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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Father's Day Contest

This entry is another attempt of entering a contest.( Thanks to Mama Tisya who organized this contest). It's Father's Day Contest. After I've given so much thought of which picture is best picture to show my hubby's love to our daughters, I came across this picture which was taken in 2006. We went to Tasik Kelana Jaya which was not far from our house. Fathini (my eldest daughter) was afraid to try on the swing. So, my hubby(Ariff Khalid) decided to take her to the swing and helped her to overcame her fear. It was a lovely moment for me. She was only about 13 months during that time. Now she gets too excited whenever she sees any swing! She is 4 years old now and my guess is she has become confident to play because of the encouragement and the love she gets from both of us but most importantly from her father. This Father's Day, we plan to celebrate it at home. I will prepare special meal and bake a cake for my hubby. He is truly a special person as we love him as a husband and a father. I consider myself lucky enough. :D

P/S: This is the important link that I have to insert (kalau lupa kena disqualify, huhu)

1 comment:

mama tisya said...

salam..syarat2 contest blum cukup..sila semak..blum add blog mamatisya dlm bloglist