tapi skrg nak try kurangkan time berintenet..kdg2 tak jd keje asik dok tgk fesbuk aje..aduhai!

Nadiah Sidek said...

nadiah baru je alami ari tu kak nur..yg seminggu lebih takde internet tu. mmg rs tak tentu arah :p

tp tu la kan, ni la keburukan komunikasi moden ni. kena sentiasa beringat la & pandai bahagi masa

temp. housewife said...

Cik Ma & Nadiah: betul tu. kita kena pandai2 bahagi masa spy kerja2 dan tanggungjawab lain tak terabai.